Defending Strangers, Neighbors, and Lovers – More Self Defense Gun Stories

We Drive Late at Night, and Trouble is Waiting- More Self Defense Gun Stories.
Defending Strangers, Neighbors, and Lovers – More Self Defense Gun Stories

U.S.A. -( You probably didn’t see this news covered by the mainstream media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Heather Reeves joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or did they have a plan? (23-minute audio)

First story- Do you have your firearm nearby at night?

You hear the sound of breaking glass and shattering wood. It is after midnight when someone kicks in your girlfriend’s door. You get up and grab your firearm. A man comes at you with a metal pipe in his hands. You present your firearm and shoot him. He stops advancing, so you stop shooting. Now your attacker runs away. Your girlfriend and her children are uninjured. You call the police.

Your attacker called for medical help a few minutes later. You find out that your attacker was an ex-boyfriend.

Second Story- Do you have a firearm nearby at home?

You hear the shouting and then the gunshots. The sun has just come up when you hear someone shouting that you should leave your apartment. Quote, “You guys get out here, come out here, everyone get out of this building right now,” close quote.

You wonder if there is a fire. You hear the gunshots and look outside to see a young man with a semi-automatic rifle shooting at the apartments. You own a bolt action hunting rifle. You grab your gun and load it. You shoot the attacker as he shoots at people inside the building. You watch him fall and stop shooting. Now you set down your gun and call the police. The police take your rifle. EMS said your attacker died at the scene. You give a brief statement to the police.

Because you stopped the attack, only one innocent resident of the apartments was killed.

Third story- Are you armed at home?

A woman you know calls you and asks for your advice. You let her come over to your house. It is about six in the evening when she arrives. You talk to her outside and then let her in. A few seconds later, four men charge through your front door and attack you.

You own a gun. You’re armed. You present your firearm and shoot your attackers. All of them run. Two of them are wounded and are left behind. You back up and call the police.

The police arrest your attackers at the scene and get the names of the other assailants who ran. EMTs declare one of your attackers dead at the scene. They treat your injuries and then transport the other wounded attacker to the hospital. Your dead attacker was from New Jersey, a few miles away, but the others are from Pennsylvania.

Fourth story- Are you armed as you drive and here.

You’re driving down the street in the daytime. The SUV in front of you stops unexpectedly. The four men inside shout at a family walking down the street. The family, a man, a woman, and a teenager girl, back up. The four men throw garbage and a water bottle at them. You hear the four men say they want to rape the women. You put your car in park and step out of your car. You’re armed. The two women step behind the man. You step between the man and the SUV and put your hand on your firearm. The SUV quickly drives away. You call 911.

The family is from New Jersey. They are Jewish and left the synagogue a few yards away. The four men shouted, “Free Palestine, die Jew, F- you Jew, I’m gonna rape your wife.” You stay at the scene and give a brief statement to the police.

Tag- No shots fired.

Text of the discussion and links to the original stories are on the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast webpage.


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If they can take our weapons, then we can take theirs. I would call that 14th amendment, equal protection under the law. The same applies to a Terry stop. If I have fear that an officer may have a weapon, I may frisk him and remove his weapon, for citizen safety.



Yes, things said up and down the line originate some where and then are reflected even up in to the high courts. For instance, when Judge Benitez ruled on the ammunition law in California, he was doing just fine until he decided that some types of ammunition are Second Amendment protected and other types are not. No Constitutional source for that. Also in that ruling is a notation about historical claims against the Second Amendment. Just because some person got it wrong a long time ago, does not change the Constitution. If the People do not know that, then they… Read more »


why do police take your gun? Is that even legal ? What if one says no, thats MY gun and Ive broken no laws ? I think Id ask what law, or section of a law gives them authority to confiscate my legally owned firearm.

Pastor Roy

I’ve always said that if I’m ever involved in a self-defense shooting, after it’s over, the first thing I will do is hide my weapon. Put it in my house or my car and refuse to give it to law enforcement. They have no right to confiscate it when I was the victim. I’ll make them get a warrant.


Lets see, you use your weapon to save I don’t know how many lives, and what happens, the law takes your gun, therefore leaving you without protection. (Unless of course you have another gun)
That is a good incentive to get involved!


Please note the picture that headlines this article. It depicts a person drawing, or re-holstering, a fire arm in some kind of garment since there is no holster clearly shown. The picture shows the defective grip on the fire arm. Once I saw this, and it was meant for all who read this article, and the ammoland posts, I had no interest in the opinions of the author about anything. He clearly knows nothing, or cares to show incorrect, dangerous procedures regarding firearms. Get rid of this guy and don’t waste my time.


You are not supposed to pay attention to the “little things”; didn’t you know that. My wife hates it when I point out errors in movies or tv shows like how it is “springtime” and yet the trees are full with brown leaves and all the grasses are brown and dead and you can see the actor’s breath because it is cold. Just a recent example.


Are you sure about no holster ? Looks like a holster in the pocket. And the firearm is what I consider a pocket gun. Kimber MICRO = (which is why the defective grip on firearm in picture). You can NOT see the safety on the other side. Which could be on. May not be the way you would decide to carry. But others may feel safe doing so. Unless you turn the safety off, press the sear, & pull the trigger (finger NOT on trigger in picture). Firearm will not go off. And that’s if the chamber is loaded ?… Read more »

Xaun Loc

Whether you object to those ridiculous “concealed carry jackets” or not, the grip on that gun is terrible. I’m not sure if the gun really is Kimber’s stupid toy scale-model of a 1911 or if it is a real 1911; either way the shooter does not have any usable grip on the gun and would probably need to use his other hand to hold it while trying to reposition his hand to be able to fire the gun. (If it really is a Kimber Micro the shooter barely has two fingers on the grip. But, honestly I really don’t give… Read more »