Has David Chipman’s ATF Nomination Run Out of Gas?

Could David Chipman’s nomination to head ATF be running out of gas?

U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- It has been four months since Joe Biden nominated David Chipman, the retired federal agent-turned-gun-control-advocate, to head the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, and now NPR has reported the nominee’s chances of “gaining Senate confirmation appear to be dwindling in the face of firm Republican opposition and a few holdouts in the chamber’s Democratic caucus.”

Chipman was an ATF agent for 25 years, but since his retirement, he has essentially come out of the closet as a gun control proponent who acknowledged to the Senate Judiciary Committee during a hearing weeks ago that he supports a ban on so-called “assault weapons.” He has lately been working for the Giffords gun prohibition lobbying group as a “policy expert and advocate,” NPR said.

His nomination has been dramatically overshadowed by events in Afghanistan and Biden’s disastrous handling of the military pullout there, along with his repeated time checking while observing the arrival of the remains of 13 servicemen and women killed in a bomb blast in Kabul.

A coalition of anti-gun activist groups—Guns Down America, March for Our Lives, the Newtown Action Alliance and Survivors Empowered— sent a letter to Biden last week demanding that he live up to his campaign promises about gun control.

“Mr. President,” the groups wrote, “you pledged to ‘bring Democrats and Republicans together in the United States Congress to pass big things, to deal with big issues’ and stressed that your past success in passing gun reform in the Senate will translate into your ability to advance life-saving measures once elected President. Yet we have not seen you publicly pressure key Senators to support bipartisan House-passed legislation that would strengthen our nation’s background check system and you have not advocated for the repeal of the filibuster, an archaic tool that creates a major impediment to legislative reform.”

Estimating that “more than 28,000 Americans have lost their lives to gun violence” so far in 2021, this gun control coalition is calling on the embattled president to take three key steps toward fulfilling his restrictive campaign pledges. Here’s what they outlined in their letter:

  1. Establish an Office of Gun Violence Prevention in order to streamline the government’s efforts to reduce violence, recognize gun violence as a national security crisis and a public health and prevention priority, and establish a long-term sustained effort to reduce gun deaths.
  2. Unveil a comprehensive strategy and proactive plan for pursuing your legislative agenda on gun reform in a way that creates a viable pathway for securing passage of these critical initiatives while supporters of reform still hold a narrow majority in the Senate, eliminating the filibuster if necessary.
  3. Use the presidential bully pulpit to talk to Americans about the risks and dangers of firearm ownership within the home and in our communities while also highlighting successful community efforts and legislative reforms that have saved lives across the nation.

According to Politico, gun control activists “are worried they won’t be able to spur voter turnout in the midterm elections next year because of a lack of policy accomplishments on some of their key issues.”

A low turnout of Biden’s voter base could lead to a repeat of the 1994 mid-term elections when gun owners and fiscal conservatives descended on the polls to throw out more than 50 Democrats who had supported then-President Bill Clinton’s gun control measures. Biden has repeatedly recalled how he pushed the Brady Bill on Capitol Hill, but now it may come back to haunt him, along with the ghosts of those murdered military personnel.

Politico also revealed that White House officials “have held regular meetings with prominent groups pushing for gun restrictions.”

But the lynchpin in all of Biden’s gun control scheming could be the Chipman confirmation. Right now, his chances appear to be evaporating, but that will depend upon some key Senate Democrats such as Joe Manchin of West Virginia, and Maine’s Independent Sen. Angus King. Questions have been raised about alleged racist comments Chipman made about Black ATF agents scoring higher than expected on an agency exam. That issue has yet to be resolved.

In early August, Politico reported King had been signaling he was a “No” vote on Chipman. Maine is a gun friendly state with lots of hunters and gun owners, the article noted.

However, the holdouts have not flatly stated they will vote against Chipman while Republicans are holding firm in their opposition. They could change their minds, as Political intimated about King.

But with the nation focused on Biden’s Afghanistan debacle, the Chipman nomination gets pushed farther back into the shadows, where political dust has been known to gather. More than three weeks ago, even CNN was reporting bad vibes, saying the Chipman nomination was “nearing collapse.” The longer it waits, the less likely confirmation becomes, CNN seemed to indicate.


About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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Henry Bowman

We cannot rest till Chipman is rejected or withdrawn!!

Henry Bowman

Meanwhile, get your anti-BATF training in high gear! LOL


This little Eichmann is not fit to be dog catcher much less a federal sworn officer of the law. How can one take an oath to support and defend the Constitution when at complete odds with the philosophical and natural law foundation of the same? Only a progressive mind can make that kind of leap of illogic.


What are your thoughts on all the veterans (who took “oaths”) who are enforcers and who have been enforcing the tens of thousands of gun laws for many decades?


“But that’s different,” amirite?


