Battle Steel Carrier & Level IIIA Emergency Ballistic 10×12 Armor Package $99.95

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Battle Steel Carrier & Level IIIA Emergency Ballistic 10x12 Armor Package Deal
Battle Steel Carrier & Level IIIA Emergency Ballistic 10×12 Armor Package Deal

USA – -( With Democrats continuing to appease criminals and Democrat-run slum holes still rioting & burning months into a Biden occupation it is more than time to armor up. Botach has a great price on the Battle Steel Plate Carrier & Level IIIA Emergency Ballistic 10×12 Armor at a family-friendly price of just $99.95 each. At that price, you can outfit the whole family.Buy Now Gun Deals

Ultra-thin, Lightweight and portable this ballistic armor package is a high performance, discrete protection against hand guns & knives. Designed and packaged to be carried anywhere

    • Tested to NIJ Level IIIA 0106.01 which includes 44 magnum & 9mm and all lesser threats.
    • Ballistic Panels: Constructed from special lightweight Polyethylene materials, tested in accordance with level IIIA Standard 0101.06.
    • Ballistic Carrier & Panels Size: Available in two sizes, Small To X-Large w/10×12 Panels & XX-Large To XXX-Large w/11×14 Panels
    • Quick, fully adjustable shoulders & side straps
    • Unisex, will fit small females to large males
    • Easy access, inset pockets will accommodate soft or hard armor plates
    • Weight, Carrier & Plates: 4lbs.
    • Package Size: 17″x12″
  • 5 year warranty.

Assembled in the USA from imported materials.

Battle Steel Carrier & Level IIIA Emergency Ballistic 10×12 Armor Package $99.95

Battle Steel Level IIIA Emergency Ballistic Armor is well-reviewed:


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Better get it now Feds trying outright ban anything over III, ok for Me but not for Thee.
Same old crap, more rights stolen Get it now. Cheap good quality and works.
Check w Botach direct or AR 500.
Long lead times 6/12 weeks but if the Dems win in Nov you are going to need it.


@Dozap – This add is for 3A, so less than 3.

Did you mean they are looking to ban 3 or above or only above 3? For most civilian threats 3A should suffice, but in more extreme situations 3+ is advisable.

Dave in Fairfax

You’re replying to a 3 month old comment. They rattle that saber every now and then, but unless you’re in a VERY blue state it isn’t likely to be an issue. If you are, it’ll be even more needed. Personally, I only have L3 on my mass casualty bag, and what I hand out to family who don’t think they’ll ever need anything like that. Everything else is L3+ or L4.

Charlie Foxtrot

You can get polyurethane & ceramic level IV hard armor plates for the same price:×12-ballistic-plates/

Dave in Fairfax

Good link and a nice price. $100 a plate is not at all bad for a light-weight L4 plate. I loaded up from Doc and Terry when they were selling 2 L4 steels for $100. They weigh a bit more, but they absorb a lot more hits. It’s a trade off. Unless you’re pretty big, the 3.5-4 lb difference per plate is very noticeable.

WI Patriot

Difference being, one L4 plate for $99 vs complete 3A carrier setup for $99…hardly an apples to apples comparison…

Last edited 2 years ago by WI Patriot
Charlie Foxtrot

Correct, 2 L4 plates and a carrier would be around $260! The question is, what should the body armor be for anyway and what is the right gear for that mission. I do not see myself running around in LIIIA armor, hence my post.

Dave in Fairfax

I agree. L3A is dinner wear, For anything serious it has to be L3 or better, preferably much better. I don’t like busted ribs and I really don’t like getting shot. It irritates me. One of my sig lines is: I’ve been shot before. It pisses me off. What doesn’t kill me better start running.

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave in Fairfax
Dave in Fairfax

Wi P, Nope, the L4 plates I got were 2 for $99. That gets you set up for under $200. Even with these plates a cheap Condor PC is $50 so $250 of minimalist L4 rig. I agree, L3A and L4 are very different. The L3A gets you busted ribs if you get hit by anything bigger than .38 spc, Like I said, I only have L3, not 3A in my medic kit, it isn’t what I’d use anywhere else and that’s because the angle somebody might shoot at me would be very different if I was working on someone… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave in Fairfax
WI Patriot

Yeah, okay, 2 L4 plates for $100, what’s your life worth…???
Busted ribs are better than being dead…
Poly/ceramics are good for one go around, ceramics are NOT multi-shot tolerant, multi-curve steel plates with trauma pads are really the way to go, and even after taking hit’s, are ready to do it all over again…
And incidentally, my .22-250 loads will punch right through L3, steel, ceramic or poly ceramic hybrids…

Charlie Foxtrot
Dave in Fairfax

WI P, I’ve had lots of busted ribs. Here’s a tip, don’t get hiccups. REALLY. DAMHIKT. My life and my Wife’s life are worth L4, multi-curve steel, with trauma pads, full collars and brassards. I don’t have dinner plate armor. You’re right, .22-250 will go through L3, speed is king. That’s why it’s only used in one situation where the angle of incidence is likely to be very different and result in a skip rather than a direct hit. It’s a trade off because of weight. My casualty kit isn’t an IFAk, it’s designed for mass casualty and is a… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by Dave in Fairfax

Placed my order on their web site.
Three days later got an email confirmation showing item shipped with a tracking number.
Four days later FedEx still says the lable was created and they are waiting to receive the item.
Multiple calls texts and emails to Botach with no reply.
Spent 30 minutes reading 1* reviews on this company. Starting to wish I had read them BEFORE I gave them my money.

Next call is to the credit card company.


…and the buy now link goes nowhere.