Every Day Carry Loadout: SIG SAUER P365

SIG SAUER P365 Decked Out for Concealed Carry
SIG SAUER P365 Decked Out for Concealed Carry

U.S.A. -(Ammoland.com)- I knew as soon as I saw the spec sheet for the P365 all those years ago that it would become my carry gun. Reading specs was one thing, but seeing it in person is another. At SHOT the next year, I held one, and it reaffirmed my beliefs. I was an early adopter, and the SIG P365 has served as my carry gun for years now. However, over time I’ve slowly transformed it into something a little fancier and make it a very competent little fighting pistol.

Parts and Pieces of My P365

I’ll admit full stop that I sacrificed a little of the compact design to accommodate all my parts and pieces. It’s gotten bigger but still manageable for concealed carry. I don’t mind a bigger gun by any means, and I love the efficiency of the P365.

Standard Frame – Long Slide

Once the P365 XL came out, I knew I wanted that slide. I wanted the longer sight radius and the ability to attach optics. Longer slides make appendix carry a bit easier since they push the gun rearwards and enhance concealability as well. I shopped around a fair bit and finally found a complete slide for sale. I wanted to utilize my standard P365 frame with the long slide.

I keep the P365 standard slide for deep concealment.

To me, this is the best of both worlds and provides the advantages of a longer barrel and slide with the advantages of a more concealable frame when carried IWB. Additionally, the standard frame can use all of the P365 magazines, including the shorter ten rounders, for the most concealment possible.

I do retain the standard slide and will drop it on if deep concealed is necessitated by an even or clothing option.

True Precision Barrel – Griffin Micro Carry Comp

After carrying the P365 with the longer slide, I began to experiment with compensators. Most compensators are made for guns the size of the Glock 17 and would look ridiculous on a P365. During my research, I came across the Griffin Micro Carry Comp. This thing is basically the size of a thread protector yet offers three ports to allow for slight recoil reduction. Plus, it’s affordable!

A little comp provides significant recoil reduction.

With a comp on the way, I knew I needed a new barrel. Again I researched and researched. I found True Precision and their barrels to be the best choice on the market. The SAAMI spec chamber, the target crown, and proprietary broach cut promised to enhance accuracy.

The True Precision barrels give me threading and an increase in accuracy.

When I combined the two, I found nothing but improvement. Recoil went from a little snappy to positively mild. As if I was shooting a much larger 9mm. With the barrel installed in my P365, I saw a slight increase in accuracy and had zero issues feedings the worst ammo I had on hand.

Holosun 507K

The addition of a red optic made one of the biggest performance differences I made to my P365. Mini red dots using the Shield footprint are becoming common. Most seem to be okay but have issues in the durability department. Holosun’s 507K seemed to be the best-built model, and I’ve quickly learned to appreciate it.

The little 507K utilizes the multi reticle system, and the big 32 MOA circle and dot have become my reticle of choice.

The 507K makes the gun easier to shoot all around.

For concealed carry ranges, the optic works perfectly and allows me to get on targets frighteningly fast, as well as the transition between targets or execute failure to stop drills on the same target.

If I need to enhance my range, I can quickly swap to the 2 MOA reticle and do so. In fact, at 50 yards, I can regularly ring a 10-inch gong with the optic on the gun. The smaller reticle makes it possible for me to see the target I’m engaging.

12 Round Magazine With Mag Guts

The P365’s magazine capacity has always been a huge strength. Fitting ten grounds in a gun that looks like to carry 6 is no small feat. I traditionally used the 12 rounders to really maximize my defensive potential.

The 12 round magazine with MagGuts gives me 14 rounds of 9mm.

I also added the MagGut +2 spring that takes my capacity from twelve to 14 without extending the magazine. I tested these thoroughly because I could barely believe it was possible. I ran the mag through several hundred rounds, executed tons of reloads, and it kept kicking.

The MagGuts do not extend the magazine but gives you +2 rounds.

The Future of My P365

I’m currently testing the TLR-7 SUB, and I’m loving it. It might become a full-time addition, pending a good holster popping up to accommodate it.

The SUB isn’t an everyday carry, but it might be in the future.

The current setup might have added a little extra to the P365, but the gun is easier to handle in every way. I’ve decreased my split times, enhanced my accuracy, added a couple of rounds, and extended my effective range. What more could I want?

About Travis Pike

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner, a lifelong firearms enthusiast, and now a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is the world’s Okayest firearm’s instructor.

Travis Pike


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I agree that the P365 is an excellent carry gun. The only trick out I’ve added to mine is the Lima365 Green Dot Laser.
If SIG ever makes a standard slide set up for a RD, I will consider it.
Gun rides with the 10 round magazines with no print issues, but I carry 2 12 rounders as back ups, for a total of 35 rounds of Hornady Critical Duty 134 gr Freedom Seeds.


Jason at Concealment Solutions can make a holster for the SIG 365/365 XL for any configuration and carry position. I have two of his OWB for these guns. His IWB is very comfortable too. He generally gets them shipped in around 2weeks.
For appendix carry I recommend KeepersConcealment.com


What is the overall length and weight now?