ATF Halts All New Opinion Letters For Unfinished Frames and Receivers

Polymer 80 Glock Pistol Build with Jig Finished #ghostgun
Polymer 80 Glock Pistol Build with Jig Finished

WASHINGTON D.C.-( Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) has halted all issuances of new opinion letters to any company submitting samples for “non-firearms” items.

JSD Supply sent an email to the ATF inquiring about its request for an opinion letter from The Firearms and Ammunition Technology Division (FATD) about its new unfinished Smith and Wesson M&P, CZ Scorpion Evo, and Sig Sauer p365 products. The ATF informed the company that FATD will not be issuing any new letters on unfinished receivers and frames until the final decision to implement or not to implement the new proposed ATF rules that the agency submitted to the Federal Registry.

The Biden administration has tasked the ATF with writing and implementing new regulations on unfinished frames and receivers, which the administration refers to as “ghost guns.” The administration also has given the same order to the ATF regarding pistol stabilizing braces. Most gun rights advocates claim that these moves are to get around Congress and make de facto new gun control laws. They view the ATF as an out-of-control government agency.

Unfinished receivers and pistol stabilizing brace have never been illegal in the Country. Even before the founding of the Nation, colonists have been making their own homemade firearms. The ATF has consistently pushed back against groups and States that demanded that the ATF require serialization of these unfinished frames and receivers. California and other states have sued the ATF over the definition of a firearm which these items do not fall into under current rules. The States believes that these items that are often referred to as “80%s” should be serialized.

Anti-gun groups also pushed to have unfinished frames and receivers serialized. Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords have demanded the ATF to change the regulations regarding unfinished frames and receivers. Both groups have employed Biden’s ATF Director nominee, David Chipman. Chipman has been a vocal opponent of 80% receivers and pistol stabilizing devices.

Even some so-called “pro-gun advocates” have fed into the anti-gun propaganda against unfinished frames and receivers. As reported in AmmoLand, Eagle Arms banned JDS Supply from all the Eagle Arms gun shows in Pennsylvania. Kim Stolfer, President of Firearms Owners Against Crime (FOAC), even demanded that unfinished receivers not be sold “in certain neighborhoods” and that cash sales be banned so there would be a paper trail. He also had a run-in with JSD Supply at a gun show, telling the employee that they “did not have a soul” and worked behind the scenes with anti-gun state representative Amen Brown which the organization gives a B+ on gun rights.

Rep Brown worked with Eagle Arms to ban the sale of unfinished frames at their shows. He has taken a hard line against the items. He has also co-sponsored a bill that would require firearms training classes before Pennsylvania allows a person to buy a gun. Kim Stolfer told me that the organization gave a B+ to Amen Brown to see if we would report it. As of this writing, he still has a B+ with FOAC.

The final opinion letter FATD issued was for an unfinished SCAR-17 receiver. AmmoLand News does not have any information on what company submitted the unfinished SCAR-17 receiver. The rest of the companies now awaiting letters from the ATF are currently sitting in limbo. Some companies submitted their items for examination over a year ago and have not gotten a response.

Realistically the delay will add at least six months for FATD to issue an opinion letter. Still, the wait time will increase dramatically if whatever version of the new rule goes into effect. The ATF asks all companies that currently hold FATD opinion letters for unfinished frames and receivers to resubmit their items for examination. The ATF is also requesting any company that sells a firearm with a pistol brace to resubmit its sample. That would mean 100s if not 1000s of samples that FATD would have to work through.

Some in the gun community see these ATF moves as a way of stifling the firearms market by creating an artificial bottleneck. Others believe that this is FATD trying to prevent duplication of work. No matter what one thinks, the reason for the stoppage is the comment period is open, and readers can submit their thoughts about the new rules to the Federal Registry.

The ATF did not respond to a request for comment.