Patriot Solutions: 9/3/21: “That they “knowingly” commit crimes against humanity in absolute violation of the US Constitution, that the “knowingly” proof is acknowledged by those Leo’s in Colorado where the government has mandated that they take the kill shot and they are refusing therefore proving they know about rights when it comes to their own well being and by the indictments rolling out dailey in Colorado against Leo’s for killing people and violating the rights of We The People prove that Leo’s could care less about how they affect citizens that in fact they are tyrants who love to inflict… Read more »


If things keeping moving in the direction they are headed, there will a number of people with confused looks on their faces as they sit handcuffed in the back seat of rural sheriff vehicles with a veteran who is now a Sheriff’s deputy driving: Veteran taxpayer: “You said you were pro 2nd Amendment!” Veteran enforcer: “I am.” Veteran taxpayer: “But you arrested me for not registering my semiautomatic rifle!” Veteran enforcer: “That’s the law and the feds have an arrangement with the Sheriff.” Veteran taxpayer: “My life is ruined. What law would you not enforce?” Veteran enforcer: “I would enforce… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

I agree – most will enforce any law they are ordered to enforce:

  • Gun laws
  • Health laws
  • Education laws
  • Food laws
  • Water laws
  • Housing laws
  • Speech laws
  • Travel laws
  • Assembly laws
  • Labor laws
  • Etc.
Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

And the flagellation of the deceased equine begins a new!

What a surprise.


You should try getting involved.

If you personally met with WY state legislators, you would understand the issue.


The level of your arrogance knows no bounds! I have met them in person, I have spoken with them in person, I understand precisely what they think about a wide range of issues, and that includes their excuses for voting like the rinos they are! The only available solution is to continue to vote against them, to raise issues to embarrass them, and to get them not to listen to reason, because they are not reasonable people, they are power hungry drones who vote whichever way public opinion which is in the lead at the time, tells them to vote.… Read more »


You’re quite emotional, aren’t you?


State, county, and city/town enforcers really are a protected class for you, aren’t they?

The criticisms of politicians and the BATFE on this site never cease, but you only complain about criticisms of state, county, and city/town enforcers – especially those who are veterans.

Why do you never complain about the non-stop criticisms of politicians and the BATFE?


I raised concerns, complaints, and cite the specific problems there to pertaining with both politicians and the aft! You don’t bother to take note of my comments in these aspects, because you’re a one-trick pony: you lived flagellate that deceased equine of the so-called enforcers, veterans, and anybody else that wears a badge or supports those who wear badges! I’ve admitted that there is some bad apples, and that there is no way of knowing at this juncture how many will put their olds ahead of their careers, and their families, and their ability to make a living! I’m taking… Read more »


When you’re angry, you make things up.

I’ve indicated there are some good apples. They are seldom around when the bad apples are being bad. It’s odd.


The Tools of Tyrants:


Yep serious guy check time on who we hang out with & what they’re character really is vs. what they say they are …

See it every day ..


AbSOULutely true …


Chipman is nothing but a Communist P.O.S. and needs to be sent packing! This is just what you can expect from Biden and his Communist minions!


Yes… glaringly! When it takes this long to be confirmed, it’s because the answer is NO.

At this point, if he is confirmed, it’s only because they’ve found a chip in the armor. This is like when children ask the same question repeatedly looking for a different answer. We’ve already failed to confirm, now move on!


Never had any real legs to begin with. Just another ruling oligarchy political ponerology Deep State tool they use. Trying to spark a prairie fire to create a mass psychosis of tension & anxiety. Perception/realty flux-field FUD-Fear Porn.


really feels like they are pushing to start a civil war , nj and ny as well as other states,ignore scotus and federal police dont arrest agents of these states that attack citizens so what is left?? if there was no crime only need is to keep state agents from stealing (civil forfeiture) another blatantly unconstitutional thing that has been happening more and more


Yes 100%. Deep State Holy See has had the UN agenda planned since at least 1500’s when Ignatius Loyola founded Jesuit’s & hatched they’re World Domination agenda.

“In order to create you must destroy.” Ordo Ab Chao doctrine 100%


Spot on & true.

America is at war since 9/11 with it’s overlords who are hiding behind labels they create (i.e. progressive/liberal/Democraps etc.)


How many of those 28k deaths were in city’s that have strict gun controls? I bet the over-whelming majority! Why dont democrats go catch all those thousands of violent criminals they released due to covid!


Republicans need to show solidarity and vote No on all Biden nominees. Blinken, Sullivan and Austin show amazing degrees of Incompetence, thus no person Biden nominates should be given the benefit of doubt. Chipdickhead needs to return to his senior shilling for the Giffords Gun Grabbers.


No One Is Coming to Save You



It is ridiculously ironic to me that someone employed at a gun control agency would need to “come out of the closet” as a proponent of gun control.

Are all of your brains just…broken?


Chimpman needs to be ISOLATED in a CELL for 75 years for his “loss” of his sidearm then obfuscating all questions asked of him!