Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has SIGNED HB-259 ~ Church Carry

Official Communication by Marion P. Hammer
Unified Sportsmen of Florida Executive Director
NRA Past President

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has SIGNED HB-259 ~ Church Carry, img iStock

Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has signed into law, HB-259 Church Carry. The bill took effect immediately.

HB-259 Church Carry

HB-259, The Church Carry bill authorizes persons who have concealed weapons or firearms licenses to carry firearms on property of churches, synagogues, or any other religious institutions, unless specifically prohibited to do so by the church, synagogue, religious institution, or other property owners.

The House bill was sponsored by Rep. Jayer Williamson (R) and Rep. Cord Byrd (R) and Co-Sponsored by the following: CoSponsors: Andrade, Bell, Beltran, Brannan III, Buchanan, DiCeglie, Duggan, Fernandez-Barquin, Fetterhoff, Fine, Fischer, Grall, Gregory, Harding, Hawkins, Ingoglia, Leek, Maggard, Maney, Massullo, Jr., McClain, Overdorf, Payne, Roach, Robinson (W), Rommel, Roth, Sabatini, Salzman, Shoaf, Sirois, Smith (D), Snyder, Tuck, Yarborough

The Senate bill was sponsored by Sen. Joe Gruters (R) and Co-Sponsored by the following: CoSponsors: Albritton, Baxley, Bradley, Brandes, Broxson, Hutson, Rodrigues (R), Rodriguez (A), Simpson

View HB-259 bill here:

Governor Ron DeSantis and bill Sponsors are strong Second Amendment supporters.

About Unified Sportsmen of Florida;

Unified Sportsmen of Florida was organized in 1976 for the purpose of protecting the firearms rights of all law-abiding firearms owners in Florida.


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Unified Sportsmen of Florida

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J Gibbons

I’ll be safer the next time I’m vacationing in Florida and want to carry to church on Sunday. If the church doesn’t allow carry, I’ll worship elsewhere.


we need a priest to hold services at an out door range have early service and noon food and fun raffel a gun and a pickup truck just like old days oh we did not have background checks there were only three or four black men in the gun club all were ex military brought their wives and kids this was in the jim crow south we defended them they were friends and brothers in arms even ran some problematic police out of town another time but protecting people that believe like us has come back to for front when… Read more »


Funny you would say that. While I’m not a member of this particular church, range I prefer to train at is closely associated with one particular church and they regularly hold church events there. Not sure if they have ever held a Sunday services there – but close to your suggestion.

Of course this is in the country and in a Texas – so got to expect things to be different (and better 😉 )


While it should not take anyone’s signature to exercise our Constitutional rights, it is what it is and the governor is to be commended for supporting what I feel confident is the majority of his constituents in Florida.


I thought the First Amendment would have taken care of this. Of course, IMO, individual congregations could OK firearm carry.


This could’ve been done years ago if LaPew & Hammerhead spent less time lining their pockets with member money & pimping “gun free” zones, especially schools & places that serve alcohol. Both of these idiotic death zones were written into law at NRA’s request in Florida & other states, both are still “gun free” zones in Florida, facilitating the slaughter of dozens of defenseless innocents at Parkland Elementary & 50 at the Pulse Nightclub.


Always have , Always will, lets get to work with sabbatini about constitutional carry for Floridians.


How about making it real constitutional carry, you know, so we can actually CARRY? In other words, abolish Marion Hammerhead’s “gun free” zones so we don’t have more massacres like Pulse and Parkland.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Sadly, we can’t get a bill like this passed in SC due to the memory of the Charleston shooting. Even then, most churches have posted “No concealed carry” signs, so such a bill would not have much impact here anyway.


saddest part is, if like Texas someone in that church was armed one or two would have been hurt or killed but no more and criminal would be dead




This is just a ‘feel good’ law by DeSantis to hide the fact that he has done nothing for 2A and does not intend to.

Just another ‘talk the talk’ only, politician.

I’m sorry to say but it is quite easy to fool many in the 2A community and that is what he’s doing.