Now Taking: Only “Non-Violent” 911 Calls?


911 Emergency Call
Now Taking: Only “Non-Violent” 911 Calls?

Ft Collins, CO –-( “Non-Violent” 911 calls?

Pro-criminal Democrats are now introducing (federal level) legislation to “incentivize” local communities to dispatch anyone, except police, to frantic 911 calls. Democrats are doing everything possible to keep their precious violent criminals from getting hurt.

Simultaneously, these neo-Marxists couldn’t care less about good and decent citizens, of course, because they are neither, and they identify with the former.

Their real goal is to disarm, marginalize, and eliminate local police. Local police will then be replaced with a new Federal “National Police Force,” that will be completely immune from local control. And, they are the ones who will eventually herd us into the ‘cattle cars’.

In the interim, here is what a 911 “emergency” interchange will soon sound like:

“911! Are you having a mental-health emergency?”

“No, but the violent criminal threatening to kill us and attempting to beat my door down, certainly is. I need police here right now!”

“Well, has he actually hurt anyone?

“Not yet, and not for lack of trying! Send the police now!”

“Well, if we send armed police officers, they might hurt someone. So, instead we’re sending an unarmed social worker, trained in crisis intervention. Unfortunately, social workers don’t work after six, nor on weekends, so we’ll try to get one to your home on Monday.

When this person actually hurts someone, call us back, and we’ll have this same conversation

… all over again.

Have a nice day, and thanks for calling the ________ Police Dept!”

Don’t laugh too hard.

Persuading armed police officers to come in a timely manner and help you during a life-threatening emergency is becoming increasingly difficult, impossible in some venues. Departments are critically understaffed (due to “de-funding”), under-equipped (all non-lethal options are being removed). What few officers remain, know and understand that Democrat mayors, governors, and prosecutors just can’t wait to charge them with some spectacular, headline-generating “offense,” and then throw them into a penitentiary, with much political fanfare, to the cheers of other Democrats and the media.

Thus, responding officers are going to be extremely circumspect and likely take their time getting there, or maybe not respond at all.

This is happening in Democrat-controlled metro areas right now, all as violent crime soars. Violent criminals have lost nearly all fear of police. They know Democrat politicians are solidly on their side, and they’re right.

We’ll be hearing soon from these same Democrat politicians that the only “solution” is a nationwide “Federal Police Force,” over which they have total control.

We won’t have to wait long.

Cattle-cars are next.

“Where dwelt fear, there could be no shred of freedom.” ~ Tamuna Tsertsvadze.


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you call and ask for the coroners office non emergency number, when they ask if you have a dead body you say their not all dead yet


If this happens..hang up and then call back and tell them you have so many dead bodies because you shot them all…then see how many come and how quickly too….lol


Good one.


LOL!!!!!!! I love it.

APG member

This article is written as if the police have some duty to protect individuals! See: Warren v. District of Columbia, Lozito v. NYC, DeShaney v. Winnebego Co, Castle Rock v. Gonzales. Call 911 if you need an abulance or have a fire only, personal security is YOUR responsibility!


Boy, that is very reminiscent of a phone call to 911 in Sacramento back in the 80’s and 90’s. Hint. Call and give a blood curtailing scream in the phone, (girl screams work best) then say someone is breaking into the house and I am going to shoot the M…… F……er. Hang up and don’t answer again. They will be there in 15 minuets.


If you are a gun owner and a male in that situation, you are begging to get shot by cops when they arrive. Use your brain. Don’t rely on police at all. Let them know where the bodies are after it’s over.


I gave you a thumbs up because you are right. When that happened to me in kommiefornia I didn’t have gun because I was at a friends house, we were 16 and his parents did not own a gun as most kommiefornians at the time. Either way, it works to get them there right now rather than having to debate with them that they are needed. The line, we cant do anything right now but give us a call when they do something is what spurred my comment. That happened to me and friends several times including adults. My suggestion… Read more »


. . . never register your guns.

(A federal police force? . . . Don’t they call it “Homeland Security”?)

Last edited 1 year ago by KK

Obama has mentioned a need for a Federal Police Force in the past so nothing new here. It’s magic because it’s like Obama is still running the country.

AZ Lefty

Remember Boys and Girls to sign up for one of his classes because of this bullshit he writes!