Public Comment Period Open on ATF Proposed Rule Stabilizing Braces

Stop the Tyranny and Join the Fight!
Stop the Tyranny and Join the Fight!

U.S.A.-( With the release of its Notice of Proposed Rule Making (NPRM), the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) has left little doubt to its intention to devastate the firearms industry and wreak havoc on millions of American firearm owners, especially the disabled shooters these products were designed to support.

ATF’s proposal would outlaw the vast majority of pistols sold with Stabilizing Braces, and by ATF’s own admission, would result in more than $1 billion in lost revenue to the firearms industry and countless American jobs lost.

In what amounts to the largest firearms registration scheme in U.S. history, the ATF has explicitly prohibited the grandfathering of existing braced firearms. This leaves the millions of firearms owners, who relied on previous ATF guidance, in legal jeopardy.

Make Your Voice Heard

SB Tactical® implores all gun owners to make their voices heard through the public comment period, which is currently set to close on September 8, 2021.

Please do not submit the same comment multiple times or use more than one method. Also, the ATF will not consider comments that don’t meet their requirements or those that contain profanity. Please keep comments on the topic of the proposed brace regulations.

Comment Now!

Support FRAC

SB Tactical reaffirms support for FRAC and urges the firearms community, including manufacturers, suppliers, sporting goods retailers, and responsible firearm owners to do so as well. FRAC was created by industry leaders and its stakeholders to aggressively advocate for and defend the interests of firearms, ammunition, and accessories manufacturers, importers, and their customers against abuses and overreach from the ATF. Through their team of experienced legal minds and connections with key members of Congress, FRAC strives to hold the ATF accountable for arbitrary regulatory policies and rulings that hurt the firearms industry.

About SB Tactical®

SB Tactical®, the originator of the Pistol Stabilizing Brace® and manufacturers of industry-leading firearms accessories, is setting the bar for innovation and product development in the large frame pistol category. The SB Tactical line of products is U.S. veteran designed and proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. For more information on the brand’s growing line of products for multiple firearms platforms, visit

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Roland T. Gunner

So tell me, seriously, does BATFE actually consider ANY of the comments? I mean, they might care when a senator, or a representstive, or a governor sends them a letter protesting their bullshit; but why would they care how many subjects post opposition, or what those subjects post in opposition? The only power we wield is 2nd Amendment power, and ATF is betting we wont go there.


I will tell you what happens. First, they laugh their ass off at your complaint because they know what the end result is going to be regardless of your comment or not. This information is provided from someone that has government experience and has reluctantly been a part of been there, done that and was persecuted because I was against it and spoke up. Then, they put you and your information on a list (that doesn’t exist) because when they go for revenge for your having the audacity to engage or challenge them in conflict of what they are going… Read more »


A comment explaining the illegality of the proposed rule, questioning assertions therein, demanding studies that support their assertions, suggesting alternatives which will more effectively reach the desired outcomes, etc, do not incriminate the commenter.

Further, to defend our rights and push back against infringements, we should do so in every non-violent manner along the way before it gets to a revolution.


Let’s pray there is no revolution. If somehow you feel I was incrinating the commenter then that was my writing error but I don’t see where I did that. I told it just like it is, like I said, been there, done that and hated every minute.
Thanks though.


Ofc they don’t care about the comments. I was present at a BLM meeting about them closing public land to public use in circa 1995. EVERY. SINGLE. PERSON. at that meeting spoke against the closure. They politely thanked everyone for coming and commenting, and then went ahead and closed the land anyway. That was the last time I ever considered that the authorities gave the slightest bit of a shit what we [THE PUBLIC] said. The guy in this video has it correct. It is not about what they do to us, it is about how we react to it,… Read more »


As if this wasn’t bad enough, Congress just introduced a bill requiring the registration and licensing of all handguns. Bearing Arms has the story. And the other proposed F squad rule would make every semi auto a machine gun by changing the definition of “readily converted” to a full 8 hour workday in a fully stocked and operational machine shop. You can turn a chunk of metal into a machine gun in less than half the time. Lowes and Home Depot would have to be FFL’s.


