An Insider’s View of the NRA Board of Directors ~ Comments by Rocky Marshall

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USA – -( In the last eight months as a member of the NRA Board of Directors (BOD), I have been asked often by NRA members, pro-gun groups, and pro-second amendment reporters “Why does the NRA BOD refuse to terminate Wayne LaPierre’s employment in light of the accusations and evidence of mismanagement, malfeasance, and misuse of NRA funds for personal benefit?”

I believe there are three primary reasons and a lengthy list of secondary reasons.

Primary Reasons:

  • NRA Officers and key board members fully support maintaining Wayne LaPierre as the EVP regardless of the evidence that has been presented in the recent Bankruptcy trial.
  • Several Directors are not independent fiduciaries and will follow the leadership regardless of the admission of wrongdoing by Wayne LaPierre and others.
  • A few Directors are independent but will not openly challenge the current leadership for fear of reprisals, loss of committee assignments, and ultimately removal from the BOD.

The BOD’s failure in the fiduciary role of oversight has created a risk of dissolution by the New York Attorney General and has enraged NRA members, pro-second amendment organizations, and second amendment reporters. The very groups that historically have been the backbone of the NRA are now the biggest critics. The NRA routinely describes these former support groups as adverse to the NRA and malcontents. These often repeated derogatory terms are used to describe anyone or any organization with views that do not align with the NRA leadership.

In order to develop an understanding of where the NRA is heading, it is necessary to predict the outcome of the New York Attorney General’s Complaint against the NRA.

Potential Outcomes:

  1. ) The NRA prevails in the NYAG case and all charges are dropped and the NRA returns to normal operations with current management and BOD in place. This is not plausible due to the overwhelming evidence compiled by the NYAG and through testimonies during the bankruptcy trial. If Martha Stewart can go to jail for insider trading on a transaction valued at $45,000; then I venture to speculate that mismanagement of millions of dollars can also have serious consequences.
  2. ) The NRA loses the NYAG case and immediately files an appeal or another bankruptcy filing. This is possible, however, I think is unlikely because the NRA will lose all leverage with the NYAG and will be at the mercy of the court.
  3. ) The NRA avoids the trial through negotiations with the NYAG agrees to remove management, agrees to pay a massive fine, the NRA BOD is disbanded, and the NYAG has a huge political victory. I think this outcome is most likely based on the other possible outcomes.

The appointment of an Independent Receiver by the New York Court could help stop the raiding of the NRA’s bank account. I am hoping that the recent filing of an intervention in the NYAG case (which I am the named Director) will finally end the continued wrongdoing by a few and save the NRA for the members.

I hope to encourage all NRA members to become fully engaged in taking back control of the NRA for the benefit of the members. The BOD will not change course and have no intention of correcting the wrongdoing of the past. If the NRA is important to you, please get involved….now!

Mailing Address:
National Rifle Association of America
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

Phone Number:
NRA Member Programs


~ Roscoe B. Marshall

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I have cut all ties with the NRA. I let my Instructor creds lapse. I am done. I pour my cash into the GOA and the local VCDL here in Virginia. So long as their leadership is corrupt, not one more dime.

Arizona Don

I am a life member of the NRA. I will not in any way do anything to change that. However, I personally will not donate or take part in any way in the NRA’s efforts to raise money for any reason in the future until Wayne LaPierre in gone. Consequently the BOD can do whatever they wish to keep him there regardless of his criminal activities but it will cost them dearly.  Furthermore, I feel confident many other members will also do the same. 

Dry gulched

They keep soliciting me to renew my membership, so I write “not until pierre and the bod is removed” on the renewal forms and send them back to them. So far it hasn’t kept them from trying.


1)WHY do the board members & officers support LaPierre regardless of the evidence??! Just pointing this out isn’t a reason. 2)WHY would any Director(or member or employee) “follow” the leadership regardless of admissions of wrongdoings or even crimes. There is no logic to the choice these people are making, why is it so difficult to determine their motivations?! 3)WHY would anyone be afraid to challenge the leadership of a dying organization. Board members allow criminal behavior for fear being removed from committee assignments? I’m not buying it. None of the 3 primary reasons adequately explain the behavior of current board… Read more »


The board should be taking him and others to court … wishful thinking. Or, the members are going to have to stand up and take them to court … wishful thinking.
Every time there is a vote, I do my best to see who are the worms to avoid to try and “fix” the board … BUT the board has already been stacked and packed just like what the rats want to do with the supreme court.

It’s a disgusting mess and can not be easy for those whom are buried by it.


