Ruger BX-Trigger for 10/22 Rifles & Charger Pistols – Review

Don't be nervous about installing a RUGER BX-TRIGGER. It shouldn't take you more than 5-minutes.
Don’t be nervous about installing a RUGER BX-TRIGGER. It shouldn’t take you more than 5-minutes.

U.S.A.-( I love the Ruger 10/22. It is hands down the best .22 on the market. And if you trick it out and use good ammo, you can obtain unbelievable groups that you never would of imagined possible for the lowly .22 cal. It has to be the most customizable gun on the market. You may argue and say but what about the ever-popular AR? Yes, there are a ton of after-market items for them. I’m tricking out a Ruger 556 with some Bowden Tactical items as we speak. But I still contend, for one specific gun, the 10/22 has the most after-market items.

Ruger BX-Trigger

I’m sure that all of the after-market items further boosted the popularity of the 10/22 but I think it was a rock star, to begin with and the after-market items just further complemented its popularity. Now, this next paragraph is going to be Tom talking. It is not a quote from Ruger but I can only surmise that it is close to the Gospel. I guess I could talk to Ruger to confirm.

I always wondered why Ruger didn’t capitalize on the after-market items. Why let everyone piggyback off their 10/22 and make a killing? For instance, after-market triggers. The triggers on a lot of 10/22’s were horrific. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know why Ruger made their 10/22 with a 20 lb. pull (Ok, maybe not quite that bad). I’m sure that it was to prevent lawsuits.

The after-market triggers that I use are $150 and up and I think my last one was pushing $350.00. Years ago you could buy 10/22’s for $145. But if you want to obtain groups as I alluded to at the first of this article you need to do four things:

  1. Use good ammo
  2. Install an aftermarket trigger
  3. Mount on a good scope like a Riton 1 Primal 4-16×44
  4. Mount it on a Boyd’s stock (This one just makes it look cool).

So, with the above said, I was pleasantly surprised when Ruger entered the after-market trigger race for the 10/22. Especially when it only had an MSRP of $89.95!

I have a 10/22 that is tricked out to the max and it is a shooter. I don’t want to say that I get one-hole groups but they’re pretty much all touching. I installed a high price after-market trigger and it mostly misfires. Due to this, I thought I’d test out a Ruger BX-Trigger. Boy, am I glad that I did.

To install/switch a trigger on a Ruger 10/22 is super easy. You’ll only need one Alan wrench to remove the forestock screw (Some models of 10/22’s have a band at the forestock that you have to unscrew). Remove the action/barrel from the stock. There are two pins that hold the trigger in place.

The first time that I installed a new trigger in a Ruger 10/22 I watched a YouTube and was still nervous. I removed the screw holding on the stock and lifted out the rifle. Two pins fell out. Hmm, I guess that’s the two pins I need to remove. I pulled off the factory trigger, threw in the new one, pushed in the two pins, put the action/barrel back into the stock, and was done. Wow, it only took minutes.

I love Boyds’ Stocks. I think they really dress up a gun. They fit tight so you may have to push the safety ½ off so it will slide down into the stock.

This time I had a little more trouble than normal installing the Ruger BX-Trigger. I had to flip the hammer over and get the parts re-aligned but as soon as I figured that out it was back to normal.

The trigger on the Ruger BX-Trigger pulled at about 3.8 lbs. The one I removed was 1 ¼ lbs. I’d like it to be closer to 3-lbs. but still, as long as it is a crisp pull, I’m happy. And I do like the trigger pull.

If you haven’t shot much you may wonder why I’m making such a big deal out of triggers. It’s simple. It is because it is next to impossible to get a good group with a bad trigger. Yes, you might be able to concentrate super hard and get a good group but get a good trigger, and then it will be one less thing you have to focus on while shooting.

To get a good group, I think installing a good trigger is second only to shooting good ammo. And with an MSRP of only $89.95 the Ruger BX-Trigger is the best deal I’ve found. And as is usual, we will close with the company specs.

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The BX-Trigger is a light, crisp, “drop-in” replacement trigger assembly that is compatible with all Ruger® 10/22® rifles and 22 Charger™ pistols. The BX-Trigger™ is a Genuine Ruger Factory Accessory and is the perfect upgrade for all 10/22® rifles and 22 Charger™ pistol models because of the significantly reduced pull weight of approximately 2.75 lbs. (versus 6 pounds on the standard 10/22® trigger). The BX-Trigger™ is sold as a complete assembly that drops in to replace the existing trigger assembly. Includes a unique red trigger shoe to easily identify a BX-Trigger installation in the firearm. A video of the installation process can be found at

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Why spend $70+ on a BX when you can send your factory trigger to Brimstone and get it returned better than a BX for half the price?

Several people recommended Brimstone to me and I now I recommend them to everyone I can. Absolutely no way to get a better 10/22 trigger for the money.

Dig Sig

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