Trump-Rejecting Republican Has Plan to Drive Gun Owners from GOP

Miami’s “Republican” mayor says this is how GOP candidates must lead if they expect to win elections. You have to wonder which Party he’s trying to kill. (Francis Suarez/Facebook)

U.S.A. – -( “The Trump-rejecting Florida Republican who has a plan to fix the GOP Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has a message for leaders in Washington,” Politico reports. “Start thinking more like mayors.”

“Suarez is a Cuban Republican, but he doesn’t match some of the usual headlines surrounding Cuban American voters,” we are told. “For one, he didn’t vote for Trump in the 2020 election. He doesn’t have a great relationship with DeSantis, either, and has criticized him openly and done little to support him politically. He even voted for DeSantis’ 2018 Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum.”

In other words, he voted to help empower the Biden gun-grab agenda. And he tried to inflict a gun-grabbing, crystal meth-abusing, adulterous vomiter supported by socialists who sing songs about killing their enemies with knives and guns on his gun-owning constituents. I’m not making any of that up.

You’d think for a Cuban American, Suarez would understand the evil of the “¿Armas para que?” violence monopoly the tyrant Castro imposed to enslave the island under communism. You’d think the experiences and insights of those who escaped and know the essential relationship between an armed people and freedom would be the stronger influence.

Instead, Suarez in effect says that in order to win elections, more Republicans need to join him in demanding prior restraints on a fundamental right via so-called “universal background checks” that, according to the National Institute of Justice:

“Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration…”

Suarez in effect says that in order to win elections, more Republicans need to join him and his fellow mayors in demanding to criminalize and indefinitely delay private transfers.

And naturally, when it comes to immigration policy, Suarez says the winning strategy for Republicans is to favor “new shapers” (those would be foreign nationals) over “ourselves and our Posterity.” That’s despite all credible polling and all real-world experience proving cultural terraforming combined with a “pathway to citizenship” runs consistently around 70% to 30% in favor of  Democrats and citizen disarmament.

That, of course, is right in line with Establishment Republican interests, the ones who, like Suarez opposed the agenda that Donald Trump campaigned and that those who voted for him consider existential.

So it’s no surprise we see former House Speaker John Boehner, now that he no longer needs our votes, declaring “America First …  is one of the nuttiest things I’ve ever seen,” and “that gun control would be a top priority ‘if’ he were Speaker now.” And it’s even less of a surprise to see former President George W. Bush throwing out words that play right into Democrat hands like “isolationist” and “nativist” and not forgetting to throw the right to keep and bear arms under the bus:

“Bush remained hopeful that a more moderate Republican — one who supported reasonable gun reform measures, increased public school funding and a path to citizenship for undocumented workers, among other policies — could succeed in the party’s 2024 presidential primary.”

That’s despite an NRA endorsement that, tellingly, only mentioned “hunting and sport shooting” and promoted the asinine contention that “the Constitution gives people the personal right to bear arms.” (With former Democrat aides Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox being the only gun group “leaders” with Trump’s ear, no wonder he got the “give’ business wrong.)

Are Republicans really stupid enough to believe they can take the fire out of the bellies of their core constituents and give the Democrats everything they demand? And still not be ruthlessly attacked as “extreme”?

What is it leftist influencers are now saying about Boehner? His betrayal only earned him their contempt. And do you think they’re motivated to take back the “renegade right-wing extremist” charge against Bush? Even with his inner circle making a big show of abandoning the GOP?

This is what Suarez says Republicans need to project in order to win? That and be like Bloomberg’s mayors?

“GOP leadership has no clue what their base believes in,” Wayne Allyn Root writes on He lists 14 statements he made at GOP events where he was the keynote speaker, each resulting in “wild applause” from the attendees, the very Republican voters the tone-deaf  GOP establishment refuses to acknowledge, let alone listen to.

So naturally, Nikki Haley, the epitome of an establishment Republican, is considering Suarez as a running mate if she decides to run for president in 2024.

It’s almost like their goal is an elephants’ graveyard.

About David Codrea:

David Codrea is the winner of multiple journalist awards for investigating/defending the RKBA and a long-time gun owner rights advocate who defiantly challenges the folly of citizen disarmament. He blogs at “The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance,” is a regularly featured contributor to Firearms News, and posts on Twitter: @dcodrea and Facebook.

