Gun Deals: Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9mm Just $410.48 FREE S&H CODE

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Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9mm No Safety Deal july2021
Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9mm No Safety

USA – -( Brownells has a sale going on the Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9mm handgun for just $410.48 after a coupon code at check out. Brownells Edge Members get FREE Shipping on all their orders.  Compare that price to the $450.00+ price most everywhere online, if you can still find it, so this is a great buy on a classic top-rated EDC pistol.

To make yourself this deal, you need to add a filler item (this can be any extra item you need) to the cart along with the S&W M&P EZ to get the cart total over $450.00 so you can apply coupon code “VST“. Check our cart image below to see how we did it.

Smith & Wesson® M&P®9 SHIELD EZTM 9mm Semi-automatic PistolBuy Now Gun Deals

If you’ve handled a personal defense pistol before, you know the pain. Stiff recoil springs. Stiff magazines. Tiny, hard-to-work slides. Difficult takedown. Well…no more. For those who can’t or just plain don’t want to operate a standard EDC pistol, we recommend the Smith & Wesson M&P9 Shield EZ. Chambered in 9mm, the SHIELD EZ features a number of characteristics that make it easier to rack, easier to load, and easier to clean than just about any pistol in its class.

First and foremost, it’s hammer-fired, which allows S&W to use a lighter recoil spring. The lighter recoil spring makes racking the slide a heck of a lot easier—without sacrificing the ability to use a wide variety of 9mm loads. To further help you along, the slide features scalloped serrations on the front and rear to let you get a grip.

To make loading the magazines a snap, the EZ’s mags features thumb buttons on both sides to aid in depressing the follower. Loading the SHIELD EZ’s magazines is a painless experience, and putting a couple hundred rounds through it won’t leave your fingers raw.

For those with less grip strengh or arthritis, the EZ is an awesome choice. Furnished with a crisp, light trigger, tactile loaded chamber indicator, and reversible mag catch, it’s an easy-to-use protection option for both first-time shooters and experienced handgunners alike.

Gun Deals: Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9mm Just $410.48 FREE S&H CODE

The Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9mm is well-reviewed:

Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9mm No Safety Cart Check 7/23/2021

Smith & Wesson M&P SHIELD 9mm No Safety Cart Check
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Dogma Factor

Shop around this is not a good price. Two local chain stores sell theirs at $399.00 day in and day out every day. Few weeks ago one had it on sale at $369.00. Some times it pay to shop and support your local stores. The internet is full of greedy gougers trying to take advantage of supply and demand issues.


the first spec i look for with handguns is the mag size and often don’t see it, like now.

Dogma Factor

2 mags, single stack EZ load 8+1

This pistol is not about maximum round count.

Last edited 5 months ago by Dogma Factor

These guns were $299-$329 in 2019-early 2020. Price gouge much?


If you don’t want to spend $500+ and don’t feel the need for 10 rnds this Smith and the Ruger LC9s or EC9 are viable options. If you’re whining about the price increases it’s because you’re late to the table. You should have been prepared BEFORE the pandemic and protests


With the 43X Flush 15 Round Mag and the Sig with 10/12 Round mags who wants a single stack with 7 rounds? Nobody! No wonder their cheap! 99.9% of the people can’t hit anything with 30 they need all they can get…especially since there are multiple attackers most of the time!


when you work for a anti-2A company which believes in the myth of “gun free zones” a low profile single stac is the best option to protect your life and keep your job. Don’t be so myopic.

Dogma Factor

This gun was never designed with maximum round count as a goal. The M&P EZ9 and EZ380 were designed to maximum operability for those with minimal upper body strength and or hand strength. Apparently due to your level of testosterone these attributes aren’t required. I’d also suggest taking one of my classes if you’re missing everything with 30 round magazines. I have a wheelchair bound individual that has no issues with using EZ9; two loaded magazines all within 6″ at 7 yards in less than 20 seconds.


– Given how PSA prices fluctuate, $40 price increase seems downright moderate. As for rebate, that was a manufacturer program that terminated quite some time ago – castigating PSA over rebate is disingenuous at best.

Given how many shops and online retailers are out of most firearms, I’d say listing the same price they had before current COVID inspired run cannot be considered gouging or ripping people off.


I’ve been using a Shield 9 as my EDC for several years now. Added a 2 round extension (Strike Industries) to the 7 round mag making 9+1. Use the 8’s for back up. Hornady Critical Defense ammo. Run 3-4 thousand rounds of various ammo thru it with no issues. Carry OWB in a kydex holster (Alien Gear). Definitely recommend it as an EDC.


It’s on sale because the M&P EZ-SLIDE Shield is selling like hotcakes and has a decent-sized safety on both sides you don’t have to hunt for when you are in a hurry. The EZ-slide is a landmark in handgun development, and I expect every manufacturer to come up with some version of it soon or lose a LOT of business.

Ben Moore

What kind of deal do you have on the Smith and Wesson 45 shield w/ safety?

Don Bailey

My S&W Shield 9 has been my best value/quality purchase conceal carry pistol of any that I have purchased. Furthermore, it is a joy to take to the range and not a bother to take down to clean or to provide maintenance for. The one thing I learned long ago was that it is not the investment in the handgun that is expensive, it is the investment in the ammunition and range time.



