A Monstrous Plot To Reshape Every Institution Of The Nation ~ Treason VIDEO

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A Monstrous Plot To Reshape Every Institution Of The Nation Treason iStock-Sergei-Q

New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- The Pelosi-Schumer Congress and the Harris-Biden Administration realize the Herculean task if not outright impossible task of utilizing Article 5 of the Constitution to transform the Nation into a functioning Neo-Marxist Dictatorship. The difficulty of doing so is no accident. It is by design. It is as the Framers of the Constitution intended.

“Amending the Constitution should of course be undertaken with the gravest of care. After all, there is a reason why constitutional designers impose special rules for amending a constitution. If it were just as easy to amend a constitution as it is to amend an ordinary law, there would be nothing special, more authoritative, or more meaningful about it than a statute. It may admittedly be unwise to fiddle with the constitutional text because frequent constitutional changes breed uncertainty, which itself undermines the stability that government requires to function properly. Stability was in fact a chief objective in the minds of the Framers as they set out to establish the parameters for amending the constitution. Other objectives which Article V serves are popular legitimacy and federalism, the former oriented toward ensuring that any amendment may be said to flow from the durable will of the people, and the latter permeating the entire constitutional text and indeed its very genesis. The high procedural hurdles of Article V that citizens and legislators must clear in order to perfect a constitutional amendment also entail considerable investments of time and cost, which together serve an important purpose of diluting the passions that may otherwise suffuse the daily business of popular politics.” ~ “The Constitutional Politics Of Presidential Succession, 39 Hofstra L. Rev. 497, Spring 2011, by Richard Albert, Assistant Professor, Boston College Law School; Yale University (J.D., B.A.); Oxford University (B.C.L.); Harvard University (LL.M.).

The frustration of the Neo-Marxist Internationalists and Neoliberal Globalists is palpable.

They reject Republicanism for Authoritarianism or Totalitarianism, either of which requires the dismantling of a free Constitutional Republic. The tacit goal is to INSTITUTIONALIZE TYRANNY of Government.

This monumental task cannot be undertaken through the lawful operation of Article 5 of the Constitution. That would be much too time-consuming and, in part, logically, as well as legally, impossible. So the Government attempts to reconfigure the political, social, economic, and legal fabric of the Nation, avoiding Constitutional stricture, through the operation of statute and executive fiat; openly denying and defying the Constitution!

Is this radical, illegal alteration of the structure of a free Constitutional Republic truly coming from the faces of Government that the American people see? Or is this transformation coming from unseen forces behind the scenes?

If an unseen hand is making executive-level policy decisions, then this points to treachery and betrayal of the Nation, Constitution, and people, for the Chief Executive cannot Constitutionally delegate executive-level policy decision-making authority to unnamed, unelected individuals.

Article 2 of the Constitution places EXECUTIVE DECISION-MAKING AUTHORITY in one person, and one person, only: The President of the United States.

The President is the only person who has executive-level decision-making authority. THIS IS NOT DELEGABLE.

It is a violation of the Constitution if Biden did attempt to delegate this authority to others or consciously or unconsciously acquiesced to it.

If Biden is not making executive-level decisions or even involved in the policy-making process, he is not serving as U.S. President. That means he is merely a figurehead, a placeholder.

If true, this means the Nation is devoid of a sitting President of the United States.

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We are a long way from what the framers intended vs the current government. This country needs an enema.


Agreed, however, surgeons don’t wait to cure an ailment in order to save the patient, even one necessary thirty years ago…

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160 years ago. Start at least back there when th former corporate railroad lawyer began to play the public fears and walk as a tyrant.


I seem to remember from history a terrible mistake that was the ratification of the 18th amendment to OUR Constitution. It was pushed by a radical minority of anti Alcohol busybody’s and miscreants! The rabid enforcement of this “Thing” caused the government to, among other misdeeds to distribute vast quantities of poisoned Alcohol in America, which caused thousands of deaths!
It also ushered in an Organized Criminal group that terrorized the entire country, and to this day has its tendrils everywhere in our society!
Be careful what you wish for!


