Disconnected DC, America Demands the Opposite of Congress on Guns ~ VIDEOS

By Phil Reboli for GOA.

61% of American Counties are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries
61% of American Counties are Now Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Washington DC – -(AmmoLand.com)- According to the Gun Owners of America, as of June 2021, 1,930 counties, cities, and towns have passed Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances (SASO).

Over sixty- percent of counties in America have declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

Second Amendment Sanctuary is not a well-defined term; neither is Sanctuary City for illegal aliens.

The purpose of a SASO is to express opposition or noncompliance with state or federal gun control. When cities, counties, or states refuse to enforce state or federal gun control, they become sanctuary zones.

There is no governing body dictating the outcome for these localities. Organizations dedicated to protecting the Second Amendment and advancing our liberties are helping where they can, but they don’t have any legislative power.

The rise of hundreds of municipalities in over forty states that became Second Amendment Sanctuaries is a completely grassroots effort; aided by groups like Gun Owners of America.

These communities are demanding that local governments and states at least make a public statement to oppose federal gun control or outright not enforce it. Withholding taxed dollars by refusing to enforce gun control is a powerful tool that local governments have by right. State legislators and Governors are listening.

At the same time, Washington DC, the lobbyists, the special interests, and front organizations that are funded by a small handful of wealthy devotees are all still demanding gun control. As if the Second Amendment Sanctuary phenomenon isn’t even happening, Washington leans heavily toward restricting rather than enforcing our gun rights.

There are a number of excellent, pro-Second Amendment legislative initiatives by some of the country’s best Members of Congress.

The question isn’t how many good pieces of federal, firearms legislation there are compared to bad ones that restrict our right to self-defense.

The real question here is why is there so much gun control coming out of Washington when most of the counties in America are declared Second Amendment Sanctuaries?

Different counties and states have taken different approaches to their sanctuaries.

Towns in Maine have taken positions on Second Amendment Sanctuaries by passing resolutions declaring their opposition to federal and state gun control. These may be non-binding resolutions but as the number of SASOs increases in Maine, residents of that state are sending a clear message to federal and state legislatures about how they should enhance, not heavily restrict, the right to own firearms.

Luis Valdes, Florida State Director for Gun Owners of America, has counted over forty counties out of Florida’s sixty-seven that have passed SASOs or resolutions condemning gun control. The increasing number of localities passing these ordinances say they are doing so in response to the passage of Florida’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation Order.

The abuse of Florida’s Red Flag Gun Confiscation Order law has been well documented. Reporting shows that ninety-seven percent of orders to confiscate firearms, without due process, are approved. This has led to over 3,500 confiscations since the law was passed in 2018.

Red Flag Gun Confiscation allows for the seizure of firearms without due process; a yearly renewal of the seizure doesn’t require new evidence. Presumably, supporters of this practice would argue that the 3,500 confiscations since 2018 saved lives. Specifically, they would say that these 3,500 confiscations stopped mass murders since the law was passed in a political climate charged immediately after a mass murder.

The FBI defines a mass shooting (e.g., murder) as three or more murders in one spree. That means that theoretically, these 3,500 confiscations saved almost 1,100 Floridians.

These numbers would suggest that Florida is one of the most dangerous places on the planet.

Of course, these numbers are bunk. These confiscations were mostly used against peaceful, good people. And almost all of these confiscations violated their civil right to due process.

That is why Florida’s counties are taking SASOs seriously. They recognize that the reasoning behind the Red Flag Gun Confiscation is flawed and heavily influenced by politics.

You can find examples like Florida and Maine all over the country.

Yet, Washington DC continues to talk about gun control because there’s money in it.

The Biden administration along with House and Senate Democrats are pushing dozens of gun control measures in both legislative and executive fiat form.

In March, at Biden’s insistence, the Democrat-controlled House passed two pieces of controversial gun control.

The first bill expanded background checks for private sales. This is ripe for abuse by future administrations. If a government wanted to create a national gun registry in anticipation of nationwide gun confiscation, this would be the first step.

