ATF, NSSF Offers Up to $10,000 Reward on Ray’s Hardware & Sporting Goods Burglary

Ray’s Hardware & Sporting Goods Burglary
Ray’s Hardware & Sporting Goods Burglary

Dallas – -( The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), have announced a reward of up to $10,000 for information leading to the identification and/or arrest of the suspect responsible for the theft of approximately 15-20 firearms from Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), Ray’s Hardware & Sporting Goods, located at 730 Singleton, Dallas, Texas.

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, October 26, 2021, a suspect entered the business premises through a window on the second floor after a failed attempt to enter on the ground level. Once inside the property, the suspect proceeded to steal approximately 15-20 firearms. Surveillance video shows the suspect driving a white vehicle from the premises.

The unidentified suspect was wearing a face and head covering, light colored short sleeve shirt and dark pants.

See the following link for surveillance video.…

“Recovering these firearms quickly before additional crimes are committed remains a top priority for ATF. We are asking the public to please let authorities know if you recognize this individual,” said ATF Dallas Special Agent in Charge Jeffrey C Boshek II.

Anyone with any information about this crime should contact ATF at 1-888-ATF-TIPS. Information can also be sent to [email protected], through ATF’s website at

The reward is part of a larger national cooperative initiative between the NSSF and ATF, in which NSSF matches ATF rewards in cases involving the theft of firearms from federally licensed firearms retailers. ATF works closely with members of the firearms industry to curb the criminal acquisition and misuse of firearms.

ATF is the lead federal law enforcement agency with jurisdiction involving firearms and violent crimes and regulates the firearm industry. More information about ATF and its programs is available at

Dallas Field Division

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

ATF is the federal law enforcement agency responsible for investigating violations of the federal firearms and explosives laws and regulations. More information about ATF and its programs can be found at

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ( ATF )

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Capn Dad
Capn Dad (@capndad)
19 days ago

How could anyone at any time trust anything any federal entity says or does?

2gats (@2-gats)
20 days ago


unless you are PUBLISHing their HOME ADDRESSES I do not care one bit about the atfyou

FUCK atf and their extended families!!!

stop playing toady with the feds

atf IS the domestic enemy

Orion (@orion)
19 days ago
Reply to  2gats

all that bathtub gin youve been drinkin’ isnt making you more intelligent, just the opposite.

JPM (@jpm)
20 days ago

The FUDDS at NSSF kiss ATF butt once again.

Deplorable Bill
Deplorable Bill (@deplorable-bill)
21 days ago

Anyone notice how accurate the atfe is in referring to the number of firearms stolen? Is it 15 or 20? Maybe they have more agents who will “keep them for themselves” and so they don’t “overcharge the thief”. I have seen this happen with my own eyes. This is a crime for local PD. The federals, the atfe, are legally restricted by the second amendment; see SHALL NOT INFRINGE. Catch the crook, return the stolen firearms, all of them. End of story. The atfe’s phone number should be 1-800- infringe my rights. A well regulated militia being necessary to the… Read more »

Orion (@orion)
19 days ago

stealing from an FFL is a federal offense. the local DPD, Texas DPS and the feds are all working on this case. Rays is longtime area store.

Dubi Loo
Dubi Loo (@dubi-loo)
21 days ago

Sounds like undocumented shopping.

swmft (@swmft)
20 days ago
Reply to  Dubi Loo

watch the guns turn up in mexico more atf gunwalking

Boris Badenov
Boris Badenov (@boris-badenov)
18 days ago
Reply to  Dubi Loo

Please notice the tan lines, very distinctive, should be easy to spot.