Introducing the Canik Mete Series “The Evolution of Superiority”

Introducing the Canik Mete Series “The Evolution of Superiority”
Introducing the Canik Mete Series “The Evolution of Superiority”

U.S.A.-( “The Evolution of Superiority” has arrived! The Canik brand of firearms is proud to unveil the latest innovation in pistols with the Mete (pronounced Met-A) series of handguns. The Mete name pays homage to a legendary Turkish hero. This line of pistols undoubtedly lives up to its namesake. Building off of the TP series success, the evolution of this line is based on consumer and engineering feedback that were not only desired enhancements but also functional improvements. The Mete series is the culmination of years of tireless testing and engineering resulting in a truly impressive end result!

The first two pistols being released in the Mete series are the Mete SFx and the Mete SFT. The changes in the Mete series were all designed to take a great product and elevate it to the next level of semi-automatic sporting pistols. The external changes are subtle but are instantly recognizable when handling the firearm. An integrally flared mag-well allows for fluid reloads and extra support for the grip, new aggressive texturing to include the front of the grip allows for increased stability, the double undercut trigger guard secures the support hand on the firearm, the low profile slide stop lever and angled rear sight edge increase functionality in a multitude of situations, a co-witnessing optics ready slide cut now accepting everything from a Trijicon RMRcc all the way to a micro optic allows for a constant and reliable sight picture, an ergonomically redesigned beavertail for comfortability, and a holster fit-and-lock (HFL) system for retention in the holster. The internal changes begin with easy in / easy out push pins that can be removed using slight pressure and the Canik punch. From there the entire platforms internals are modular in a sense that it can be completely disassembled and then reassembled with ease using only the aforementioned Canik punch.

Each pistol comes standard with the following items: A hard case, 18 and 20 standard capacity magazines, magazine E-Z loader, mag-well, extra back strap, two optics plates, reversible IWB/OWB holster, Canik punch and toolkit, cleaning kit, gun lock, and manual. Many Canik accessories are interchangeable between the TP series and Mete series to include barrels except for the Mete SFx barrel which has been extended to 5.2” for increased accuracy and velocity.

Canik Mete Series
Canik Mete Series

The Mete series of pistol’s MSRP has been established to continue the tradition of great value for an even better price with the SFT set at $519.99 and the SFx at $574.99.

“The Canik Mete series is the result of taking the time to hear what the firearms community has asked for, figuring out how to incorporate these requests into our platform, and ultimately how to make the best sporting firearm for the price on the market today. The Mete truly is the evolution of superiority” said Canik USA marketing director Adam Ruonala.

The Mete SFx and SFT are now shipping to distributors and dealers across the country and more information can be found about these and other Canik products at

About Canik USA

For twenty years Canik of Turkey has been a significant player in the aerospace industry and 2019 marks its 10th year as a world-leading firearm manufacturer. Canik was named the 2018 Editor’s Choice winner for Versatile/Value Pistol by Ballistic Magazine. Experience true handgun superiority with Canik. Canik is exclusively imported and distributed in the United States by Century Arms. Learn more at

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Sizes, weights?


Turkey and communist China are enemies of the USA and we have no business buying from either.


You mean communist chena? Yeah, no…they should be wiped off the face of the planet.


Then you’d have to discard the majority of the consumer goods particularly your electronic devices, including your cell phone(s) within your household since they were all made in China….& never buy them in the future. I was of the same mindset as you until I took the time to check within my own house & was disheartened to discover how many things actually came from China.
So, feasible?


Turkey has zero negative effect on domestic politics or quality of life in the US, Americas, Australia, Asia Pacific, etc. So it’s just Greeks, Armenians and Gulf Arabs always lobbying for sanctions and sabotage. Anyone outside of Europe and West Asia complaining about Turkey makes no coherent sense other than MUH FEELZ. You can boycott them on a personal level which is your freedom of choice, but on a macro level it’s nonsensical. Turkey is the sole reason that the USSR couldn’t reach the warm waters of the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, otherwise Greece and Syria would’ve become Soviet… Read more »

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Dr. Strangelove

Turkey is not a friend, despite being a NATO member. I would not buy a product made there.


You ever bought a jar of Nutella? 70% of hazelnuts come from Turkey. If you’ve bought anything from Italy or Spain, then Turkey was a part of that because their manufacturing sectors are intertwined. Beretta even manufactures in Turkey through their Stoeger factory. There’s Turkish working in every factory and lab in Germany. Turkish also own factories in Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Georgia. Turkey is the sole reason that the USSR couldn’t reach the warm waters of the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, otherwise Greece and Syria would’ve become Soviet satellite states and which in turn would have domino’d into… Read more »

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