Wisconsin Gun Owners Say Domestic Abuse Bill AB321/SB317 Threatens Gun Rights

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. Says Domestic Abuse Bill AB321/SB317 Threatens Gun Rights

Madison, Wis. — -(AmmoLand.com)- Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO)— Wisconsin’s only no-compromise gun rights organization — opposes in the strongest possible terms the phrasing of AB321/SB317, codifying the federal statute on misdemeanor domestic violence, because of the ambiguity of the language.

Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. was very disturbed to read the language included in AB321/SB317, a legislative proposal backed by Republicans and Democrats, which it argues leaves room for misuse and open interpretation.

“Laws that govern whether a person can or cannot exercise their second amendment rights should not be ambiguous or leave room for politicized prosecution,” said Thomas Leager, executive director of WGO.

WGO is calling out self-styled pro-gun Republicans who support the bill. Following WGO’s alert, Rep. Rachel Cabral-Guevara immediately revoked her support. “This must have been a mistake, and my office hopes to work closely with WGO in the future to expand and preserve Second Amendment rights in Wisconsin,” said Rep. Cabral-Guevara.

Leager said the organization condemns all domestic violence in the strictest terms possible, but this bill is not aimed directly at domestic violence. Instead, the bill would target people for raising their voice to their spouse or child or spanking their child, and leaves an open end to include one’s medical choices as a form of domestic abuse.

“State republicans did not clear the legislation with WGO before jumping on the bandwagon, and it appears they attempted to sneak the bill through,” Leager said. “However, we are always keeping watch and the proposal as-is is unacceptable to our members. We hope to see more Republicans drop their support for this anti-gun proposal.”

About Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc.

Founded in 2003, Wisconsin Gun Owners, Inc. (WGO) works tirelessly to restore gun rights in the Badger State using a grassroots activism model that forces lawmakers of either party to go on the record and answer to gun owners. WGO is a 501(c)4 advocacy organization and registered charitable non-profit in the State of Wisconsin. Learn more at wisconsingunowners.org.

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Go peddle your bullshit somewhere else, TWAT !


It is reasonable… Including due to the fact that weapons can be used when committing domestic violence. I often read this kind of news, and also I read about it at https://studyhippo.com/essay-examples/domestic-violence/ yesterday and this is another argument against permission to store weapons at home. Of course, I understand that the absence of weapons in the house is also dangerous when everyone around has it. Thus, the person or family living at one house becomes vulnerable. Therefore, it is difficult for me to decide what opinion should be adhered to.

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To be honest, I still have not formed a consensus about the permission to store weapons.

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WI Patriot

You would do better than to take anything from wgo seriously…


Trump already did this when he fixed NICS, He screwed thousand of people out of thier gun rights because of claims of domestic abuse whether there was merit or not . This is a bullshit attempt to take rights from lawbiding citizens on false claims of domestic abuse . I know a 75 year old veteran who can’t buy a gun do to a 30 year old claim he threatened his ex wife . He has had contact with her in over 30 years . Nice Job Donald you fucked up bad when you gave these crybaby gun grabbers a… Read more »


perceived slights ,the laws are stupid.The number of false things said or done to deflect blame in a divorce ,I have a friend who’s ex claimed he was having an affair and hit her and all kinds of bs ,3 months after she gave birth to a deformed child that was her brothers! (baby died) but my friend still has the domestic abuse investigation open over his head ,one account she falsely gave I know is an impossibility,he was with me at a out of town car show
and there is no repercussions for the lie

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that shit was around before him. but yeah he sadly didnt do anything to help us in that right in first term either