Oss Launches New “How to Really Judge a Combat Suppressor” Video

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- OSS Suppressors LLC, maker of the patented and proven Flow-Through line of suppressors, has released their new video featuring Dan Brokos, SGM(R) and CEO of Lead Faucet Tactical talking straight with warfighters on how to judge a combat suppressor.

Joined by Dennis Cunningham, OSS Director of Government and International Business Development, Mr. Brokos walks through the key factors to evaluate a combat suppressor. For years, Mr. Brokos trained SOF in CQB and live-fire drills at Fort Bragg’s Range 37 and knows well the negative effects of baffle suppressors on both weapon performance and soldier health.

“Baffle suppressor blowback can increase bolt speed, feed chamber and lock failures, carbon fouling the likelihood of a failure to fire”, said Mr. Brokos. And he knows first-hand the damaging health effects from blowback and exposure to high levels of Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Cyanide, Ammonia, and Lead.

“When you’re downrange, you have to stay unseen and unheard when engaging the enemy,” said Mr. Cunningham. “OSS suppressors shoot quiet, shoot clean, shoot soft, shoot with precision, and they sure as hell shoot without flash.”

About OSS Suppressors

OSS Suppressors LLC designs, manufactures and distributes advanced weapon suppressor systems that meet the demands of military, SOF, LE, tactical and sport shooters around the world. #DONTGETBAFFLED. For more information, visit: www.osssuppressors.comOSS Suppressors

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Ryben Flynn

This is my Form 1 30 Caliber suppressor. All parts are available on the Internet if you search. The “M” baffles are formed steel expansion plugs. You drill them for the caliber you want. I over-drilled mine and it works fine on my 350 Legend.
The same design is what I built my Form 1 5.56 suppressor except using a 9″ carbon steel tube and a smaller bore diameter and fewer baffles.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ryben Flynn

Nice. I can never get pics to work here. How do you do it, a particular file name extension?

Ryben Flynn

It has to be a .png and under 2MBytes.
This is based on the infamous MagLite suppressor but using a double ended internal threaded tube that is the same as the MagLite tube.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ryben Flynn
Ryben Flynn

Here is the actual suppressor disassembled for cleaning along with the Form 1.
It is engraved but I turned it so it can’t be seen and blacked out personal information.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ryben Flynn

Thanks. I’ve been saving an old maglite for this purpose. Looked like the best use.


Thanks. Thinking more towards AZ, AK, MT or SD. Hopefully Trump’s 3 unvetted derelict “Federalist” Society “justices” who enabled the Xiden coup d’etat will stand up for the Texas model which then spreads like wildfire to other R states. Nice thing about a filter is it’s disposable and until dedicated to one or the other it can be for your car or something else. Problem with filters is of course the adapter. I imagine there’ll lots o’ them “Made in Texas” adapters next year.