Umarex Synergis 22 Caliber Air Rifle Review & Range Report

Umarex Synergis 22 Caliber Air Rifle
Umarex Synergis 22 Caliber Air Rifle

Idaho – -( I recently tested a Umarex Synergis. I’m always looking for an economical break barrel airgun to write about. Even though the Umarex Synergis actually utilizes an under-lever cocking action it will remind you of using a break barrel. To cock the Umarex Synergis, pull the handle on the end of the lever down about ¼” to unlock it and then cock it down like you would a break barrel airgun.

Umarex Synergis 22 Caliber Air Rifle

The .22 cal. has a 10 round rotary magazine and the .177 cal. a 12-round rotary magazine, like most of the other rotary magazines on the market. To load the magazine, rotate the clear plastic cover around until the 1st pellet hole is exposed. Drop-in a pellet (of course facing the way it should shoot). On the first hole, you will have to hold your finger under the hole so the pellet doesn’t drop through. Then turn it to expose the next hole and drop in another pellet. Repeat until it is full with 10 pellets. If you ever have a pellet that doesn’t drop down quite far enough so you can rotate to the next hole use a ballpoint pen to slightly push down the pellet so the cover can rotate.

I love the fact that it has a rotary magazine. It is a major pain shooting a regular break barrel rifle if it is a single shot. I do a lot of ground squirrel hunting in the spring and pigeon/dove hunting year-round. On a good day, I may get up to 350 shots. It puts a big-time crimp in my hunting if I have to stop every shot, dig a can of pellets out of my pocket, open, reload, put the top back on, place the tin in my pocket. Repeat, repeat, repeat. A single shot forces you to miss a lot of shooting time. Buy a rifle like the Umarex Synergis that utilizes a rotary magazine. And if you’re going to do much hunting, I’d recommend that you have 4-5 magazines.

If you're looking for an economical airgun look no further. The Umarex Synergis fits the bill.
If you’re looking for an economical airgun look no further. The Umarex Synergis fits the bill.

I mounted the 3-9x scope that comes with the gun on the Picatinny rail and headed to the high desert to test it out. I wanted to see the kind of groups that the Umarex .22 cal. Synergis was capable of getting so I took a can of JSB Jumbo Heavy Diabolo pellets. They are the most accurate pellet that I have found. If you want to get a good group with your big game rifle, we all know that it is important to shoot good ammo, right? If you’re wanting to get good groups with your airgun it is just as important to choose good pellets.

I shot the Umarex Synergis a few times to get it dialed in and put up my square targets to see what kind of groups that it could shoot. Wow! 5/16”. I shot another group. 5/16”. This gun is going to be a shooter. Now I can’t wait for the ground squirrels to start popping out. It’s going to be a long six-week wait.

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A lot of people ask me about this or that break action and which one they ought to buy. I’ve never been lucky enough to own one of the $750.00-$1,000.00 break barrel rifles but I tell everyone that they’re probably going to have to spend about $250.00 to get one that will be able to get a 5/8” group. But with an MSRP of $189.99 I’m going to start recommending that they get the Umarex Synergis. This is a great little air rifle. (The Synergis also comes in a .177 cal. but I’d recommend you buy the .22 cal. It has a lot better killing properties).

And as is usual, we will close with the Umarex Synergis 22 Caliber Air Rifle specs:

  • 10-shot repeating rifle!
  • 10x RapidMag Auto-Indexing Magazine
  • All in-line Airflow Boost Technology
  • TNT – Turbo Nitrogen Technology Gas Piston
  • 900 fps
  • All-metal Lockdown Picatinny Rail
  • Smooth Under Lever Cocking Action
  • Convenient manual safety
  • 3-9×40 Scope included
  • Rubber recoil pad

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Anyone have any long term experience with this rifle? My experience has been that the rotary magazine is the first to go as it is made of cheap plastic. Once it’s gone the rifle is useless.

Also Ammoland needs a way to scrub these make money from home post.