Primary Arms GLx 4-16x50mm FFP Rifle Scope wins Editor’s Choice

Primary Arms GLx 4-16x50mm FFP Rifle Scope wins Editor's Choice in Outdoor Life
Primary Arms GLx 4-16x50mm FFP Rifle Scope wins Editor’s Choice in Outdoor Life

U.S.A.-( Primary Arms Optics’ GLx® 4-16x50mm FFP Rifle Scope won Editor’s Choice in Outdoor Life’s review of the Best New Precision Rifle Scopes.

In their review, Outdoor Life evaluated the newest version of the GLx 4-16x50mm FFP Rifle Scope, which comes with the ACSS® Apollo® 6.5CM/.224V Reticle. This scope includes all the main features of GLx rifle scopes, including the enhanced steel-on-steel turrets, configurable adjustment locks, and high-transmission precision lenses. As part of the GLx product line, this scope brings premium technology and materials into an approachable price range, and in inclusion of the popular ACSS Apollo 6.5CM/.224V Reticle represents its latest evolution in high-performance marksmanship.

With built-in target ranging, range-adjusted wind holds from 5mph to 20mph, and a finely tuned first-focal plane BDC for 6.5 Creedmoor and .224 Valkyrie, the ACSS Apollo 6.5CR/.224V Reticle is one of the fastest long-distance reticles on the market, allowing for quick corrections while moving between targets hundreds of yards apart. Even at close range, the Apollo’s infinitely precise center chevron allows for unerring precision with a clear point of impact. In addition to the BDC, the ACSS Apollo features an integrated MIL system for MIL/MIL exact firing solutions.

After evaluating many of 2021’s top precision rifle scopes, Outdoor Life’s Andrew McKean awarded the GLx 4-16x50mm Rifle Scope the coveted ‘Editor’s Choice’ award. In his published review, McKean concludes, “For its wide utility built around the heart of a talented precision scope, we awarded the GLx our Editor’s Choice title.”

Following the article’s release, Primary Arms Optics thanked Outdoor Life for its glowing review.

“A tremendous amount of thought and engineering hours went into our GLx riflescopes with precision being our utmost goal,” says Terry Mears, Primary Arms Optics’ Director of Product Marketing. “We understand the rigors the evaluation team puts the optics through and are very proud of the recognition by Outdoor Life.”

For more information information on the new GLx 1x 4-16x50mm FFP Rifle Scope with ACSS Apollo Reticle, click here. As with all GLx optics, this scope comes with a comprehensive lifetime warranty and commitment to customer satisfaction.

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About Primary Arms Optics

Founded in 2008, Primary Arms Optics® is a leading innovator in tactical optics, offering a comprehensive selection of rifle scopes, prism scopes, red dot sights, optic mounts, and accessories. Their Advanced Combined Sighting System (ACSS®) is a high-performance reticle solution to the challenges of modern marksmanship, distilling complex mathematics into intuitive holdovers that enhance your speed and precision. Each ACSS reticle is specially designed to outperform in real-world applications, incorporating a mix of tools to deliver instant firing solutions. These tools may include ballistic drop compensation, auto-ranging stadia, wind holds, moving target leads, or an infinitely-precise center chevron. Primary Arms Optics produces several tiers of products to meet the needs of any budget. The premier PLx® optics line prioritizes clarity and craftsmanship with first-class materials. The mid-tier GLx optics incorporate premium technologies with approachable pricing, while the popular SLx® optics offer both proven reliability and value. Every Primary Arms Optics product is hand-inspected at their Houston-based headquarters, and all their products come with a Primary Arms lifetime warranty.Primary Arms Optics logo

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Another Chinese scope hyped up, its all about the optical clarity, this scope won’t cut it. It may have tacticool features and the company may butt kiss and send out free optics for a good review but it cost $20 to manufacture in Shenzhen China. The US market is being flooded with Chinese garbage. Its all about the glass, this junk may work it 100 yards or even 500 on a clear day but in low light rain looking into shadows or overcast it won’t perform. You got what you pay for in optics.