Liberal Gun Owners Org Offers to Buy Firearms From Gun Dealers ~ VIDEO

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Liberal Gun Owners Org Offers to Buy Firearms From Gun Dealers iStock-1218242502

USA – -( From the Liberal Gun Owners organization announcement:

“The Liberal Gun Owners™ organization has made a very simple, but bold, offer to Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers across the country:

“If you aren’t sure about the buyer, don’t sell them the gun… and our organization will buy it from you.”

The offer from LGO isn’t designed to reduce the number of gun owners. It isn’t a plot to deny American’s their gun rights. LGO believes that there are times when the person at the gun counter “knows” that something isn’t quite right with the buyer and, without anything objective to go on, will make the choice to sell the gun anyway and that some portion of that decision is, understandably, financial. Gun Shops are in the business of selling guns. Retail employees’ job includes selling guns. Now, LGO is offering to take the financial factor out of the equation. Why? Ostensibly, LGO believes that this action might interrupt a negative outcome involving firearms. In the video where he introduces the idea, Randy Miyan, LGO’s Executive Director, explains that denying the sale might disrupt the plotting phase of a mass killing. The denial could also derail a suicide plan as well.

Miyan references Secret Service and FBI Research on Mass Shooters while explaining the group’s proposal. He acknowledges that some killers cannot be stopped ahead of time, but that others quite possibly could be. “These people you can intervene behaviorally and you can thwart the plan. Sometimes, all it takes is a diversion…”

This reasoning falls in line with research on the impulsive nature of Suicide with a firearm as well. Walk The Talk America, a gun community organization focused on preventing negative outcomes at the “intersection of guns and mental health” recommends that people set up ways to “cause a pause” that can interrupt an impulsive suicide or rage event with their own firearm by simply placing a picture of loved ones or other emotional reminder of the good that life has to offer on their gun safe or wherever they store/stage their firearms.

This initiative from Liberal Gun Owners™ falls in line with something that I’ve advised for many years: We, the gun community, are in the best position to reduce negative outcomes involving firearms. We have a responsibility to do so… and, if we don’t exercise our rights responsibly, we know that others will try to legislate their version of responsibility upon us. That means restrictions upon our rights. Unconstitutional and unfair Government infringements punish people who’ve done nothing wrong. The LGO Proposal is simple and doesn’t involve the government. It is a self-policing strategy that demonstrates concern and responsibility.

I have been told countless stories by gun shop owners and employees who denied sales for any number of “gut feelings” based on things a potential buyer said or did. Sometimes, the stories indicate concerns about criminal activity, sometimes suicide, sometimes straw purchases. Working in the gun industry carries the burden of knowing that you may manufacture or sell the gun, ammunition or other item that is eventually involved in a tragic event. We may teach the technique or skill that is used maliciously or performed poorly, resulting in a death. Most of us take these issues very seriously and put sincere effort into avoiding those potentials. AS the NSSF initiative launched at the 2020 SHOT Show reminds us, Gun Owners Care. There are many organizations and programs that demonstrate our communities dedication to reducing negative outcomes. The aforementioned WTTA, Hold My Guns and The Kids S.A.F.E. Foundation are a few obvious examples of groups offering proactive solutions to avoid catastrophe. If you aren’t familiar with Liberal Gun Owners™, you should check them out. I’m an independent moderate myself, and I firmly believe that we should be working to remove the partisan politics from gun rights issues. That said, we need the voices of gun owners who are outside of the conservative orthodoxy to be part of the conversation, especially when the Democrats control the seats of power in our country.

As a personal defense educator, I have to remind people that Evil Exists. We may be visited by that Evil and we must be prepared to respond to that evil to protect ourselves and those we care about. That means being armed (with tools and knowledge) to stop a threat, having emergency medical skills & equipment and having a mindset that we can and should be prepared to respond to unpreventable events. All that said, we must not simply accept the existence of “evil” or the inevitability of negative outcomes involving guns.

The offer from LGO to take the profit motive out of the decision making process when a gun dealer is hesitating to sell a gun to someone who might pose a threat to themselves or others is a simple way to demonstrate that we are not a callous community that ignores our responsibility to do what we can to make Earth better. The reality is that we own guns to protect life and we also make decisions every day that can do the same. “

What are your thoughts on this outside-the-box move?

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Henry Bowman

“Liberal Gun Owners” is an oxymoron. Leftists hate guns and want to ban guns so they can do stuff to you that would otherwise get them SHOT.