The second bill delays the already lengthy wait time that the FBI has to perform a background check to ten days. It is currently three days, after those three days if a background check is not performed by the FBI within that three-day period, it is up to the FFL (i.e. the gun store) to decide if the purchaser should have a gun.

Why did they choose ten days? Why not fifty or a year? The opportunities for abuse are real and obvious. Wait times and background checks have no place in our constitutional republic. A right delayed is a right denied.

Thanks to the Senate Filibuster, these two bills have little chance of passing the Senate and going to the President’s desk.

But the Filibuster is not the concern here. These two measures are being imposed on the country while sixty percent of counties are publicly rejecting more gun control. It’s clear how disconnected Washington is from the needs, wants, and concerns of Americans.

The executive branch also thinks it has tools at its disposal. The use of executive orders in place of Congressionally-passed law has only increased. It reached its nadir in the last administration when the DOJ made it a crime to possess a bump stock. Thankfully, the Gun Owners of America sued and is pursuing the case in court.

President Biden has nominated David Chipman to lead the ATF. Chipman has argued that the Biden administration can bypass Congress and outlaw or regulate components of commonly owned hunting rifles to the point of extinction. Standard capacity magazines, gun barrels, even plastic components are on the chopping block for executive action.

Biden’s administration has also written model legislative language on Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders. He hopes the states will use this language to write their own laws to confiscate guns. Biden also wishes for Congress to pass this law and make the confiscation nationwide.

Ban Guns Red Flag Laws

But none of this gun control is actually being asked for by Americans. The proof is in the work to expand SASOs.

Counties and states are rejecting national gun control – in particular, Red Flag Gun Confiscation Orders and Universal Background Checks – and Washington is choosing to ignore them.

The phenomena are not relegated to red states. Purple states like Colorado and deep blue states including New Jersey and California all have counties that support SASOs.

Washington knows about SASOs. Many outlets in the corporate press have written extensively about them.

Clawing for federal gun control while Americans actively reject it is a form of anarcho-tyranny. The powers know what the people want, they chose to ignore those voices in the service of their own political and cultural ends.

Thankfully, we are living through a bottom-up revolution where Americans are ensuring they have the means to defend themselves against criminals and tyrants, and when we can no longer tell the difference between the two.

The SASOs are mostly occurring at the county level. In states, this is one of the smallest units of government. In spite of their frustration, Americans involved in the SASO movement are still reaching for a peaceful solution. By using the existing political and governing infrastructure, they are signaling to their states and federal government that despite ideological and political differences, we can all live amongst one another, cordially.

The powers of Washington DC are evidently seeking another path. In all presidential administrations, Biden in particular, gun rights are never truly secure.

President Biden, the spokesman for the gun control lobby, is now using threats of violence to get his message across.

In a press conference on the Second Amendment, President Biden said that, if Americans ever feel the need to take on a tyrannical government, their AR15s wouldn’t be enough – they would also need F15s and nuclear weapons. The implication here is that President Biden would direct a nuclear strike against Americans!?

There’s another interesting implication in this statement. President Biden likes to say that AR15s are weapons of war, but in this press conference he said those same AR15s would be useless against the government in a war. So which is it, are they weapons or war or useless in war? Dissecting this inconsistency is for another time.

These two views of the country cannot be reconciled. One group must concede if everyone is going to live together peacefully. So which should it be?

The Biden administration wants total disarmament of the American population. In order for this to succeed, there must be a violent confrontation between Biden’s enforcers and the peaceful Americans he wishes to disarm.

The SASO communities and states only want Washington to back off. This can have a peaceful end if Washington takes a cue from the growing number of SASO communities and stops pushing gun control on unwilling communities and states.

The most peaceful outcome is for Washington to recognize the wishes of these communities and walk away from a fight.

Phil Reboli is a Senior Policy Advisor for Gun Owners of America and the Host of the Minute Man Moment. He is a former adviser to Senator Mike Lee of Utah.

Gun Owners of America

Gun Owners of America has previously supported the right of members and staff to carry firearms on Capitol Hill for self-defense, as GOA supports the rights of all law-abiding citizens to carry firearms in their workplace. Gun Owners of America is a grassroots organization representing more than two million gun owners nationwide and is dedicated to protecting the right to keep and bear arms without compromise.

