Opens Its Doors Entering the Retail Ammo Market

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Industry newcomer, is entering the retail ammunition sales market.  IMG Jim Grant

U.S.A. -( Getting your hands on ammo has never been harder. For new gun buyers or the seasoned gun buyer – everyone seems to be in the same boat. With gun sales in the US coming close to 40 million guns sold in 2020, the demand for ammo has dramatically gone up, depleting stockpiles and straining ammo manufacturers to keep up with that demand. This has led to extreme price gouging in retail settings but more prominently throughout online ammo sellers. was launched in 2021 out of necessity, offering in-stock ammo at competitive prices while simultaneously keeping the price gouging ammo sites in check. Located just outside of Columbia, Missouri, is smack dab in the middle of the America, enabling high-speed shipping times to all gun buyers across the US.

“ was launched to focus on the needs of the consumer, getting them the ammo they need to shoot, compete and defend, at a reasonable price,” said Loren Hrabovsky, General Manager of “Launching our website and offering great pricing on popular calibers will hopefully start a trend to lower overall pricing in the seller industry. We currently offer some of the cheapest 9mm ammo in America and we hope that creates a ripple effect to neutralize the gougers.” he further added. involves no paid membership or subscription. Buyers can sign up for the newsletter and receive notifications when specific ammo is in stock. will always be honest and upfront with what’s ‘in stock’ and ready to ship, making the customer’s happiness and satisfaction the focus of the business.

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About AmmoSale was founded in 2021 with the intention to supply American shooters with the ammunition they need to shoot, compete, and defend. With the growing number of options to purchase ammo online, was born out of necessity, offering in stock ammo at a competitive price while simultaneously keeping the price gouging ammo sites in check.

Located just outside of Columbia Missouri, is smack dab in the middle of the United States, enabling us to give Americans dependable, high-speed shipping for online ammo because we know the right to defend will not be hampered by shipping times. will always be honest and upfront with what we have in stock and ready to ship. We do not back order and we do not charge you until your item has been processed for shipping.

We will always strive to make the customer happy by offering some of the best ammo prices across the most popular calibers while focusing on customer service and attention to detail.

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Just went to the website and saw they had Winchester 22 LR 36 gr HP in 525 box or case of 5250, bought 2 cases. With shipping and no sales tax to Alabama my price per round was .077 which is really good in todays market. Appreciate the heads up “Ammoland”.

Dogma Factor

Yep did the same and looked at the very same ammo, plus checked out their prices on 9mm. Didn’t find any deals as my local stores have better pricing plus no shipping. Granted have to pay sales tax but still comes out cheaper than what they’re posting here on the website. It pays to shop around and buy local as they want to keep you as a customer by not gouging.


Thought you were nuts til my weekend math went away. Guess seeing .77 for 22LR seemed the norm, but yeah great for HP these days, sad to say. Checked on other calibers hoping there was a beacon of hope approaching, but saw the same as everywhere else.

American Patriot

Yeah…..But the ammo suppliers are making cash hand over fist, better than the Mexican drug cartels!