Trailblazer Firearms Expands Offering with Launch of the Pack9 ~ VIDEO

Trailblazer Firearms
Trailblazer Firearms introduces the PACK9 rifle.

Asheville, N.C. ( Trailblazer Firearms, a US-manufacturer of innovative firearms, including the ground-breaking, folding, single-shot discreet carry .22 LifeCard®, is proud to announce the newest product to their portfolio. The Pack9™ is a dynamic rifle chambered in 9mm that utilizes GLOCK® compatible magazines and features Trailblazer Firearms’ newest innovation, The Pivot™, creating a slim and portable rifle.

Designed to maximize portability, the Pack9 is less than 21” long when folded. A collapsible stock gives the Pack9™ a full length of pull when the rifle is unfolded with the stock fully extended.  Weighing approximately 5 lbs., the Pack9 is 5.9” tall and as thin as many modern handguns, with a width of only 1.15”. The aluminum upper features an integral MILSpec Picatinny rail that is optics ready. A second magazine stores securely in the glass-filled nylon stock. The 16” button-rifled, threaded steel barrel with
a 1/10-inch twist comes standard.

Trailblazer Firearms
Trailblazer Firearms PACK9 rifle fully open

“In 2010, I came up with the crazy idea to fit a pistol in a candy tin, and that same innovative spirit that brought you the LifeCard now brings you the Pack9™,” said Aaron Voigt, president and founder of Trailblazer Firearms. “We believe the years of work poured into the Pack9™ have resulted in a 9mm rifle at the intersection of design, innovation, performance, and survival.”

Trailblazer Firearms
Trailblazer Firearms in closed position.

The new Trailblazer Firearms Pack9™ rifle is projected to be available through wholesale distributors starting in Q1 of 2022.

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About Trailblazer Firearms:

Veteran-owned Trailblazer Firearms, headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina, was founded in 2014 to design, develop, manufacture, and market innovative American-made firearms. Trailblazer Firearms introduced the LifeCard® in 2017, a game-changing discreet carry .22 pistol no bigger than a stack of credit cards. www.trailblazerfirearms.comTrailblazer Firearms

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No price ?

Ammoland does this all the time.

They can use their readers to shove columns that are nothing but advertisements in front of our faces, but are too cowardly to include the price.
Like the price is so high, they are trying to hide it as long as possible.

I wonder how much Trailblazer paid Laura Burgess to write this advertisement.


I really like this idea I just hope that the price is not through the roof! I will be contacting the company to suggest to them if they’re carry pack is made in civilian colors: bright, light, effervescent colors that say anything except “there’s a 9 m m subgun in here please steal it!” This is my major complaint with all concealed carry sling packs, backpacks, fanny packs, whatever is out there to put sidearms in, AR and AK size pistols, and full size ARs & AKs with collapsible stocks: they go the full Tactical Look, which is pretty much… Read more »


Neat Idea. Price?

Last edited 4 months ago by PistolGrip44
Roland T. Gunner

Meh. I have examined the photos for several minutes, and I still cannot figure out what I am looking at. Maybe they can team up with Kel-Tec and build a version held together with binder clips.


Why bother printing the article if you don’t give the MSRP ?