David Codrea

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Well then… according to this RINO, it sounds as though we do need a 3rd political party to become mainstream. If his idea of being Republican is factual, then I’ve been lying to myself and supporting the wrong political party for over 45 years. His thoughts sound to me to be about 1 generation from full-blown communism control. If Mr. Suarez’s idea of the Republican party is anywhere near correct, I can no longer whole-heartedly support it; I’m too old, and too conservative. I still remember fondly the USA I grew up in, and I’m sad that my grandchildren and… Read more »


Hey Jim(crow) I’m a black man. Do you think I have your same exact feelings? Think about it. “Picture me rollin’” -Pac

Last edited 1 year ago by Dee

“Picture me rollin’”  WTH


Why don’t you just go ask of the Christian Nigerians living or trying to live in northern Nigeria and see how far being black gets you with the Fulani!

You bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “useful idiot”.

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


I’ll stick with asking black Americans how they feel. Regards from “this is the heart of Texas”.

New phrase alert: “irrelevant Neanderthal”!

Formerly “Boomer”, “white supremacist”, “bigots”, etc. But they too will soon be extinct.


Thank you for proving once again that you are a willfully ignorant fantasy ass punk!

You don’t like facts and empirical evidence because you don’t know what to do with them; other than try to avoid them at all costs!

I can provide plenty of other examples of ethnogenicide in West Africa, East Africa, but again facts don’t seem to have much meaning for you!

Take a hike you willfully ignorant Punk!

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


What you mean? Lol

I live in the continental USA!! Not Africa!! Anyone can pull an example out their ass to support ‘whatever they like’ bird brains (needless to say considering what you support).

I have an idea since you repping Africa. #Movethere

Why not Irrelevant Neanderthal?? Lol

Regards from “this is the land of Texas”

Last edited 1 year ago by Dee

Dee is a paid, lefty troll. Ignore.


I don’t understand why people keep replying to him. If we all ignore him won’t he just go away?


Well David, another column that we need to read.

Very clear the GOP is obsessed … with losing.

We need a party of Patriots who are willing to defend our Republic from all enemies, foreign AND domestic.

Suarez doesn’t qualify.

Ansel Hazen

80 million of us. And if we walk away from the GOP we can take out both Dems and RINO’s.


Actually, many in the GOP are obsessed with winning, at all costs, and if that means they have to be Democrat Lite, and welcome the horde streaming across our borders, they’re good with that.


Well that’s right. And I describe them as Collaborators.


Hordes, those would the thousands of unvetted, unvaccinated and untested future voters; no matter the cost to those of us who reside here legally.

Last edited 1 year ago by macdog
Ryben Flynn

So he admits he is a RINO.

Henry Bowman

All RINO scum need to be purged from the GOP. They must be primaried at every opportunity!!


And his shiney new P.O.S police chief will be right in there with him


Isn’t that the worthless prick that just left, was it Houston or Austin, and believes in stripping gun owners of their second amendment rights at every turn? I think his name is Aceveda?

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming

Red Falcon 1325

Another Dimwitocrat shows his ugly, anti-American face. There needs to be a law fashioned to be able to instantly remove traitors to the people they are supposed to represent.


Research: Penalty for violation of the oath of office.


Kinda makes him a democrat don’t it?


In todays world, many of those who run wearing a GOP jacket, when they win they take off their GOP jacket and under that you find they are wearing a dnc jacket. Happens all the time anymore, so it seems.

APG member

KINDA? He was a NYC Democrat his whole life! Switched parties and apparently fooled you!

Peel the onion

If the Republican party doesn’t support the Second Amendment, then we don’t have a Republican party and we’ve gone to a one party system. Primary this idiot and get him out of politics completely.


The Cubans I know are arch anti communists, Trump supporters, and are outraged at where our country has become. They are all senior citizens, were children who came to America on the Pedro Plan flights, and whose parents taught them the perils of communism. And if this Suarez guy was alive during the Castro period we know he would be carrying Fidels water. But the young Cubans are all socialists, as are most kids today. They see nothing wrong with the Biden Communists, and think all is well. We are in trouble. Deep trouble. And its going to take far… Read more »


The GOP has done a fine job of repelling gun owners all on their own. They’ve passed more arms laws at the federal level in the last 40 years than Democrats have.


