Fighting Anti-Red Flag Laws with OK State Rep. Jay Steagall ~ VIDEO

GunFreedomRadio EP337 Anti-Red Flag Laws with OK State Rep. Jay Steagall.

USA – -( Our guest today is OK State Representative Jay Steagall. Representative Steagall serves House District 43 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Representative Steagall also owns & operates a gun store, and served our country as a senior KC-135 pilot in the US Air Force Reserves.

With extensive experience defending this country through his military service, and now owning and operating a local gun shop, Jay considers himself a fearless defender of our Constitutional rights.

His strong belief that without the Second Amendment, we would be ill-equipped to defend the rest of the Bill of Rights is one shared by our Founding Fathers.

1) What is the current status of Gun Rights in your home state of Oklahoma?

2) You had a big hand in the passing of the SB1081 – the Anti-Red Flag Gun Laws Bill signed into law in May 2020 by Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. How can you encourage other states to do the same?

2) You have clearly lived a life dedicated to Service. First the Military and now in public office. Talk to us about your time in the Military.

3) Talk so us about the Cuba resolution.

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As Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than ONE GENERATION away from extinction.” And we at Gun Freedom Radio feel the responsibility to pass that baton of freedom along to our fellow citizens and therefore the next generation.

Hosts, Dan Todd & Cheryl Todd are small business owners with over 60 years of combined experience, they have been married for 30 years, they are parents and grandparents. Danny and Cheryl Todd are the owners of AZFirearms and Danny is also a Gunsmith. From these life experiences, they bring a unique perspective to the world of Gun-Rights and the need to speak into the next generation of American Citizens. Visit .

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Deplorable Bill

There just isn’t any form of due process whatsoever with red flag laws and the like. That is something that is guaranteed in the constitution, therefore red flag laws are unconstitutional. Red flag laws are grossly susceptible to misuse and abuse. Your neighbor doesn’t like you because you wear you’re sidearm. You had an argument with your spouse. Your cousin, twice removed, feels nervous around you because you are armed. You’re druggy daughter is pissed because you would not give her any money to go buy more drugs. Some guy going through the phone book swats you just for fun.… Read more »


Trump, DeSantis, Cotton, Abbott, McConnell, Graham, Crenshaw and most other high profile Republican politicians, and the NRA are all for red flag laws.

The people who campaigned with promises to “fight for your 2nd Amendment rights” have not criticized those people for supporting red flag laws.

GOA gives people who support red flag laws an “A” rating.

Local enforcers continue to enforce the laws.

Disconcerting, isn’t it?


Some retired Texas enforcers are for red flag laws as well (they merely express their opinion with down votes).


Oops, forgot the authoritarian John Cornyn – he likes red flag laws too.

Deplorable Bill

Yup, the day will come when the only due process will be a bullet.

Arm up and carry on

Country Boy

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Red Flag Laws are a Deep State tool & mechanism to foment a abusive Zionist sociocultural agenda. NAZI STASI tactics to turn citizenry/distraught or estranged Ex’s/Ex Girfriend’s/partner’s/neighbors/feuding dysfunctional family members into a weaponized vindictive “snitch” apparatus dogma. A tool that will be grossly exploited for manipulative/vindictive/jealous/emotional thinkers who can’t mind they’re own business or want to hurt/injure/create chaos/ruin a person’s rights & lives.

Red Flag laws are a tyrants tool that vitiates due process & violates any citizen’s right’s.

Freedom-Liberty & US Constitution / BOR are the targets of the Zionist’s controlled Deep State.

Last edited 2 years ago by Tank

The problem as I see it is politicians are great at lip service, but when it comes down to the nut cutting, they fail miserably. Why haven’t the so called conservatives (Republicans) done anything to stop Biden, and Nancy Leprosy, like Impeachment. Good oh Turtle boy (Mich McConnell) refuses to seek impeachment papers, because he says the alternative is worse. I say BULLSHIT, if the hoe Harris pulls the crap Biden is, well then we impeach her as well, and so on, and so on.
The only thing stopping them is fear, and lack of guts!


Your spot on. Way too many complacent Americans not calling out the Deep State – rigged elections – pay for play scams etc.


I look at all of these comments and it appears the pandemic of cowardice has created a community of chickenshits. The only solution that remains is forming loyal, dedicated and cohesive groups dedicated to defending each other at a minutes notice. Sound familiar?
I certainly hope so. Sack up citizen.

Last edited 2 years ago by motodad369

Frustrating & true


Remember without a warrant you are under no obligation to open the door of your residence or talk to a LEO. If outside your residence and they approach you the only thing you have to do in most states is identify yourself. Be respectful and non threatening but do not cooperate with them.


The enforcers enforcing red flag laws have warrants.


You can tell them you’d like to get some sleep before you travel, but if they got a warrant, I guess they’re gonna come in.


DeSantis is already accelerating the use of red flag laws before he even declared he’s running for President. He learned from Trump. Many of the vocal firearm rights people will vote for DeSantis because he says he is “pro 2nd Amendment.” In reality, he knows those votes are in the bag, so he will continue pushing for more gun control to attempt to get more of the white suburban women votes. A large number of white suburban women are convinced the government can save their children from murderers by creating more and more gun control laws. People who claim they… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by JSNMGC

The truth hurts, doesn’t it, “TEX” (Will)?


There is a reason for never-ending gun control. Firearm rights people will not organize in a way that demands politicians just say no more gun control. GOA has not revoked Tom Cotton’s “A” Rating even though he supports red flag laws. Fox News says Tom Cotton is a war hero. Pete Hegseth (a genuine Navy Seal!) says Tom Cotton is a fellow war hero. “Conservatives” are supposed to vote for people who have “served.” GOA has not met with DeSantis and told him they will work against him if he doesn’t reverse his anti-2nd Amendment efforts. GOA will tell you… Read more »

Last edited 2 years ago by JSNMGC

So what type of “rebuke” did you offer up? Was it laced with profanity – which I would expect to simply ignore. Did you make threats (veiled o4 not) – that’s about all I can imagine yielding the response you report.

Was it cops, campaign staff, or perhaps social works concerned with your sanity?


likely threatened with red flag calls , the laws are illegal. I think that is the best way they like these laws; get people to call on them. the Sharif too let them deal with the monster of their creation. the way the laws are written you can pit one agency against another all you need to find is two or three leftist judges……. hard not to find

Last edited 2 years ago by swmft


Sounds like maybe Patriot Solutions merely voiced his opinion that was contrary to the Republican establishment mindset.

You have previously indicated your support for state, county, city/town enforcers who will enforce any law they are ordered to enforce because you empathize with their dilemma of choosing between putting their boot on their neighbors’ necks and losing their precious government job.

That view is abhorrent.


i been getting calls for donations.I told them i don`t donate willingly to thieves, & hung up. My reference to thieves is “subsidies” supported by all politicians.thieves by any other name.