Otis Lead Cleaning Hand Wipes – Review

The Otis Lead Cleaning Hand Wipes are the perfect answer for airgunners's need to keep their hand lead free after shooting.
The Otis Lead Cleaning Hand Wipes are the perfect answer for air gunner’s need to keep their hand lead free after shooting.

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- If you’ve read many of my articles then you know that I’m big-time into airguns and have been for a number of years. But it wasn’t until about 1-2 years ago that I was… I can’t remember. I was either pigeon hunting or shooting ground squirrels. I’d been hunting for 3-4 hours and was having a lot of shooting. After a while, I got hungry and was going to eat the lunch that I’d packed.

About that time, I noticed how my hands were covered with lead from loading my Umarex .25 cal. Gauntlet. I use JSB pellets because they’re the most accurate but they’re made of lead. It hit me that maybe I ought to rinse off my hands before eating. Since that hunt, I’ve always tried to carry a jug of water so I could rinse my hands off before eating. I don’t ever have soap but figure rinsing them off and wiping them on my pants is better than nothing at all. I’d do that and count it good.

Then a couple of months ago I was at the Professional Outdoor Media Assn. Convention in Franklin, Tenn. While at the Industry Day exhibits I went by to see my buddies at the Otis booth. I’ve always dealt with Heather and wanted to stop and say hi to her but she wasn’t there so I met her two counterparts that were manning the booth.

I think I wanted to talk to Otis about testing out one of their gun rods for an upcoming article but in talking to them I noticed that they had a new product-Lead Cleaning Hand Wipes. I thought wow, I needed to check them out. Upon inquiring about them and learning more from the Otis boys I had to have some.

The Otis Lead Cleaning Hand Wipes were the ultimate solution for my quest to remove lead residue while airgunning. The wipes are available in two options.

  1. A 40 count canister.
  2. Individually wrapped wipes.

I didn’t ask but I assumed the individually wrapped wipes were samples. But then I did see them listed somewhere on the internet in a bulk box. The MSRP on the 40 wipe canister is $10.99. They come in a plastic canister that looks like an oversized Pringle container. I favor the canister as compared to the individual wipes because it is handy to throw into my range bag or even a pack while hunting with my airgun.

So, needless to say, I was super thrilled when I discovered the Otis Lead Cleaning Hand Wipes. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that handling lead on a regular basis is not conducive to a long healthy life.

Here is how I am going to be using them. A big percentage of the airguns that I use now use rotary magazines. So I’m not missing out on shooting when the ground squirrels are out in full force and attacking, I carry numerous magazines. So I can load up 4-6 magazines, wipe my hands and not have to worry about being re-exposed to lead again for a little bit. That way I’m not pondering should I wipe my hands off after every shot like I would be with a single shot break barrel.

So for all of you air gunners out there reading this article, you’ve got to check out the Otis Lead Cleaning Hand wipes. But the moral to this story applies if you’re shooting lead bullets in your real firearms. I think it would be prudent for you to use these wipes.

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Unlicensed Bozo

Darn, was hoping for some science. Like a test with results. Not just and ad for a product.