Gun Deals: Cedar Mill Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case $149.99 FREE S&H

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Cedar Mill Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case Deal august2021
Cedar Mill Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case Deal

USA – -( Need a new cool and discreet way to transport your self-defense rifle. Check out the Cedar Mill Fine Firearms Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case marked down to $149.99 with FREE shipping.

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Cedar Mill Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case

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An Elegant Approach: Pick and Pluck Cubed foam comes pre-scored in small cubes, which makes it easy to remove the excess foam and create custom cutouts for protecting individual tools or equipment during transport. When you need to find foam to easily help you package those bulky objects, look no further than our selection of Charcoal Pick and Pluck foam cases. We offer a 1-inch grid configuration, ensuring that you can separate the foam and make it fit around any size or shape object. Each size works for a variety of objects, allowing you to store anything from dishes to collectibles. Pick and Pluck foam can be cut to any dimensions you specify.

We all wanted to be a Rockstar growing upright? Life always seemed to get in the way, first, it’s school or kids or having a family. Pretty soon the coolest thing you have in your closet is the black leather jacket you got at Wilson’s leather in high school. But what if stashed behind that jacket was this guitar case. What if that guitar case was full of one inch plush Pick and Pluck foam? What if it was actually a smart-looking discreet premium leather-bound case for your favorite black rifle? What if you could take this case with you on your next hunting trip? What if you could fulfill your Desperado desires of rock stardom every time you go to the range with this case? We can’t all be Rockstars but you can carry your gear like one.

Generous Space for Everything you Need

Large enough to fit Americas Favorite Rifle, and multiple accessories of different orientations. The space of this case is larger that you would expect. Measuring 42 inches long, and 17 inches wide, this case is suitable for most carbines. With excess room, you can also carry multiple magazines, cans, desiccant, tools, and additional parts. Paperwork fits nicely on the bottom, and the pluckable foam is over 2.5 inches deep

Ability to Design in 3D

4 layers of foam gives you the ability to not only cut out in 2D, but also 3D. You can choose to pluck through to different depths, giving you an unlimited array of configurations. The egg crate lid protects the surface, and the bottom layer protects underneath. The limit of the foam configuration is only limited to your imagination and is easy to replace.

New! Closed cell pick and pluck foam:

Traditional pick and pluck foam is an open cell foam, it retains moisture like a sponge and tends to be less durable than closed cell foam. Until now closed cell foam has been available if you want to cut it yourself, adding hours just to customize your case. Now you can customize your case in minutes and still have all the benefits of closed cell foam! No more oil stains, moisture retention, rips, tears, or solvent deterioration. Enjoy the benefits of polyethylene PE foam for your valued firearm.

Gun Deals: Cedar Mill Discreet Concealment Guitar Rifle Case $189.99 FREE S&H

All Cedar Mill Fine Firearms cases are well-reviewed:

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Yes a case can be had for around $50. It’s the pre-cut foam that is pricey no matter where you go. It’s priced here at $109. by itself. Pelican replacement foam price is comparable.

Solid foam works great but is a real pain to cut w/our a foam cutter. (others don’t do a very good job) I’ve used both pre-cut and solid sheet which is single use. Pre-cut foam can be rearranged easily to change the configuration.

Another up-side is they give a Military / L.E.O. discount. Just ask them for the code.


Just my opinion, but I’m under the impression that guitars and tools are also theft targets, so I would never put a gun in something that looks like a guitar case or tool bag/box. I understand it’s for discreet carry to and from, but it still attracts attention.


I bought a soft guitar case on-line under $20.00 Cut some heavy cardboard to lay on bottom. Used a used slice of bed topper foam. It doesn’t look like a Ruger AR and there is plenty of room for spare PMags, sling and other stuff. It doesn’t attract attention and it was cheap. Can be hand carried or the shoulder strap attached.
It doesn’t look worth stealing.


In the video review he makes a good point, by the time you find a good locking guitar case, and buy the cut foam…
I ordered a good Pelican case a while back for a non gun project, WO the foam was one price, with significantly added to the final cost. So buying it already done elevates the hassle factor.


Pricey is correct. A quick check reveals hard guitar cases going for $49-$89. Put in your own insulation and you’re good to go. I applaud private enterprise but I also believe that more money in my pocket is always better.