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stay the course

Henry Bowman

The elitists aren’t smart enough to “walk away from a fight”. Their dismissive, condescending attitude towards average Americans tells us just how big of a tyrant they all are.

The only way they will be persuaded is if someone shoots them to make our point!! The question is, are you prepared to be persuasive, or are you as harmless as a baby?

Better hang on to your persuader, and be prepared to use it. The day is rapidly approaching!

Autsin Miller III

In my opinion, those who consider themselves the,”Elites” don’t care what the citizens want, what they care about is what they can get done toward their agenda. The biggest impediment toward said agenda is the fact that so many of the great unwashed (us) have a means to defend ourselves against their tyranny. Unless and until the voters replace career politicians with people who actually represent us, we will find our inalienable rights more and more alienated. It is a good thing that so many counties have voiced their opposition, hopefully that will translate into changes on the national level… Read more »

Henry Bowman

Yeah don’t hold your breath! Voting is pointless when tyrants rig elections to retain POWER. Looks like we will have to restore constitutional government “the hard way”.


The Kennedy quote is true, but a desperate hope — because “R” states are run by worshipers of false authority, cowards, idiots & corrupt quislings who whore for their federale “partners”. Even an unarmed “insurrection” is subject to extreme punishment, and it won’t be allowed twice. Action without organization, training & focus is hopeless. The people have no chance even to organize to act, let alone act, against the modern heavily armed “American” security state infested with jack-booted goons who mindlessly OBEY & enforce. Lot’s of them posting vile low-IQ subversive “Just Following Orders” crap even on Ammoland. Back The… Read more »

Henry Bowman

I despise RINOs so I agree with you on that score, but it IS possible to organize, train and prepare for constitutional enforcement, without getting rolled up by the deep state. However I will not share the TTP’s for that here, so that those who are doing it right don’t get rolled up.

As for peaceful restoration of the Republic, I believe that’s no longer possible and we are fast approaching the critical moment when it will be time to USE the 2nd Amendment for its’ intended purpose VERY SOON!


Roger that. I pray you are right that it can be done, brother.

Henry Bowman

I see you still have a butthurt cyber-stalker, downvoting literally every post you make. Someone needs to get out of the basement for a while!!


That would be…Tah dah!…the one underneath

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Talk about butthurt: Already downvoted. That big RINO up him looks like it’s gotta hurt.

I get a laugh the troll’s too dimwitted & thug-mouthed to rationally express himself, figures everyone else lives for upvotes too. It’s fond of all caps, multiple exclamation points & ad hominem deflection.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Franklin Graham says it best in this article:



Big part of why we’re probably doomed:

Christian conservatives hamstrung by a superficial, ignorant, subversive misrepresentation of Romans 13, vis, that all tyrants are God’s chosen rulers who must be OBEYED without question. Check out Jonathan Mayhew’s brilliant 1750 sermon which blew that out of the water, paving the way for the American Revolution.


Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

They are among the infiltraitors who hamstring Christian conservatives with a superficial, ignorant, subversive, self-serving misrepresentation of Romans 13, vis, that all tyrants are God’s chosen rulers who must be OBEYED without question. See Jonathan Mayhew’s brilliant 1750 sermon which blew that out of the water, paving the way for the American Revolution.



Bullets or Ballots. A very wise warrior once told me that as I was preparing to go on my first advisory tour in Central America. If you do not give people a peaceful means to change their life conditions they will opt for the Kalashnikov option. Elites must remember one thing: even their loved ones need to live their lives. Insurgencies are long, nasty and brutish forms of warfare. It only takes a small percentage of a population to turn a nation upside down with violence and fear. Just watch the happenings in Afghanistan now for a good example of… Read more »


You don’t even have to look at Afghanistan, although it is a prime example, to see what a small group of thugs can do. Just look at Portland, OR, or Minneapolis, MN, or any other city that burned this past summer at the hands of antifa/blm. Just look at what they did to our society while We the People stood back & did nothing in the hopes that “the government” would “take care of the problem”. How did that work out for us?