Are you talking about the pedophile symbol that is actually backwards to what is on the badge? Clockwise vs. counter clockwise?. Like the swastika is reverse to a middle eastern religious symbol?

Roland T. Gunner

It is time. Do you hesr me? IT IS TIME gor BATFE and ALL their bullshit to go. Away. Completely. Permanently. ATF, NFA, GCA, Hughes. Every last bit, go away. They keep pushing, and I keep hoping, that it all comes to a head, and we can engage them, once and for all, and crush them out of existence. Preferably in the courts, but…


Take a deep breath and write rationally. Members of congress read the comments submitted regarding rule changes, especially controversial ones like this. If you just want to vent your spleen, do it here, not there, so you don’t feed the prejudice on the left that 2nd amendment advocates are “knuckle dragging gun nuts.” My comment wasn’t perfect, but here’s what I submitted (the site removes paragraph breaks for some reason): The ATF is redefining short barreled firearms for the very odd reason that manufacturers and consumers have followed the ATF’s definitions and criteria exactly to the letter, and the ATF… Read more »


Wow, and your eloquent way of making a valid point is the reason why I wont send them an email in protest because it would sound like it is coming from a knuckled dragging republican in their opinion and I don’t want to be on their list which I think is the action they are counting on from many gun owners because we know they retaliate.

Very nice job.


Excellent. Reasoned, well thought out, and succinct.


One thing that you may consider mentioning if you choose to voice your opinion is the very law created to help Americans with disabilities which is what these braces are designed to do. Since the Americans with Disabilities Act has been on the books and faced numerous legal challenges already it is worth noting in my humble opinion that this is in direct violation of that law which was passed by Congress, not like this backhanded attempt to legislate through executive overreach.


What should actually happen is that Congress should stop the ATF from making rule changes that only affect honest the Honest Law abiding Citizens of The United States of America and does absolutely nothing to stop criminals from obtaining guns for illicit reasons. Laws that only stop us Citizens that obtain our weapons legally should be left alone and not ever bothered by the ATF or the President of the United States. They are only changing the rules in order to eventually get rid of all guns in the hands of Citizens which goes against the Constitution of the United… Read more »

Roland T. Gunner

You had me, right up to “from making rule changes…” Congress needs to STOP THE ATF, period.


Like anything the government gets involved in, it’s gotten too complicated. It’s difficult the find the original reasons for the differing regulations for different firearms.
I could live with this;
Pistols (Easily concealed) can fit in a 4″x8″x16″ container.
Rifles and shotguns will not fit in a 4x8x16″ container.
Do away with SBR designation as it’s pointless.


That would require rescinding or amending NFA, which can only be done by congress with sign off by president. Can you imagine such a thing making it through either house, much less with the votes to override the inevitable veto? With politics it is important to pay attention to what is possible. It would be easier to forcibly eliminate ATF than what you suggested — for now. 2022 is likely to see a marked shift in congress. 2024 could end up a banner year for our rights. In today’s increasingly dangerous environment, trick will be to survive that long with… Read more »


Why ever would we need classifications? In places where concealed carry is legal, the only measure should be whether bearer is able to adequately conceal it.

In places where open carry of long arms is legal (Texas until September) classification should be by method of carry – if it’s equipped to sling on your back it is a “long arm”. In September we rejoin the civilized states as constitutional carry takes effect.


Politicians/bureaucrats with a law/ruling/regulation never stop a bad guy with a gun.
They only control the good guys, which is their true agenda.
They control the good guys because we let them. How long…ever???…has it been since politicians/bureaucrats truly feared We The Little Peeps???? Well, I guess that is the why of gun control, citizen disarmament.