The GOP establishment does understand what their base believes in, but they betray their base. Just look at any GOP survey of a voter’s political values. All the right words are in there. And then, the GOP ignores those values. I stopped sending back Republican surveys a couple of years ago, seeing that 1) they already had received a hundred surveys that told them my views, and didn’t need to ask again, and 2) the answers didn’t matter anyway — it was all a tool to try to get donations.

Mystic Wolf

I never have sent those surveys in as they don’t matter anyway, those things only go into file 13 then into the incinerator, so I just bypass all that and just run them into my fireplace to get the wood going so I can have a warm home in the wintertime.


“Cuban Republican”??? Castro sure rounded up all the guns in Cuba and we now see no resistance to the murderous, dictatorial dynasty that he created. Gun control works!


The Republican Party is not a conservative party, it is certainly not a Constitutional party but has been since its inception and to this very day a Progressive party. They only allow conservatives and libertarians to send in money and vote on demand but once the election is done they generally bow down to their corporate lords and masters and work against the very Constitution they swear to uphold. No surprise that the blubbering wet drunk Boner is piping up. He was a fraud from day one. And now this clown. This is why you never, ever, never send money… Read more »


This JOKER has the wrong letter behind his name. It should be the “DemoKKKrat icon” four legged critter that SCREAMS “HEE-HAWWW”. That is all this DemoKKKrat communist is worth.

uncle dudley

This guy should be the mayor of Seattle or Portland not Miami, he would fit right in at either of those two cities with the actions we have seen the past year with all the violence.
How can he call himself a republican with the idea’s and policy’s he espouses, he needs to switch to the democrat party since he likes their agenda.


It’s really amazes me all of the back and forth rhetoric about Democrat this and Republican that I have not seen or heard anybody talk about returning to the established party planks of either party?

I seriously doubt that the majority of people in either party actually know what those planks are?


Party Planks are only used after the election to build a bonfire. Once that fire is burning brightly they burn the Constitution in that same fire.


This is due to the apathetic citizenry.


It sucks, but I have to agree with you on this.


I was surprised that you did not join in the conversation about the Texas sheriff’s association representative stipulating in public at a hearing that the majority of sheriffs in Texas supported open carry for the state of Texas. According to what you said before, that should not be the case.

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


Short on time, preparing my trek back to the great Republic of Texas… (Been working on Mom’s house for the past 6 months in Florida.)


You lost me on this one? Where is the reference to this?


Current article pertaining to the Texas sheriff’s association in this very addition of ammoland today


“Are Republicans really stupid enough…” We should all know by now that no matter what follows that question, the answer is always “yes they are”…


I am, begrudgingly, a Florida resident. Our state is becoming more and more liberal because of the influx of outsiders who bring their politics with them. I also happen to live in one of the few northern counties that’s a liberal democrat stronghold-Alachua. Home of the ultra liberal University of Flori-duh. My biggest fear is that our governor will leave his position and run for president, or vice president. Then the real fun will begin. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is licking her jowly chops, just waiting for it to happen. Evidence the fact that Mr. DeSantis has not joined the ranks… Read more »


DeSantis is and always has been a Douche; he and the Governor of AZ were born from the same mother…….Mr. Trump! They both are leading the GOP away from the founding principals of the party.


And you are another troll, here only to spread leftist propaganda.


There are always more horse’s asses than horses.


he is a castro wanabee , most of the cuban politicians we have in the south want to be batista,castro or chavez they dont want anyone dumping them in mount trashmore but it is where they belong corrupt to the core


I think you got that slightly wrong.
ALL Politicians are Castro wannabe tyrants. It’s the entire purpose of becoming a politician.
Fixed it for ya… 🙂


Well, except for a select small group like Rand Paul.