In my county, Mohave County Arizona and many others we are simply saying NO to a rogue federal government. And you may be surprised to hear that our neighbor across the Colorado, San Bernardino Coount CA is in large part just saying no to both rogue federal and state governments. Massive noncompliance and massive resistance is the answer. The answer is no. Take a note, Mark Kelly.

Ryben Flynn

The simple explanation. States will not use State resources to enforce Federal Law or assist Federal Law Enforcement. The Federal Government is left to enforce the Law and they do not have the resources to cover all 50 States by themselves. I the Democrat State can do it with illegal immigration by not enforcing Federal Immigration Law teh the Government does nothing about it, there is no reason to help them enforce Federal Gun Law. It’s called the anti-commandeering doctrine. “The anti-commandeering doctrine, recently announced by the Supreme Court in New York v. United States and Printz v. United States,… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Ryben Flynn

Progressives respond by telling you the Constitution is a dead letter. Most in Congress believe that. Anti-commandeering is one part of the equation. The other half is the active participation of state agencies in the active, wet defense of liberty against rogue federal officials. That is where our militia clause becomes a reality.


True, but most state agencies, even in red states, are corrupt to the core. “Leadership” seats are filled with left-leaning politicians in some sort of uniform. Just look at Mobile County Alabama where a sheriff deputy, who is also a state representative, supported constitutional carry legislation that the sheriff was against. He fired the deputy because of it. That deputy had been a local police chief in a town within the county before he retired & moved over to the sheriff’s office. Look at what a corrupt sheriff can do when he disagrees with proposed policy.


Let us know if the deputy runs for sheriff to bounce that ass. I’ll donate.


Wy passed such a law, toothless & largely symbolic. No real penalty for violating it. No relaxation in “qualified immunity” for “LEO’s” helping their “federal partners” enforce federal gun controls. The original bill had teeth but every Wy Sheriff lobbied to gut it based on a weak strawman: “We’d be afraid to arrest criminals.” Hardly, just don’t arrest them on fed gun controls – only other grounds or Wy gun law. “LEOs” let the real reason slip: “It’d keep us from working with our federal partners.” Translation: fed-cash, military toys & training, gun control raids with federales etc.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

If you are referencing HB0124, it didn’t pass – even though Bouchard indicated he would remove the teeth the bill originally included. Every sheriff, every police chief (of every little tiny town), and the Wyoming highway patrol joined Moms Demand Action and Everytown for Gun Safety to defeat the toothless bill because they wanted to be able to cooperate with Federal enforcers with no impediment. The bill then went through a series of amendments and Bouchard ended up voting against his own bill. https://www.wyoleg.gov/Legislation/2021/HB0124 Yet Neanderthal75 claims I ignore evidence. I appreciate that you took the time to watch the… Read more »


Thx. Yes, a version did pass gutted by Wy “LEOs” & their gun control partners assisted by false-authority-worshiping “Republican” cowards.

The original was a righteous 2A bill. In case SCRoTUS ruled against an allegedly unconstitutional section, severability could’ve been included.

As I recall, in the gutted bill 25 people have to get on their knees & beg the Wy AG to declare a federal gun control unconstitutional, then grovel & plead with the governor to issue an E.O, which, if they did it, would still be toothless.

Neanderthal sounds like an LEO shill.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Do you know what the bill number was that passed?




“TEX”(Will) – 8/3/21:

“Well look it here! The Bobbsey Twin morons have re-united at last! Did you two little Wyoming pissants miss each other much?”

Resonse to Will:

Still trying to create some kind of state issue.

You should try to form an opinion using logic and facts – it would make for a more interesting conversation.

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

TEX(!)/Will don’t come here for the hunting.


Russn8r: “TEX(!)/Will don’t come here for the hunting.”

TEX(!)/Will: “I’ve never hunted in Wy & never will! I do all my hunting in Tx.”

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, are you TEX(!)/Will? “Here” is Ammoland.