You are confusing “lefty” with “liberal”. This is unfortunately common and leads many undereducated voters to vote left thinking they are voting for Liberty. My daughter thinks encouraging more people to vote and making it as easy as possible is a good thing. While I don’t support overly onerous restrictions, I don’t want people voting on a whim or just to vote. If they cannot take time to drive a couple miles to polling place and stand in line a couple minutes – how much time will they spend researching issues and candidates? I want elections to reflect considered thought,… Read more »

Heed the Call-up

You are confusing “lefty” with “liberal” If you read their site, they seem to, as well. They intermingle Left of Center with Liberalism used in the traditional way. They state they do not want laws like California, but do want gun regulations. They believe in the 2A and militias, and state one should be “allowed” to own a semi-auto rifle with a 30-round mag, but they do not believe you should be “allowed” to own automatic weapons that are still legal to obtain and possess by federal law and in many states. I stopped reading as I found the more… Read more »

Henry Bowman

Most “liberals” are in fact LEFTISTS pretending to be less extremist. They have been doing this for YEARS and getting away with it because of RINOs and weak-sauce cant-servatives. Show me a lefty and I will show you a closeted commietard.

Also, “not-so-overly-onerous restrictions” are still infringements. You need to go back to grade school and relearn the 2nd Amendment. It has NO provision for restrictions.

Last edited 1 year ago by Henry Bowman

Please reread his comment. Appears to refer to election integrity, i.e. reasonable “restrictions” on voting, not guns.

Henry Bowman

Duly noted. It seems I have too much blood in my caffeine stream today.


I often do that.


No one seriously confuses “liberal” with Liberty anymore. “Liberal” has been fully appropriated by leftists. The kind of “liberal” voting laws your daughter wants are clearly intended to bring leftist tyranny, not liberty. Classical liberals are today’s true conservative or true libertarian. Note: Today’s LoLibertarian True Believers who push numerically unlimited immigration are not true libertarians. The inevitable effect of their policies, both immediate and over time, is globalism and socialist redististribion & destruction of control, income, wealth & liberty. They can’t honestly take the pledge of allegiance let alone the oath of office. I think we agree that no… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

I work with one and know a couple more extremely liberal dudes that own firearms and have zero interest in restricting firearms rights.

The crazy leftists with their hands on the wheel of the Democratic party don’t speak for all liberals, nor is Right to Arms everyone’s most important political topic.


This is true but when it comes time to vote these same liberal gun owners vote democrat. The democrat party is now the party of the radical leftist so whether they disapprove of gun control or not they are still supporting it. It’s simply not enough to say you disagree with their anti gun agenda while still supporting the democratic party. We currently live in two party nation with each pushing further and further to their perspective far side. There is no middle ground anymore. The left has swung so far to the left they have completely abandoned everything that… Read more »


Unfortunately yes. 100% agree. For those that stuck with the Democrats, their concerns simply lie elsewhere.

Henry Bowman

Yet the 2nd Amendment is the Right that insures all others. Just because it is not important in the minds of SOME doesn’t mean it’s not the most important! Also, Beobear is right. Just because some lefty say they own guns doesn’t mean they’re pro-2A. They still vote for the same antigun commiecrats year in and year out which proves where their TRUE loyalty lies (i.e., NOT with the Constitution)!!

If you still think some lefties are your friends, you’re naive and not defending the Constitution. Everyone on the Left (and every RINO) are enemies of Liberty!!


See the post where I agreed with Beobear. I am not defending these people’s politics. Know your enemy. Now as far as the “think they are your friends”… first, I did not say that, but let’s take an example here. Dean Weingarten posted a video documentary on the Kyle Rittenhouse incident, I think it was last fall, made by YouTuber V-Radio. To make a point about partisanship, V-Radio disclosed that he voted for Bernie Sanders. Now as socialist and unAmerican as Bernie’s politics are, the presenter claims to be Pro-2A. He then goes on to defend Rittenhouse at length using almost entirely plain facts and… Read more »

Henry Bowman

I’m not hating on you or even necessarily disagreeing, but I don’t want to speculate with any number of “what-if’s”. Yes, crazy old Bernie sometimes says things that are pro-liberty, but we all know the aphorism about broken clocks being right once daily… Yet there are millions of lefties who have declared and continue to live by the motto “VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO”. If Joe Stalin were to run as a Democrat, they would STILL vote for HIM! They put Party above all other considerations and therefore are supporting the gun ban agenda even though they may say otherwise… Read more »


I can get on board with that.