The NRA is the only organization I’ve seen, or even heard of, where the Board Of Directors are completely controlled by the executive staff employees. It’s supposed to work the other way around. We don’t need “Wayne’s World”, in any form. Truth is we never did. We’ve just been subjected to decades of clever, flashy marketing, and goebbels-esque propaganda. “Non-Profit” my A$$. Criminal indictments are inevitable. Join and support your individual state’s most Pro-2A organization. Don’t depend on any national organization to come to the rescue. Phone and email your state representatives in a professional and respectful manner. Let them… Read more »


More ‘accomplishments’: Like NRA, AZCDL did ZIP to stop the theft of both US Senate seats & the presidency; RINO Gov, RINO AG, bare R legislative majority infected with RINOs.

Too many Hobbit ‘Libertarians’. No PAC to endorse-elect candidates. A 501c4 can legally oppose, but they won’t even do that. Long as they have ‘ConCarry’ they’re complacent. ‘ConCarry’ & ‘2A sanctuary’ are what RINOs give Hobbits to make them feel they’re safe in The Shire, so they do zip to purge traitors from the R tent, zip to stop the transformation & takeover, after which it’ll be taken back.

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Xaun Loc

Hopefully the NYAG will fully pursue the case to its only logical conclusion — imprisonment of Wayne LaPierre for theft and fraud, followed by criminal and civil prosecution of each board member for failure in their legally required fiduciary duties.


Hey Rocky….I’ll never give you theiving bastards another dime of my money unless the organization is completely purged up top & competent, honest individuals are put in charge.


Rocky Marshall is one of the people trying to make a change for the better. To lump him in with the rest of the thieves is not only unfair, but totally wrong, and ill informed.


I agree that Wayne has to go but the statement about Martha’s Stewart is wrong. She didn’t go to jail for insider trading. She went to jail because she trusted the FBI and didn’t keep her mouth shut! She misspoke and they got her for lying to them!

Arizona Don

You are correct and they, the FBI set her up for that.


As for me, a long standing life member, I am holding out for a bankruptcy and liquidation of functional assets and resources. Divide it up, give recreational shooting, education and instruction (RSO, Coach and Instructors) to the CMP, give the industry liaison functions to NSSF, break up the foundation between NSSF and CMP and give the ILA and Pac functions to 2AF and GOA. Break it up. Save the resources by delivering them to competent corporate leadership. What we have in the current NRA is the worst of all possible worlds: we have a major corporation corrupted by a quest… Read more »

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I have been very disappointed in LaPierre and the whole NRA BOD since even before I jumped in with a 5 year membership. Suffice it to say I am so glad I didn’t have the finances to jump in with a lifetime membership. Actually I was of the opinion LaPierre should have been booted years ago when Oliver North and the BOD were having that dispute. WHY CAN’T THE NRA, GOA, NSSF, 2AF, and all the pro-gun organizations get together and put up a united front. What is our main goal? WHY IS IT THAT WE CAN’T UNDERSTAND “UNITED WE… Read more »


Um … have one huge united fraudulent organization? I see and understand what you mean but we have one disgustingly rotten apple, let’s not have it spoil the others.

Xaun Loc

The main reason why NRA, GOA, NSSF, 2AF, and all the pro-gun organizations CANNOT get together and put up a united front is because one of those organizations is anti-RKBA while all the others are pro-RKBA. The NRA is not now, and never has been, a pro-RKBA organization. It was founded to teach rifle marksmanship by running rifle competitions (a job it did very well until recently). As part of its mission to promote rifle marksmanship, the NRA developed and conducted firearms safety training programs (a job that it did very well, and which until very recently I would have… Read more »

Henry Bowman

The NRA needs to just go away. It’s been a boat anchor around the collective necks of the 2A activist community! The fudds who tirelessly defend NRA leadership (including Harold Hutchinson) are a plague on the rest of gun-owning Americans!


I have always wondered why Oliver North backed out of the NRA presidency so soon after his appointment. Wondering what Ollie knew…The NRA is an old and grand association. It should be retained, under new management. I am a Patron Life member and joined in the early 1950s.


1 thing he knew: While he was NRA’s ‘unpaid’ Pres ‘repping’ member interests he took >=$1m/yr of our $ thru vampire permavendor AcMc + who knows how much ‘expense’ & fought disclosure. Began ‘investigating’ when grifter LaPew’s atty Brewski threatened his gravy train by ‘stealing’ his AcMc paymaster’s NRA biz: Angus McQ, Patron St. of Vamps & Brewski’s father in law! Squabble among $-suckers that got out of control. How’d they get control of NRA? Ask the see-no-evils who trashed those who tried to warn members. Ask Workman, Patron St. of Hacks: betrayed reformers in ’97 to save LaPewCo; 33-32

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Xaun Loc

Congratulations, ralph, on having joined what was then (and still is) the largest Anti-RKBA organization in the USA.