Miserable Wretch

Do not relent on this proposed pistol brace ban. Show it no mercy.


omar is a bad example to be on this,because he is not and will not be handicapped. He can and does do whatever he wants, sometimes with difficulty but never defeat. A man who masters a bow and arrow like he has. we need a one armed vet maybe with crispy teaching (he does do skills classes)


I’m just sitting here thinking after posting my comments regarding both the proposed rule changes on receivers (and more) and pistol braces. As I ponder this landscape it kind of makes me think of the tactical equation of divide and conquer or deceit by diversion? Probably being paranoid but it comes to mind that the pistol brace comment period hit right on the tail of the receiver comment period. Is it possible that this agency wants one of these WAY MORE than the other and is using one to detract from the other? I guess I’m putting more into it… Read more »


The receiver/ghost gun/indefinte records retention creates a registry and classifies all semiautos as machine guns as they can “readily be converted” under the new “readily” definition. The brace rule reclassifies most ar pistols as nfa items, redefines rifle and creates millions of felons, while the nfa tax and declaration doesn’t even apply to felons per the supreme court- they don’t have to abide by it as declaring ownership as a felon violates their fifth amendment rights.

Neither is constitutional, both are BS.


I’m not sure that using a photo of a tattooed fat guy is a good choice for this article. Pretty disgusting.


jfc i had to make an account to respond to you
that “tattooed fat guy” is Omar “Crispy” Avila. He’s not really fat, so much as a competitive weight lifter, and that’s the appearance a lot of that type of competitor takes on. He also gave up a leg and 75% of his skin fighting for your rights, he does a lot with veterans and burn victims, and has a pretty respectable presence in the gun community. What have you done in comparison?


I did some reading on the guy. As far as I can tell, he is not a Medal Of Honor recipient. My question is, why not?


I suggest you take a closer look.


Win1873, your an ass. GFY


I also had to reply to this most dumb ass comment made by someone who uses a movie title for his screen name. If he would have done some research before opening his mouth he would have realized what this great man has been thru. So “capgun” go google Omar “Crispy” Avila and see what this man has been thru. You are a very pathetic BOY


Thank you all for the info on “Crispy”.

I scrolled back up upon reading @Win’s comment and saw enough to utterly refute his statement. It is easy to see the scars covering the man’s body and that he is in a wheel chair. Looks like his left hand may be missing a shot well.

Seems like a perfect photo for an article about braces intended to help disabled shooters.

My hat is off to anyone who has survived such horrific injuries. Fact he suffered them in service to our country only piles on to respect he is owed.


I am baffled by so many people saying the ATF is writing new laws. The ATF is not doing anything more than elaborating and clarifying the NFA ’34. Where no definitions existed before, they now will. YOU ALL KNOW that AR pistols are SBRs. In 10 years I have never seen a user, use one like an arm brace. Everyone I see shooting braces are using them like shoulder stocks. Everyone was shoving the unclear interepretation of the law into the collective ATF eye. You all need to bite the bullet and submit form 1s. Do it now before the… Read more »


Categorically false statement there! The ATf is egregiously redefining key words in current statute. Definitions most certainly existed before, contrary to your false assertion, and by altering those definitions the ATf drastically changes the law, equivalent to writing new law. Receiver, suppressor, firearm, readily converted, rifle and others were absolutely defined in statute. It is the role of Congress to change those definitions if it chooses to do so. The ATf is not “clarifying”. You are not necessarily a “gun grabber”, just a liar.


AND a bootlicker! Can’t forget that part…


Whatever, Fudd.

APG member

You are an authoritarian, petty tyrant. The NFA is repugnant to a free society.Don’t expect me to enjoy obedience and submission as you do.

Last edited 1 year ago by APG member
Autsin Miller III

All other arguments aside for a moment Don, don’t forget that every one of these items were legally purchased. Do you believe the government should be able to make them illegal by fiat? What if they decided to do that with, oh say, your car? This is a fundamental question of who answers to whom.


Excellent questions! Which is why the bootlicker will utterly ignore them. Bootlickers are sooooo predictable… simply because they only have two choices: Ignore all reason, or attack the wielder of reason. OFC, they COULD wake up, smell the coffee, and stop licking their master’s boots…. but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for that one. Bootlickers, like career criminals, seldom change their spots. 🙂

Last edited 1 year ago by Knute