Bushmaster Firearms Opens Website for Online Gun Sales

Bushmaster Firearms Website 2021 Screengrab
Bushmaster Firearms Website 2021

Carson City, NV – -(AmmoLand.com)- Bushmaster Firearms has launched our website at www.bushmaster.com with direct sales to customers.

“We are thrilled for our site to be accepting sales on our new products. Bushmaster has a long history as we are proud to continue the tradition of quality, American Made manufacturing,” said Sun Naegele, Bushmaster’s CEO.

The website showcases the company’s wide array of products from our XM15-E2S model to our new DM2S trigger.

Apart from our line of products, our website offers an exclusive Armorers Course to those who fall in our military & law enforcement category, and much more.

For more information about this topic, please visit our website at www.bushmaster.com

About Bushmaster Arms

Bushmaster is a Nevada Corporation focusing on Quality, American Made manufacturing. PROVEN through hard use in competition, and in the woods and prairies of America, Bushmaster has PROVEN itself.

Driven by the spirit of innovation that began more than 48 years ago, using improved engineering, manufacturing techniques, and advanced materials, Bushmaster continues to enhance our products. Our Consistency, Accuracy, and Quality Driven American Made weapons are critical in our overall success.

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No thanks:

“our website offers an exclusive Armorers Course to those who fall in our military & law enforcement category”

I support companies who support civilians.

If you only sell your training to government employees, don’t expect non-government employees to buy your firearms.


Did you contact Bushmaster and convey your opinion?


I voted with my wallet and left a message on a popular gun forum where their product was advertised.

It’s a private company – they can do what they want.

If they would like to pay me for consulting on how to sell both more training and more firearms, they can respond to this post.

Why do you ask?


Just went on their site, worked fine even though the product line is not to my tastes. Saw a comment that because the site was slow to load he would shop elsewhere. Now THAT’S a great way to choose a tool that you may need to save your life !


ATF Office: “What? A binary trigger? OMG! . . . write down; ‘Citizen Tip’ Let’s get on it!””

Thanks, Ammoland.


The website is slow to load. I won’t even bother. I will buy elsewhere.


how stupid is bushmaster to keep selling to the people who put remington out of buisness


Who the American people?

Xaun Loc

When did Bushmaster start selling to Cerberus Capital Management executives?


Uh? Remington has been out of business ever since the company breakup…

Breakup Plans Announced for Remington Arms and Its Associated Companies On Sept. 29, 2020, Remington Arms and its associated companies will be divided in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Alabama.
Breakup Plans Announced for Remington Arms… | Shooting …http://www.shootingsportsretailer.com/news/breakup-plans-announced-for-remington-ar…