All “liberals” are gun grabbers by virtue of who they vote for. All “Christians” & “Catholics” who vote D back partial birth abortion. Can’t vote for abortionist gun grabbers & honestly claim to be pro-gun & pro-life. Even if “personally” pro-gun/pro-life, they don’t really care about murder of crowning babies etc.

Same for those who hand elections to Ds by voting LoLibertarian. Same for “liberals” who vote for D candidates who claim to be pro-gun & pro-life. All elected Ds back anti-gun/anti-life leadership, endorse-vote for-confirm gun-grabbers for president, courts etc.

Pro-gun pro-life Ds, “liberals” & LoLs do not exist.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Right! So let’s play into a system where if we lose on healthcare issues, we lose on gun control, or if we lose on racial issues, we lose on gun control, or if we lose on energy source issues, we lose on gun control, or if we lose on housing issues, we lose on gun control, or if we lose on gender or lifestyle issues, we lose on gun control, or if we lose on abortion, we lose on gun control, or…


Good use of strawmen, red herrings & non-sequiturs.

What has your cringing appeasement & compromise gotten us? Open your eyes, man up & wise up.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

My compromise, appeasement? No. HELL no. You’re going to make me out to be some kind of Harold Hutchinson… then you misunderstand me completely. Where the heck does it say I’ve done that? By acknowledging the existence of people that don’t want gun control but do want solar and wind? I call BS. We could just throw some hate at them anyway though, and then when lose on COVID politics, we lose on gun control, and when we lose on immigration, we lose on gun control… Dang, there’s a lot of ways to lose when you wag your middle finger… Read more »


From what I can make out you want to humor the fantasy that Ds can be pro-gun & pro-life, instead of saying what it is, letting them know you know they vote for gun control & partial birth abortion, so the only way they can honestly claim to be pro-gun & pro-life is to switch parties, stop voting for the abortionist gun grab party. Tiptoe around the truth is a timid defeatist M.O. Same for racism. Stupid coward Republicans should own that issue, but they’ve tiptoed, cringed, taken the defensive, appeased, admitted false guilt, humored the true racists & let… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Again, I’m not sure where you’re getting that from. I haven’t said what you’re accusing me of saying. The two-party system is arbitrary and lumps issues together where, for many, they don’t belong together. My politics, which aren’t what I’ve been talking about, are that oppression is evil. Be that censorship, taking of arms, taking of innocent lives, or any government overreach. I will say I completely agree about abortion. A fact based thinking man cannot conclude anything other than an unborn baby, or whatever you conveniently choose to call him or her, is living, and is human. And you… Read more »


I’m happy to be wrong, and if so, sorry! But flaws of the 2 party system notwithstanding, we’re stuck with it. There are two parties. The stupid corrupt coward party, and the evil party. Our only hope is to wrest control from the former. Humoring Dems who are all effectively racist, anti-gun & pro-abortion just makes it worse.


Ok. As Finnky said though, the original word used here was liberal. And as we know, most liberals… aren’t.


Roger that.


Pretty sure that’s what I was getting at.


That message wasn’t clear to me. In any case, “we” lost because “we” didn’t even try to win on the racism issue.


“We” lost because folks like YOU didn’t even try to win on those issues.


Not really. Leftist loves Guns, they love themsleves and or govt to have all the guns, just not you or I.

These are communists. This has nothing to do with saving lives. If it were they would understand the govts are the most life taking org in the world and in history.

There may be tragedies among individual Gun ownership but their will be Genocides with only armed govts.


can I + 50 on this???? Stalin is reason 25 cal has killed more people than .30 or 9mm government sponsored violence ,china is switching from knives,or edged weapons to guns so lets see how long before 762×39 takes top spot

Henry Bowman

Already there… happened YEARS ago!

Henry Bowman

I hinted at what you just said by posting that Alinsky meme.


Amazing quote. Almost like he’s mocking his own comrades. Too bad he’s not.


Love the scenario here. IF it goes forward, EVERY person who says they are members of ““The Liberal Gun Owners™ organization” MUST go through a NICS background exam, and pass it. Otherwise, this group’s attempt MUST be ILLEGITIMIZED and DENIED — according to THEIR, over 25,000, INFRINGEMENT LAWS!


Yet gun dealers tell me they already go off “gun feel” to refuse sales.