A rino is an undercover democrat.
A democrat is a communist (although many haven’t realized that fact).
Communists have long sought to destroy our economy.
Communist don’t want to face the potential threat of an armed citizenry.
Transplanted Cubanos I have met, were American patriots in the extreme; However, their grandchildren have been indoctrinated back into the communist fold, via the contaminated American academia.
The grandchildren have embraced the evil, that their ancestors had survived. But that Che’ Tshirt really looks cool.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ram

Lol…funny shit. I’m a democrat and I say we need to arm up!! I mean the Republican Party is shitting theirselves. Lol. Funny sh!t but they always do!! It’s funny you call the the left KKK but all the black people in this country believes today’s Republican Party has ALL the KKK members. I guess you are using that to impress the “so-called” “RINOs” of your party. Lol. Y’all weak as sh!t. Pathetic at best. Lol. Keep this up!!! Now ram that sh!t down your throat!!


Dee, keep buying guns. Conservatives have plenty of guns. They’re hoarding ammo. Sadly, the vast majority of blacks are too stupid to realize they keep voting for the real party of the KKK. Decades ago, during the Johnson Administration, Demoturds realized there is vastly more power, control, wealth, and Political Correctness in Government than there ever was in cotton. So they switched from Cotton Plantations to Government Plantations. And, they can tax Productive Citizens…er, Conservatives, … pay for the Government Plantation Dwellers’ shanty shacks, sow belly and collard greens, Obummer phones….and the blacks will still give them all their votes… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by StLPro2A

They tax us to make us think that taxes are needed at the federal level to “pay” for stuff. They aren’t.


Dee is a fake troll, here in an attempt to prop up the flailing, failing Democrats who will lose badly in 2022.


Fake? Seems like a real troll to me.


I actually did not invoke the KKK, or their very real attachment
to the democrat party. Thank you Dee, for highlighting the
efficacy of the leftist indoctrination in our schools.
Truly you have performed a public service.


We need a party of American Patriots who are willing to defend our Republic. An army of soldiers, not politicians.

All 1-A not 4-F soldiers.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mack

We need the Constitutional State militias back in force and effect and a lot of this shit would stop. After all those first 13 words of the 2nd amendment that are being ignored since 1903 are the only place in the whole constitution the word NECESSARY is used.


Under the direction of the second amendment
a person can be a militia of one. However, if one
survives that moment, there will be heat from a
government that despises the individualist.


In case some of you don’t know, you live in a COMPANY STORE masquerading as a “Country”. That means OLIGARCHS own and operate the store with the help of the high paid lobbyist whores who they funnel money to in so many different ways it would BLOW your mind. If you have difficulty understanding me, do some research on CHICAGO during prohibition when AL CAPONE was the BIG DOG. He even OWNED the governor of Illinois. These thugs and their henchmen were called UNTOUCHABLES. And they were…..for a long time…until they weren’t. Stop trying to pretend that one party is… Read more »


Well, what can you say to this post except


I’ve only known the term “Untouchables” as being attached to the
law enforcement assemblage under the leadership of Elliot Ness.

Green Mtn. Boy

Can you say RINO.


Calling them RINO means you accept the premise that the Republican Party is conservative. Although many Republican’s have been and are conservatives, the party as a whole isn’t, never has been, and probably never will be. That was the whole focus of the Reagan v George H W Bush fight at the GOP convention.

Green Mtn. Boy

Never under estimate the leftist republiturd to go full Commicrat,they are but two different sides of the same corrupt coin.

Ryben Flynn

No, it means they are a Democrat at heart and find it easier to win an election by running as a Republican.

Henry Bowman

There was a time when the GOP was indeed conservative. After Reagan, however, the globalist RINOs took over…starting with GHW Bush.

Since then, the whole country has lurched leftward thanks to the Commiecrat Party and their RINO quislings.


he is not even that, he is a leftist democrat. democrats have become leftists, establishment republicans have become the democrat left and we are conservatives. he espouses none of the conservative values that have made this country the best the world has ever seen, bar none. it is what you do, not what you say that tells people what you are, and he is not.

Dubi Loo

The enemy within.


Does anyone else get the Irony of the poster showing Suarez with a Bullet and slogan saying ” One Bullet Kills the Party”. One should be more careful what One wishes for.


“Here’s hoping that Commie Mayor has a personal meeting with the Grim Reaper.”


If he takes the experimental jab, he just may.