“TEX”(Will) – 8/3/21: “‘Logic,facts,and evidence like you use pissant?LMFAO! Like I have been trying to explain to you for over a year now is your opinion will never equate to facts or evidence. Plus,most of your idiotic links are not any better than there source. (You are really great at cherry picking those links to fit your narratives). Enjoy Wyoming! Go out now and count the greenies going by!'” Response to “TEX”(Will): See – every time you step right in it. You ignore facts (even video recordings of LEOs giving official testimony to state legislators). Your irrational attempts to create… Read more »


“TEX”(Will) – 8/3/21:   “Like I’ve told your shadow Ruski many many times,..go get that critical mental evaluation you so desperately need kid! You two fools never tire of making total and complete idiots out of yourselves.” Response to “TEX”(Will): You respond to specifics with low IQ, emotional outbursts that include no specifics. See how these bad enforcers acted when they thought they weren’t being recorded? They longed for the good old days when they could beat or kill people who stood up for their 1st amendment rights (and none of the enforcers who heard the discussion disagreed). Do you… Read more »


“TEX”(Will) – 8/3/21:
“Like I’ve told your shadow Ruski many many times,..go get that critical mental evaluation you so desperately need kid! You two fools never tire of making total and complete idiots out of yourselves.”

Response to “TEX”(Will):

My response was put on hold because it had a youtube link. I know how you don’t like youtube (because it contains evidence).

Have you ever been on youtube?

What are your thoughts on requiring LEOs to wear body cameras?

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

“TEX”(Will) – 8/2/21:
“Hell,I’m sure do have another YouTube link! (Such a reliable source of bullshit) I might just start call you linkster kid!”

Response to “TEX”(Will):

Ignoring your own eyes and ears is a helluva way to go through life. That practice does protect you to some degree from things that are inconsistent with your simplistic world view.


You misspelled simpleton.


LOL, another thug-fail by butthurt meatpuppet TEX(!)/Will.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

When “TEX” (Will) freaks-out and writes that I post “bullshit” and calls me a “pissant” and all sorts of other things, this is the reason. He’s a former enforcer who desperately wants to preserve the image that state, county, and town enforcers are the good guys. He freaks out whenever any evidence is posted that shows that some percentage of them will cooperate with federal enforcers regarding never-ending gun control laws. He also freaks-out when evidence is presented that shows some percentage of enforces abuse their authority and that typically when they do so, there are other enforcers nearby that… Read more »


Once a thug, always a thug. TEX(!)/Will’s an especially low-IQ specimen.


“You and the other pissant keep upvoting each other and you two shitheads might stay around zero today!”

Yes, we know you usually keep one of your sock pups busy pleasuring yourself. Now you’re so butthurt you’re downvoting with both hands.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

LOL, another TEX(!)/Will thug fail.


Oooh, lookie: TEX(!)/Will’s deleting his thug-fail posts again. RUN AWAY!



Looking at New Mexico as an example, you have to wonder how broken or corrupt our election process has become nation-wide. All but 3 of the total counties in New Mexico have declared themselves to be 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries. Those 3 counties enforcing gun control contain the 1st and 2nd largest cities (Albuquerque and Las Cruces) and the other is the state capital and liberal Mecca (Santa Fe). Those 3 counties rule/run/dictate voting and “law” over the entire state, even though the majority of citizens and voters are NOT residents of those 3 counties, but reside in the rest of… Read more »


Kinda like how federal elections would go if the Electoral College is eliminated.


Those that have been paying close attention to the chatter from the main stream media over the decades will have just recently started hearing that the, “Solution” to our nation’s problems is for WE, The People to get up off our apathetic asses and start taking back our country. In no way are they inciting revolution, civil war or riots, they are saying the obvious… For WE, The People to begin immediately removing these elected and appointed officials in public office that are in violation of their oathes of office. Not, wait and vote them out of office as the… Read more »

Arizona Don

Do these marxist democrats really believe if they pass a law banning some kind of guns the American people will comply with that law no questions asked? Nothing, absolutely nothing, could be farther from the truth. Nothing!   Actually we have been passing restrictive gun laws here in the US since the 1920’s, nearly a hundred years now. None have ever worked as planned yet they remain on the books and we are passing more. I wonder why? Seems to me common sense dictates a different approach is needed. Now that is real common sense!  I wonder if Joe is listening?  Who thinks these stupid marxist democrats are capable… Read more »