Supports Lock N Load Radio as Title Sponsor ~ VIDEO

USA – -( Lock N Load with Bill Frady is pleased to announce that has stepped in and taken the Title Sponsorship of the Genesis Communications Network radio show.

From we get this;

We entered the scene in 2011 to build a place where gun lovers and enthusiasts could come for news, product reviews, and the most up-to-date info on issues that impact them. The community we’ve built has attracted gun owners of all kinds. From protectors to outdoor enthusiasts, to sport and social shooters, we all have one thing in common – we take pride in defending what we care about most.

Over the years, we talked with thousands of gun shop owners, manufacturers, and organizations, and quickly realized that the online gun buying process as it was, was one for the birds. It required way too much legwork and was slow and confusing. That’s when we decided it was time to roll up our sleeves and get to work.

In addition to being your authority for 2A news and reviews, we’ve evolved into an online marketplace. We disrupted the firearms industry by creating the easiest, most innovative buying experience there is. Simply put, we created the easiest place to buy guns online.

Millions of gun owners have turned to for the best information on all things guns. leads the industry with in-depth reviews, breaking news and top-notch gun sales and service. If you’re buying a gun, you won’t find a better level of service, support and knowledge than you do at

Lock N Load is the longest-running daily radio show, in the gun talk niche. Kicking off in 2012, it has been syndicated at IRN/USA, Republic
Broadcast Network, and now at Genesis Communications Network.

Lock N Load covers the majority of the gun culture, with an emphasis on politics, but also self-defense, business, and as much of the innovation that occurs organically within the gun industry as possible.

Lock N Load has featured various writers from in the past on the show and partnering with them is quite the Honor.

Available on both terrestrial radio 4-7 pm eastern, daily, and as a podcast on 226 RSS feeds, tune in to catch The World According to

About Lock N Load

Lock N Load with Bill Frady is presented by Genesis Communications Network. With 126 million gun owners in the US today, Lock N Load has something for everyone. From reports about the politics of gun ownership, and those who would take your rights away, to trends within the gun industry, self-defense, gun gear, tactical training, and all of the colorful personalities within the gun community.

Starting out as a podcast/webcast Lock N Load has burst into the syndicated radio offerings as the only daily terrestrial radio show available covering the topic. This daily show keeps the listeners of Lock N Load current on the breaking news and trends within the 2nd Amendment advocacy and tactical training arena as it happens.


Lock N Load with Bill Frady