When you look at things going on around the world happening to nations that supported this country over the last four years, you can’t help but notice they are all going through the same thing we have been going through with the left minded people. Even Israel is now being brought to the gate of the left. One thing that comes out of it all is confirmation of the scripture about the beginning of the tribulation period, we are there. The lit fuse is at the opening of the keg of powder, when it disappears into the keg it won’t… Read more »

Mike H

Actually, according to scripture, death is the last enemy to be conquered, 1 Corinthians 15:26.


You are correct, but the word describes the enemies from the east as the last human enemy of the Lord, He destroys them with the sword of His word from His mouth.


I guess I’ll be here because if the “rapture” takes place as some of you ding bats think, I’ll be hanging on to something with my feet going straight up saying “God leave me here…I want to KICK THEIR ASSES”. What is it with Christians wanting to get away from the mess they as a whole have created by their non intervention in EVERYTHING????


Well, I haven’t got a clue what you are talking about when you say things like, “Non intervention in everything.” It is true many believe they don’t have to worry about anything because they are, going up in the, “rapture.” Looking back through the history of this nation I can see that every time the nation was in deep trouble, it was the Christians who did what it took to bring this nation back on its feet. George Washington would lead from in front of his troops, he was a Christian man who firmly believed in the Lord and after… Read more »


Read Matthew chapter 24 verse 29 to the end that will tell you when the catching up, AKA The rapture takes place: after the tribulation.

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


Well, if nothing else you have once again proven yourself to be a willfully ignorant, highly disrespectful, a sad Sack kind of individual who doesn’t want to bother with honest, open debate with any subject matter that makes him feel uncomfortable!

Your behavior is the Hallmark of someone who really has a problem when his beliefs are questioned!

Cheers from the oil patch in Central Wyoming


Actually, if you look at the body count in the book of Revelation, between the bowl and vile curses, and the trumpets, it’s only 50% of the population which will die as a direct result of the Lord’s direct involvement, not 80%. Further, the seven-year period can only begin when the Antichrist brings peace to the middle East by guaranteeing Israel’s safety and the right of the Arabs with access to Jerusalem. Further, the temple must be rebuilt prior to the Inception of the seven-year security guarantee that the Antichrist offers Israel, which is when the daily sacrifice will be… Read more »


Here’s hoping that Commie Mayor has a personal meeting with XXXXXXXX (TOS Violation Edit)


Could someone send me the TOS as it seems I should refresh my understanding of them. Thanks.


Awwww Roy. You know you can’t talk like that boy. You kinda remind me of this guy. #Funny #Boomer #What’s (in) your case??


Tell you the truth Dee, you don’t really want to know what I have “in the case.”


Lololol…maybe you’re right!!


Hopefully whatever it is (.44magnum maybe) can clean up both sides and truly make America Great.

Below is the full scene of the ‘case’. Funny sh!t!!! Reminds me how many on the left perceive Trumps supporters and a few others on the right. Lol

Awwww….that’s in the case. Lol


So, whomever removed, “the Grim Reaper”, perhaps should do the same thing to at least a couple other posts in this thread. If equal enforcement of the “TOS” is going to mean anything of course. Or it can be as if Leftists are running the site. And I am still waiting to receive that copy of the “TOS.”


Communist China with its 2.5M man armed forces, had to enter the world marketplace in order to survive economically. They are very aware of how many Norinco AK-47’s and various other battle rattle, has been purchased by at least one-third the population here. So too, have most of the communist nations moved to the marketplace and learned the same lesson. That’s why they count so heavily on their covert operatives in our government, schools, and Wall Street, to obliterate the concept of liberty with individual rights. . . And the second amendment is the primary physical threat, to a sustainable… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Ram

So, where is that copy of the Ammoland “TOS”? Still waiting.


Which of the 87 meanings for TOS are you referring too?


That would be be the “terms of service” AKA the rules concerning what you can and can’t do on this site. Of course nobody has come up with them so I can refer to them in the future and whomever removed the portion of my post for supposedly violating the TOS isn’t man enough to admit they were wrong to remove that portion of my post. The post, as I originally posted it, is posted about five posts above this one and has been up for a month without anyone molesting it. Funny thing that.