Our World is Wicked, Another Reason to Own the Versacarry Delta Carry IWB Holster

Versacarry Delta Carry IWB Gun Holster
Versacarry Delta Carry IWB Gun Holster

Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- We live in a wicked world. Not only are there thugs and low breeds running rampant, once arrested, liberal judges immediately release them from jail and coddle them like they’re the victims of society. Even the newly elected Vice President tweeted for people to donate to a fund to bail out BLM and Antifa thugs that were burning and looting our cities.

The same liberals that are taking the above actions are also pushing to defund the police. So don’t expect to be able to call for help from the police. A while back I was driving by a neighborhood park and some joker hopped up on meth was roughing up a girl right in front of all of the little kids, soccer games, kids on jungle gyms, etc. When I got even with them, he had a young lady that was 5 months pregnant. It sickened me.

I called the cops but it took them 5 minutes and 19 seconds to get there. I had just checked out of a hospital and was on blood thinners so if I’d gotten hit, it would have killed me. But luckily I was prepared to stop him. He’d of beat her senseless and have aborted the baby and at worst have killed her.

So it is pretty clear if you want to protect your family and loved ones then you had better be prepared to do so yourself. In the above scenario, I was just driving down to the local grocery store, not 1-mile from my house.

Why is carrying in a holster such a big deal?

So, if you decide to carry then you need to do so responsibly. You may not have thought of it but carrying your pistol in a holster is being responsible. Here’s why I say this. I heard a story of a fine fellow carrying a Glock unholstered in between the bucket seats, beside you. One time he reached down and found his finger right on the trigger. It could have discharged if he inadvertently pressed his hand down to push up in the seat back. So you ALWAYS want the trigger covered. Especially if you’re carrying a bear pistol in the mountains where a twig or limb can scrap your hip and grab the trigger.

The 2nd reason you should carry in a holster is to keep items/debris out of the trigger guard and barrel. Once I pulled from my pocket a small auto in an old-style pocket holster, the kind that didn’t completely cover the trigger, only to discover that a roll of mints was sideways in the trigger guard against the trigger. That would have been bad in a panic situation.

And the 3rd reason to carry in a holster is to keep it handy and readily accessible. If you’re about to get jumped you don’t want to have to say excuse me Mr Bad-Guy, my pistol is buried somewhere down here in my backpack or purse. Please set down and enjoy a cigarette for a moment while I retrieve it. Oops, my mistake, I guess it’s back in my truck. Enjoy another cigarette while I run back and get it. Please don’t hurt or kill my kids until I get back.

Versacarry Delta Carry IWB Gun Holster

So with the above said, let’s get into today’s Product Review. For doodling around town or running errands, a little Bersa Thunder .380 is handy to carry but what if a pit bull attacks you? I had one charge me a while back while I was walking into a restaurant. I go to thinking the caliber was light for how aggressive that thick-pitty was?

A .45 is nice for bigger jobs. This is why I have a holster to carry my 1911 but I thought I’d upgrade so I grabbed a Versacarry Delta Carry IWB Holster. Not only is the Versacarry Delta Carry IWB Holster a nice-looking holster, but it is also very functional. I love leather holsters and at first glance, I thought that it was leather but it is actually a hybrid leather/foam. The foam is comfortable to carry and should reduce holster wear on your sidearm.

The Versacarry Delta Carry IWB Holster has a raised protective backing that keeps the pistol from contacting you. On the backside it is padded. These two features make it a comfortable holster to carry.

I like the clip. It is a super stout clip and I don’t think would pop loose in any situation short of a nuclear blast. The pistol doesn’t snap tightly into place in this holster but it holds my pistol in place fine. It’s offered in left or right-hand options. The MSRP is $45.00 and as is usual, we will close with the specs.

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Versacarry Delta Carry IWB Gun Holster features:

• Inside the Waistband Holster
• Raised Protective Backing
• Ultra-Plush Padded Back
• Easy On/Off Clip
• Soft Interior to Protect Finish
• Minimal Size with Maximum Comfort
• Hybrid Leather/Foam Construction
• Left-Hand Models Available

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Tom Claycomb has been an avid hunter/fisherman throughout his life as well as an outdoor writer with outdoor columns in the magazine Hunt Alaska, Bass Pro Shops, Bowhunter.net, and freelances for numerous magazines and newspapers. “To properly skin your animal, you will need a sharp knife. I have an e-article on Amazon Kindle titled Knife Sharpening #ad for $.99 if you’re having trouble.”

Tom Claycomb

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I know it is sometimes easy to be critical, but I will do so anyway. Being a self-taught gunner as my WWII Dad was not into firearms. I have been shooting since I was 12 (with Dad helping with my purchases but not shooting them) or about 57 years now I have learned a few things the hard-way. This is a decent IWB Holster for cheap and simple, but it ain’t long enough. With the Front Sight being tall and sharp it WILL catch when you draw it, yes it will and it will be worse with any angle to… Read more »


Last but not least: Another good reason to carry a handgun in a holster; Police are suspicious of suspects carrying without holsters. The ubiquitous theory is, one intends to ditch the gun immediate after a criminal act. No holster means no gun.


I have had one for most of this year. It is a good holster for my 1911 Officer’s Model. It does everything it is supposed to do.