TALON Grips 1911 Modular Grip System – Review

This pic shows the five components in the TALON GRIPS 1911 MODULAR GRIP kit. You'll only need two tools. An Allen wrench and a hair dryer.
This pic shows the five components in the TALON GRIPS 1911 MODULAR GRIP kit. You’ll only need two tools. An Allen wrench and a hairdryer.

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- I became acquainted with Talon Grips a number of years ago at the SHOT Show and have used them ever since. Maintaining a good grip on your pistol in a panic situation is a big deal. In fact, maintaining a good grip is always important. Years ago we only had a couple of choices if we wanted to do something to improve the grip on our pistols. I’ve used various grips over the years but none of them ever felt like the ultimate. Then I met the Talon Grips crew.

Talon Grips is actually a simple concept now that I think about it. It is basically a pre-cut piece of rubberized or granulated paper with a self-adhesive on the backside. Apply to your handle and viola, you automatically have a secure grip.

TALON Grips 1911 Modular Grip System

Recently Talon Grips contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in being one of a handful of writers that wanted to test their new 1911 Modular Grip System wraps (For a Ruger SR1911). Of course, I said yes! They soon arrived but I couldn’t write about them until April 30 when they were to hit the market.

Talon Grips did something unique on this model of grips. You order al four pieces individually. Here’s why this is cool. If you’re right-handed you can order a rubberized grip on the left side so it doesn’t hang on your clothes or rub your skin. And you can order a granulated grip on the right side to provide for more aggressive gripping. Actually, you can mismatch rubberized or granulated on any one of the four components on the TALON GRIPS 1911 MODULAR GRIP SYSTEM.

If you’re not familiar with Talon Grips they’re basically a pre-cut stick-on grip. They’re advertised as lasting 1-3 years with heavy usage but mine lasted longer than that on the pistol that I carry every day. It finally got a little ragged looking but was still fully functional. I’ve had good luck with every set that I’ve tested.

A lot of their grips are one-piece but on the TALON GRIPS 1911 MODULAR GRIP SYSTEM, there are four pieces. The two side panels, one for the back and one for the front of the grip. The four pieces are basically gun tape with either a rubberized surface or granulated (resembles sandpaper).

To install the grips is easy. Remove the handles on your Ruger 1911. Wipe the handles and the front and back of the grip on your pistol with the alcohol wipes that come with the package. Wait a few minutes for them to dry.

Let’s start with the handles. Lay the Talon Grip on the handle aligning the holes. Press down to slightly pre-form and see what you have. Now remove the backing and lay the grip on the handle while aligning the holes. Don’t panic if they aren’t lined up perfectly. Just gently pull loose and re-align it. Starting in the middle of the grip press down and go off to the left pressing being careful not to allow any air bubbles. Repeat on the right side. Using a sharp razor knife trim off any overhanging edges. Granulated grips will be a little harder to trim and dull your blade faster.

Now press the grip on tight and use a hairdryer to warm it up to make it more moldable. Talon Grips recommends heating it to feel like a warm cup of coffee. Repeat on the other handle. If you applied a granulated grip rub the edge with the bar of a screwdriver to remove the granulates so they don’t scratch up the surface of your pistol.

Now apply the front and back panel. As a preliminary run press on first. If any part of the grip is overhanging an edge or hole trim it down. Then remove the backing and line up properly. Again, if you ever need to trim a bit off use a razor knife or scissors.

After applying a piece of the Talon Grip heat it up with a hairdryer and press/mold it to the shape of the gun or handle. You are now good to go. Talon Grips advertises that you can safely remove their grips and your pistol will be nonetheless for the wearing.

The MSRP on the TALON GRIPS 1911 MODULAR GRIP SYSTEM is $4.99 for each of the four pieces for a total of $19.96. When ordering you can select if you want rubberized or granulated on any of the four pieces.

To sum it up, here is a quote from Talon Grips:

TALON Grips are textured, stick-on gun grips that help you get a secure hold on your firearm improving performance, safety, and confidence so you maintain control. Installation is quick and easy.

The pistol grips will not move or shift once installed, however, they can be removed cleanly at any time, returning your pistol to original factory condition. You can expect 1 to 3 or more years of benefits from a TALON Grip.

TALON Grips 1911 Modular Grip System Specs:

  • Trusted by law enforcement and military worldwide
  • Installs easily in minutes (learn more)
  • Encourages faster, more accurate follow up shots
  • Durable material that performs in hot, cold, wet and dry conditions
  • Ultra-thin materials add minimal bulk/size
  • Custom designs available in both rubber and granulate materials (learn more)
  • Will not move/shift once properly installed
  • Removes cleanly when needed, allowing gun to return to original condition
  • 30-day money-back guarantee 90-day warranty
  • 100% Made in USA

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Hmm, I may try just adding the front strap TG to my Springfield Ronin. I assume these grips fit all the full size 1911’s?


I’ll do the front strap first and if that doesn’t feel right, order the back strap. I’m thinking I will remove the handles before installing the Talon Grip to the front strap. Any excess will be covered by the handles or can be cut more precisely after install with a razor blade.