Saw that, Oliver North resignation, go down live on nra TV, which was the only way to find out what was ACTUALLY going on … other than libtard media. Saw the dirty laundry that they will never talk about in their self promoting propaganda mags. If that wouldn’t have aired, I’m sure more of us wouldn’t have realized what’s been going on


And N didn’t want his OWN dirty laundry aired – $1m/yr laundered through AcMc.

Henry Bowman

I see you still have those six troll sockpuppets following you around, downvoting you!

You know you’re over the target when you take flak!

Knute Knute

What a great quote that one is! When all 6 of the guns open up on you… you must really be dangerous! 🙂


Looks like at least 10. Makes me laugh there’s that many mentally-disarmed butthurt copsmokers lurking here with their suck-puppets.

The real hoot’ll be when Lucky (La)Pierre’s $40k Rodeo Drive suits & undergarments are confiscated, steam cleaned & auctioned off in W Hollywood.

“LaPew paid $2,000 for these slightly-stained hand-sewn silk manties. Do I have $25? $25! Do I have $50…$50?…$50? Going once…Going twice…”


One: The NRA is deeply compromised by the deep state, and has been for a very long time, AS RECENTLY EVIDENCED by the NRA not making a statement about the seriously anti 2nd amendment NDAA until THREE DAYS after it passed the house. Go see for yourself. Then we have NRA’s support for the Lautenberg gun ban in a REPUBLICAN controlled U.S. house. The deep state is extremely dangerous and a lot of naive people still refuse to take it seriously because the facts terrify them so much (the deep state murdered JFK for the martyr effect and ran the… Read more »

Xaun Loc

Yawn… There is no need for any grand conspiracy theories involving the “Deep State” and similar nonsense. The NRA is not now, and never has been, a pro-RKBA organization. It was founded to teach rifle marksmanship by running rifle competitions (a job it did very well until recently). As part of its mission to promote rifle marksmanship, the NRA developed and conducted firearms safety training programs (a job that it did very well, and which until very recently I would have said it still does well). Nothing about the NRA was ever supposed to support the right to keep and… Read more »

Henry Bowman

That’s the part that Fudd America takes umbrage with; the thieving and lying. The corruption comes next, but as long as the politi-whores in DC don’t touch their hunting arms, they’ll happily throw everyone else under the bus.


I refuse to join that corrupt organization until there are sweeping changes to the BOD. And the members have the ability to change it but refuse…sort of like the Democratic party.

Henry Bowman

You just nailed it… Wayne LaPierre was a Dem staffer before taking over the NRA.


Roscoe: To quote your “recommendation” at the end of the article: “I hope to encourage all NRA members to become fully engaged in taking back control of the NRA for the benefit of the members. The BOD will not change course and have no intention of correcting the wrongdoing of the past.” If the BOD refuses to make any leadership change, and you want us to get involved “to take back control,” EXACTLY WHAT action(s) should we take? Give us clear-cut direction so we can act effectively.

Xaun Loc

There is NOTHING that the membership of the NRA can do about the situation where the organization is being run by a conman who is supported by the entire board. The only effective action available to the people who have fallen victim to this con is the same as the only action available to victims of any other con — just cut your losses and walk away. The vast majority of NRA members are fools who have fallen for the lie that the NRA supports our right to keep and bare arms. It does not, and it never has. Any… Read more »


Can we get “responsible” government to do the “right” thing?
I know, laughable … hope many had a good laugh at that, but at any rate. There needs to be a lawsuit but NOT against the organization! Specific persons have defrauded us members and should be held responsible and held to answer. The organization is being screwed inside and out.

Would be great to see Texas step up to the plate to save the NRA by holding weeny wayne to account for what he has done! Fight the fraud perpetrated against the organization and it’s members!


a practice wall would work better, I have a nail gun for spikes


I have spent the majority of the last 50 years trusting the contribution and value of the NRA. It pains me to see how it has failed the membership. People in the know laugh at myself for having been proud to display my numerous membership level decals!! All my NRA decals/insignia have all been regrettably removed from display and replaced with my GOA membership insignia. I have spent Many days at the great Whittington center and it hurts to see the NRA logo associated with the complex.


Martha Steward did NOTgo to jail for insider trading on a transaction valued at $45,000.”

She was convicted of lying to Congress about insider trading. The equivalent would be LaPierre being charged with perjury and convicted. There may also be IRS implications from his actions.


I think a vote by all the members needs to be exercised. If the vast majority of members voted to dissolve the current BOD, and remove Lapierre for good from the organization, and elect a new board, there is a chance for change. But it’s going to take every member to vote in order to make it happen. Otherwise, I fully agree with nrringlee, dissolve the organization and redistribute the assets to more competent organizations. I will not renew my current membership, or send anymore money to PVT or ILA until either of those two things, or something similar is… Read more »