Armed Citizen Stops Mass Murder – Citizens Save Lives in May, 2021

Armed civilians save lives

U.S.A.– -( It was only last month when an ordinary citizen stopped a mass murderer, but you probably didn’t see that story covered for days in the newspapers and on the TV. Ordinary armed citizens like you make a difference, and here is what the mainstream media didn’t tell you.

Mass murder was defined as four victims of an armed attacker.  I continue to use that definition. These attackers kill over a dozen people when the unarmed victims must wait for the police to rescue them. In contrast, armed attackers are only able to kill a few people when an armed citizen is there to resist them. That is the cruel calculus of distance and time.

Last month, a young man attacked his apartment building with a rifle. At first, the attacker called for the tenants to come outside. Then, the attacker demanded people leave and he shot at the building. Fortunately, one of the tenants in the apartment complex recognized the sound of the gunshots. This defender looked out through the curtains and saw the attacker holding a rifle. The defender had a gun of his own and shot the attacker. The attacker’s attempt at mass murder was stopped after one elderly lady was murdered.

Each instance is different, but we have seen strong differences between the outcomes depending on if the victims are armed or unarmed. The media doesn’t report this fact, but armed victims shoot back and fewer people die. Armed defenders save lives.

Background statistics here.


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Elisa Delaurenti

More news the CCP/DNC and their media jesters don’t want you to know. GUNS SAVE LIVES.


In this case: “One in the Hat settled that”