H&K USP Co2 Air Gun BB Pistol Review

H&K USP Co2 Air Gun BB Pistol
H&K USP Co2 Air Gun BB Pistol

Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- I recently received the H&K USP CO2 Air Gun BB Pistol to test (I know it sounds like a few of the words may be backward but I’m not the one that named it). I was excited to test out an H&K airgun pistol. I figured it had to be well made.

Decades ago, before I ever owned a 9 mm I was at a gun show somewhere and picked up an H&K. It was the best feeling pistol that I’ve ever handled. I wish to this day that I had then noticed what model that it was? So needless to say. I was excited to test it out.

H&K USP Co2 Air Gun BB Pistol

The H&K USP CO2 Air Gun BB Pistol has features to mimic its real counterpart. I like the sights, you line up the three white dots and squeeze. To operate the H&K USP CO2 Air Gun BB Pistol is quite simple. To load the airgun, press the magazine release to drop out the mag. Using a 6mm Allen wrench remove a screw. Put a drop of RWS oil on the nipple of the 12g CO2 canister and drop it in. Replace the screw and tighten it back down with the 6mm Allen wrench. Fill the mag with up to 22 BBs and put the mag back into the pistol.

You are now ready to shoot. The safety is right thumb-operated. Push the safety up for SAFE and down for FIRING. It is clearly marked. I shot it first at 8-feet and only got a 2 3/8-inch group.

I then backed up to 15-feet and could only wonder if I’d even hit the target. Wow! Now I got a 1-inch group. I shot another 3-shot group and it tightened down even more to a ¾-inch group. Wow, this thing was a shooter.

The H&K USP CO2 Air Gun BB Pistol spits out BBs at 425 FPS so of course, it is not a hunting pistol other than it’d be fun to shoot mice and rats within your barn. I see two good uses for it.

It would be a good gun to run varmints out of your garden if you’re not wanting to kill them. For instance, deer. A herd of deer can annihilate a garden in short order. The bad deal is, they can also jump a pretty good-sized fence which makes them even harder to keep out. And since it is a semi-auto, you can fire it as fast as you can pull the trigger so you can scatter a whole herd of deer fast. You could also run off coons etc.

The second good use for the Umarex XBG CO2 pistol that I see is to practice shooting so as to tune up your shooting skills. I am doing a consulting job over in South Dakota at this very moment. There was a torrential downpour today so, besides the rain, it is now super muddy so I couldn’t go out and find a field to shoot in. So, I grabbed a cardboard box and filled it with cardboard, and made myself a backstop. That allowed me to shoot it in the living room where I am staying. Which brings up, with this set-up you can practice all winter long, no matter how bad the blizzard is howling outside.

H&K USP Co2 Air Gun BB Pistol
H&K USP Co2 Air Gun BB Pistol: I couldn’t believe it. I got down to a 3/4-inch group with the H&K USP CO2 AIR GUN BB PISTOL which is impressive.

Now for the one bad thing about the H&K USP CO2 Air Gun BB Pistol, it has by far the worst trigger that I’ve ever seen. I don’t have a trigger gauge that can weigh that heavy but it is a lot. Plus, to make things worse, it seemed like I had to pull on it for 5-minutes before it ever shot off. So, in retrospect, I’ve got to wonder what kind of group it could shoot if it had a good trigger. Surely at least twice as good but at $50.00 retail can you realy complain?

The MSRP on the H&K USP Co2 Air Gun BB Pistol is $50.00 (even less on Amazon.)

CO2-powered BB guns are great fun for plinking and target shooting. Check out this HK USP. It holds 22 rounds in a heavyweight magazine that also houses the CO2 cylinder that powers this BB pistol. It has an ambidextrous magazine release, integrated accessory rail, and realistic hammer movement. This is a great practice pistol for 9mm USP owners. For just pennies a shot you can shoot for hours.

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