About John Crump

John is an NRA instructor and a constitutional activist. John has written about firearms, interviewed people of all walks of life, and on the Constitution. John lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and sons and can be followed on Twitter at @crumpyss, or at

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Eric R

480,000 cigarette related deaths in US in 2019.
95,000 annual US deaths due to excessive alcohol use.
Our “leadership” chooses to ignore these hard numbers yet puts full effort into taking away firearms that are responsible for a minute fraction of these numbers.
Go figure


This is bass ackwards reasoning. As soon as they find a way to make money on it, they will ok it and we will be able to have what we want so long as we follow the new rules which are really put in place to create more possible ways to unintentionally break the convoluted multiple laws which will result in more fines creating more revenue. The only reason for tracking you isn’t really because they want to take it away, it’s because they want to know if you still have the gun or arm brace so they can make… Read more »

Rebel VA

They don,t give a damn, they just want the power.


Man you are so full of statistics and knowledge, how could you ever be a real orGONEian. I think you are a troll.


Death by Cuomo is almost in that ballpark.


You mean death by a thousand Cuomo don’t you?


The atf want all approved unfinished receivers and braces and braced pistols to reapply so they can be turned down, ostensibly under “new rules”. Ummm, no. Determinations that these items were legal have been received. You can’t get a do-over, F-squad. All free people should comment on both proposed rules. They create unconstitutional national firearm registries, registries of homebuilt arms, allow the F-squad to classify all semi-autos as machine guns since they can be “readily” converted (under new defintions) into such, as can any block of metal. Felons won’t have to follow the brace rules, per SCOTUS, where in Haynes… Read more »


Companies should nix the ATF & produce their products for a free market. The ATF should not be allowed to stifle a free market. They should at least have a timeframe. And if not met, companies should proceed to market.


It is interesting that, peace loving, law abiding citizens, vote for these politicians who speak one way when running for office as one who agrees with the constituency, but sides with the criminal element when they get into office. Then they go after an agenda of marginalizing those who voted for them because the criminal element pays more than the over taxed law abiding citizen. That is why they seek to create more agencies that will help them create more laws to take more from the law abiding citizens they hate so to be on the good side of the… Read more »

Rebel VA

Correct, and how do you think that so many of them get so filthy rich?


Who do they really work for?


Just take a minute and think of how many Democrat policies benefit criminal organizations, gangs, and individuals. Open borders makes easy entry for drugs, sex trafficking, MS-13, and terrorists . Decriminalizing drug possession and cannabis makes a ready market. Emptying prisons and refusal to prosecute increases crime, including violent crime, and provides the excuse for strict gun control. Strict(er) gun control makes life easier and safer for criminals.

I’m sure the readers here can think of many more but the common thread is all these policies provide opportunity for kickbacks or tyranny.

American Cynic

Look the fact remains that we are limited in our choices of who we vote for. We don’t select the candidates that ultimately run in a primary. Party elites usually decide to back on person or another, for self-interest, political reasons, and not so much for anything else. First, who really wants to go into politics? Do you know any normal intelligent law-abiding citizen that would willingly subject themselves to such abuse? Second, of the those who do run for office, are you certain that you know what their motives are? Ulterior motives are the rule in politics, and you… Read more »


Sometimes I wonder if the RNC isn’t actually the swamp and who knows for sure about anything now days except that if it is a demoncrap it is definitely against the 2nd and loves to kill babies and want’s gays and lesbians’ to lead our country down the toilet, just like OreGONE and the other blue states.>.


The RNC is run by Undocumented Democrats. Never donate to parties or PACs. Only directly to worthy vetted candidates.


“We don’t select the candidates that ultimately run in a primary.” True thanks to apathetic voters making excuses for not sacrificing to save their country – research, vet, donate, volunteer till it hurts. They think voting alone satisfies their civic duty, when in transformed states like Calizuela voting for statewide office is pointless as commie-Dems have supermajority control due to “cheap labor” mass immigration. Pericles, Plato & others have condemned those who make self-serving excuses for apathy. “Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.” -John Stuart Mill Cicero… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

gee, we have current law and procedure which is supposed to be followed yet the ATF is not giving any issuance of opinion letters based on the fact that there (might) be a change in the laws that would not permit some of the non firearm appliances that are being submitted to be ok’d? Pretty much says to me they already know what the outcome is and are implementing it early while waiting for all obiden legal matters to be finalized. I think, I am not sure, but aren’t they required to follow the current procedure under current law and… Read more »