SAR USA Now Offering Premium Ammunition to US Market Press Release

SAR USA 9mm Ammo
SAR USA is now offering 9mm ammo. IMG SAR USA

U.S.A. -( SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of premium firearms and ammunition, is proud to announce that they are now offering their  NATO-inspired 9mm pistol ammunition to the US market. Sarsilmaz merges the latest in cartridge innovation, design, and technology along with their Old-World heritage and craftsmanship to deliver the finest in sport shooting, hunting, competition, defense, and training ammunition.

“This is an incredible opportunity to bring high-quality ammunition to new SAR firearm owners and a market desperate for it,” said Todd Pearson, COO for SAR USA. “SAR ammunition is designed, engineered, and manufactured to perform to the highest standards. This ammunition is the perfect complement to the rigorously tested and award-winning SAR pistol lines. This is another high-quality product offed by SAR USA.”

SAR 9mm NATO full metal jacket ammunition is made in Turkey to the highest quality standards and the tightest tolerances. It was designed, built, and tested for the uncompromising shooter. This premium ammunition features brass casings and military-grade sealed primers. Made from the finest components, this ammo delivers incredible accuracy and outstanding downrange performance, every time you pull the trigger.

SAR 9mm ammunition is available in 50 round boxes in either 115-grain FMJ or 124-grain FMJ.

Features include:

    • Full Metal Jacket Projectile
    • Brass Casing
    • Weather-Sealed Boxer Primer

SAR ammunition is built in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that is considered one of the world’s finest. This modern marvel of a factory utilizes the latest technology available today and manufactures the highest quality products anywhere. Continuous investments into R&D, technologically advanced equipment, and expanding product lines have resulted in SAR’s ability to produce world-class products. They produce ammunition, pistols, and shotguns for customers spanning 78 countries, including the Turkish military, NATO, and law enforcement around the world.

Contact your local dealer for availability.

To learn more about SAR ammunition or the complete product line from SAR USA by Sarsilmaz, please visit: or follow us on Facebook

About SAR USA by Sarsilmaz

SAR USA is the exclusive importer of Sarsilmaz Arms. Founded in 1880 in Istanbul, Turkey, Sarsilmaz produces firearms for 78 nations from its over 1-million square foot, state-of-the-art facilities that have raised the bar for the standard in quality control for firearms manufacturing. They produce arms for NATO and many militaries worldwide. Now they are offering select firearms to the American market via SAR USA.


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Ammoland delete this crap!

Dogma Factor

One more importer trying to cash in on the gouging of the American shooter.

I guess they don’t have a ammo shortage in Turkey, just like in Russia. I wonder where Russia is going dump their ammo next now that they can’t export to the US. Won’t be in their own country as the average comrade can’t own ammo, something ten percent Joe is trying to emulate for his countrymen.

Last edited 1 year ago by Dogma Factor

While I usually welcome increased sources of ammo supply I am reluctant to buy ftom SAR. I fear some of that money ends up in Erdogan’s pocket.


Lol, fine don’t buy the “evil” Turkish ammo. What asinine thinking. Myself and millions of other American gun owners will buy your share. I hope SAR steps up and makes 7.62×39 since President Bidet halted Russian ammo importation by executive fiat. But you probably weren’t buying Russian ammo either so that money wouldn’t “end up in Putin’s pocket”.

Last edited 1 year ago by Glockguy7866

buy all you want, my experience with this is not consistent pressures were low or hi may be better now but test it before you buy a bunch the greek was better but corrosive


Actually, I have no beef with Russia. They are basically a Christian nation that only wants to be left alone but seems to get targeted by NATO on a regular basis over bullshit. It is not our fathers’ Soviet Union.

Turkey, on the other hand, seems to be devolving back into an Islamic craphole, despite the best efforts of Mustafa Kemal, aka Ataturk.

Last edited 1 year ago by Grigori

I guess the purpose of the article is to make is aware that some company in Turkey is making 9MM FMJ ammo. I am unable to find prices (out of curiosity) or a place to order, even on their web site.



Last edited 1 year ago by Grigori

Back in 1988, my biological father bought me a few boxes of some strange 9mm FMJ ammo after I got my first ever high cap 9, a Sig-P-226. They had Arabic writing on the box and shot well. The smoke smelled like burning coal, an aroma I actually find pleasing. I never saw any of these rounds before or since. I wonder if these might be similar.

Last edited 1 year ago by Grigori