Of course if one dealer refuses a sale to a aspiring mass murderer, it will create a pause while perp finds a different source. Given most mass murder suspect occur years after guns were acquired, a brief pause at time of purchase does absolutely nothing – even if FFLs can predict future unforeseen even by the perp.

Ryben Flynn

And more than likely the LGO will destroy the gun. If a FFL is unsure about the buyer, somebody else will eventually buy the gun.


I don’t care if they destroy the gun. They’re like Fritos. Buy all you want, we’ll make more.

They can remove the profit motive from the equation, but they can’t remove the potential legal liability of a civil suit brought by a qualified customer who was refused without clear reason.


what lovely platitudes from the leftists, “quite possibly stop a mass shooter” and “cause a pause” in suicide. it won’t work.
you cannot stop evil, crime or suicide. you could buy all the firearms in America and people will still kill others and commit suicide. hate for others and self are part of the human psyche. evil is easy, loving is hard to do. taking away someone’s ability to protect themselves is immoral.


If a gun shop employee heeds that subjective, undefinable hunch and refuses the sale, how are they and their employer protected from accusations of bias, discrimination, and racial (or whatever) profiling? Will the employee or the shop or the chain be picketed, boycotted, sanctioned, arrested, cancelled, sued, SWATted?


Bob – you raise a VERY good point. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if there are not individuals and.or groups (y’all can figure out who the likely suspects are as well as I can) that are looking for an opportunity to do just what you postulated. What ‘better’ way to make them evil gun dealers look bad. As if such characters as little nanny warbucks and mayor beetle juice aren’t casting enough bad juju on them already.


Pretty simple: grandstanding for tears. Taking the “financial motive” out of the presumed pressure on the dealer to complete the sale?Get real. WHen people are clamouring for guns on the shelf they can buy for legitmiate reasons? Come ONNNN man!!!! If Dirtbag George is denied because of the FFL’s “smel test” failure, Pete the Good Guy will be next in line. That “motive’ is as bogus as a three legged horse atthe gates at Preakness. Anyone suicidal who is truly determined will NOT be thwarted because “no one will sell me a gun waaa waaa waaah.”. Check out Canadas overall… Read more »


Wonder if this could possibly be considered a straw purchase? They are knowingly purchasing a firearm for someone other than themselves with no plan to gift it to that person…

Doug G.

I believe the vast majority of FFL’s and even gun store sales reps take their legal responsibility very seriously and without the concern for profit overriding it. As it is still a federal crime to sell a firearm to someone you know or should know is prohibited. These individuals can also be held civilly liable. The criminal FFL’s who are trafficing in guns, will no more follow the law than your average dirtbag street felon will follow gun laws. This publicity stunt by LGO, same as Dr’s for Responsible Gun Ownership is, as virtue signaler’s with no substance or often… Read more »

Captain Sloog

An acquaintance of mine in England, his mother killed herself – she had no access to guns (they were all taken several years ago in a “buy-back” by the government). And presumably no access to medication or alcohol. She tied a clothes line to the kitchen door handle, ran it over the door and launched herself off the kitchen counter. Apparently suicidal people are more determined than the “The Liberal Gun Owners” think they are. Are they going to offer to pay for clothes line if the sales clerk thinks there may be a suicide risk???


Seems to me that groups like this are missing a BIG part of the equation – they are trying to foist virtually ALL of the onus for “gun violence” in all shapes and sizes onto Law Abiding Citizen gun owners and gun shops/dealers instead of on those who misuse or abuse tools (guns). The responsibility for those abuses (suicide for one) and misuses (ANY crime involving those tools) lies squarely on that person and NOT on the 100+ million Law Abiding Citizens who own multiple millions of guns and didn’t abuse or misuse them.


bad theater


You can always do like we used to do back in the early 90s when the local liberals managed get the local cops to conduct a “no questions asked” firearms buy-back for $50 for each firearm. We were in the parking lot and if we spotted a nice gun going in, we’d offer $75 or more for it and we managed to pick up some nice guns. Prior to that we take worthless junkers and parts guns inside and get $50.00 each and use that money outside or go to the local gun shop with it. For dealers who have… Read more »


JPM – that ‘tactic’ y’all used even worked in Seattle – at least up until a few years ago. I have never been in a position to be able to score in that fashion 🙁
I’m not aware of any of the misnamed ‘gun buyback’ programs anywhere nearby although one of our goofy city council members did make such a proposal to hold one a while back. Even our liberal mayor saw thru that scheme……………