Half the price
half the ammo count


Is very good price . But this offer. Is not to California ?

Bill Haynes

I am interested in getting a 22 cal. Either style pistol.


Can’t go wrong with the Ruger SR 22. I have 2 of them.


Consider S&W Victory

Wild Bill

@BH, What you want to do with a .22 cal. pistol, will determine what you buy. Look to the .22 pistols that do what you want to do.

David L Patten

Hi you all, I C.C.W. a S&W, 460 mag.XVR. A bit heavy , but great gun. Fun gun and kicks like a mule. I use 425 grain ammo. Great knock down power. ” Ring of Fire “. I use for wild bore, hog hunting..and you can use 3 different size’s of ammo.great advantages. The 460 XVR is a well balanced and a great choice Firearm.You do need to know how to handle. Not for the beginners of firearms. I carry on hip. Open and concealed. Beginners stay with 9mm or 45cal.till you get the feel and comfortable on the smaller… Read more »

Tiler Durden

What exactly is “knock-down power?”


Smaller caliber rounds do not transfer as much kinetic energy when they hit their target. Larger caliber rounds will transfer more energy and have an easier time “knocking someone down”. A .22 round is more likely to go into it’s target and ricochet around causing internal injuries, whereas a .40 or .45 would have a much easier time putting a home invader on his arse. They still have penetration, but depending on the type of ammo, they can flatten out really well on impact and transfer a lot more energy.


Not a bad price for a concealable 9mm semiauto. There used to be a day when a budget priced self defense handgun of good reliability was a small or medium frame snub nose .38 revolver. Now, the latter falls in the $350 range.

Shelley R

Can I get one with Crimson Trace?


I added streamlight tlr-6 to mine. Bright flashlight and red laser. It is badass!

Stephen Dallmeier

Is this a new one or used? I have one already but might be able buy it for my wife..

Steven W Lowe

Hi. I’m a revolver fan from way back. S&W models 19, 24 and 57 top my list.


it is a great pistol. the sig sauer p365 is better. it is smaller, holds more rounds, is just as if not more accurate on the range, is more concealable, the only draw back is price. that too in time will drop. i own both plus an XDS 9mm, and taurus judge.


Agree on the 365. Have it. Daily carry in standard days i much prefer the Walther pps m2, unless i need super small that day. It’s the only gun that offers that nice trigger and sights. Imo

Robert Stauffer

Do you buy guns?


I own a shield and Springfield XD. While the XD carries 9 rounds I carry the lightweight shield everyday. Easy to shoot and clean.


My everyday carry is a S&W M&P Shield Performance Center Ported .40. The size is perfect to keep from printing and light enough to be comfortable all day.
It is an outstanding choice, plenty of power, great sights that get you back on target very quickly and a ported barrel that keeps you close to target at all times.
It is very accurate. My personal best is 7 rounds rapid fire at 30 feet with 1.75″ group.

I could not be happier.


You are correct about printing,
My Glock 17 prints at the worst times and drops a sheaf of Supermarket advertisements or WAL*MART Discount flyers and it is most annoying, I want a handgun that prints less.

All jokes aside, the printing issue is way overblown and out of proportion.
Concealed is the keyword, as opposed to open carry, there have never been, as far as I know, anything anywhere about printing, only accidental exposure.

Ron Price

Why every hand gun add states…gun weight XX oz unloaded…who carries an unloaded gun??…that statement is irrelevant….
Just saying..


So you would want them to say the weight of the weapon with 1 round is x, with 2 rounds is x+y, with 3 rounds ix+2y, etc.? Or would you prefer a standard method across all handguns? Just saying…

Matthew Robinson

How about with a full magazine & 1 in the chamber, as a gun is supposed to be carried?

Palmer Ross

The weight of the gun never changes, the weight of the ammo does.

If I load my Glock 21 mags (13) with 230 grain ball vs. 78 grain Liberty Civil Defense, there is a 4.8 ounce difference if you are carrying 13+1.

Even with the Shield, the difference between 90gr Corbon and 147 gr Hydrashock is over an ounce in an 8+1 configuration

patti padgett

Excellent reply,I always wondered but never asked. Thank you

Benjamin Ortiz

It’s a great deal love to bry one were are you located are you in Florida? I will to sign up for all the deal and inf..

Joseph Ripka

I’m more interested in S&W40 subcompact


Lol. Nobody uses .40 anymore. It’s evident that those that claim they do, don’t shoot or carry much.

Holopaw living

I edc a 40 all the time and shoot at the range a lot

Gunny Jake

Plenty of people still do. They even sell it at the store. My preferred carry is an XD40 that I carry daily, actually shoot often. Sometimes I even claim to do those things.

Dennis Longfeather

I do. A .40 is a much better round. Zip of the 9mm and the knockdown of a .45… Argue with the facts I dare you.

Tiler Durden

Dennis Longfeather, well for starters, fucking “knock-down power” is an absolute fallacy. Let’s just start with that.


Knock down has been proven in at least 5 conflicts. That why the Marines and other special ops went back to 45 acp


I am assuming this is the old version. M 2.0 is definitely an improvement, bear that in mind.

Geoffrey Sandala

Why worry about the weight of a Oz or so…put your gandy panties on and get what YOU want…!!!