You SHOULD remember the terrible ‘mistake’ of the 17th Amendment depriving the States of their suffrage in the U.S. Senate (and their ability to constrain the federal government to the terms of its charter) IN DIRECT AND EGREGIOUS VIOLATION OF ARTICLE V which PROHIBITS any amendment depriving any State of its suffrage in the Senate without its Consent. Ten States withheld Consent, but communist President Woodrow Wilson’s communist Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan declared the Amendmernt ratified anyway, setting us up for the Marxist occupation government takeover we currently endure. The Amendment is null and void for want of… Read more »

Wild Bill

Are you referring to the shift from state legislatures to electors voting for Senators? That was done because in the gilded age money talked, and Senatorships were up for secret auction, and there was a popular outcry for the change.


That’s was the plan, and the 16th amendment along with the illegally ratified Federal Reserve Act. Those monstrosity’s totally screwed us!


It is 75 years after, this is how the Nazi’s work, it is time to Crush them once again…


There should never be “AMENDMENTS TO OUR CONSTITUTION” = Or “our makers of The BILL OF RIGHTS” would Have WRITTEN A Clause to do SO ! I do not see ANY such provision to AMEND Any Part OF “THE PEOPLES RIGHTS ” !


This series of articles presents treason to us the readers The administration has many players most with names we will never know. Those in this administration and offices of the federal government are using the courts to alter what is written in the constitution without changing the document.They change the meaning of the words to fit the requirements needed to advance their position. Till Judges lawyers and the court system return to the rule of law not interrupting the law to advance the agenda of the political party they partner with Democratic or Republican. We The People will continue remain… Read more »


The Left is “reimagining” government, co-opting and redefining words, and breaking the law on a daily basis. The Left (with the GOP’s assistance) will continue to do so, and accelerate their transformation of the greatest nation on earth into a socialist quagmire, until they are physically stopped. All that evil requires is for good men to sit back and do nothing. The evil Left will continue to destroy America until we stop them.

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YEAH! That’s just ‘we’ will do ‘too’ stop ‘them’! I mean stop their asses, TEX!


That’s the spirit!


It just don’t work unless you say ass somewheres!!!

Don’t make me light you up, boy!!!


My apologies.

I appreciate how you worked “don’t” in there.

I used to think Buford T. Justice was a caricature of a dumb, slow-witted, buffoon whose ego was based on his power not on his accomplishments.

I understand now that character was a hero and Jackie downplayed it.

I’m writing Liz tomorrow and ask that she write a bill declaring a Buford T. Justice day!


Correction: Don’t make me light yo ASS up, BOY!!!


“Kid, we found your name on an envelope at the bottom of a half a ton of garbage, and just wanted to know if you had any information about it.”


Nosuh Off’cer Obie, I doan no nuffin baout dat


Officer Obie and Buford T. Justice – what a team!

They know who to light up vs. who to throw in with all the father rapers.


“Obie, I don’t think I can pick up the garbage with these handcuffs on.”

If WillTex were a prison guard, his favorite line would be:

“Stop hangin’ yourself, boy…Stop hangin’ yourself.”

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I see him bouncing back and before between Obie and Buford. After he put his hand on his pistol and ordered a disrespectful civilian out of their car he would point to the broken tail light and say:

“What we’re dealing with here is a complete lack of respect for the law.”

And then, you know, so on and so on and see where things would go.


You forgot to throw in ASS!!! and PISSANT!!! and LMFAO!!!


I’m just a civilian – I’m subject to a different set of rules.

I get a “well-deserved” reprimand for merely pointing out that a veteran didn’t read what I wrote.

I’m not arguing – civilians should be subject to different rules. It’s all part of the revelation I had on the 5th of November.

Buford’s favorite term was “sumbitch” – I have to believe that was a popular term when Will was serving and protecting.


whayyoumeeen “boy”?


Don’t make me light yo ass up too, BOY!

Wild Bill

Ok as far as you have gone, but I suspect that there is another series of articles in our future.


Law and order can not begin to those 545 elected in Washington abide by the constitution. While lower court judges make rulings to pander to the political party that sat them on the bench justice without bias is impossible. There will not be any local or federal government law enforcement agencies collecting firearms as it is unconstitutional . The United Nations and this administration working together will be the problem As we have seen around the world in democracies there will be a simple request that all firearms need to be turned in. Those in washington ever deem all firearms… Read more »

Henry Bowman

THIS is why I warn frustrated conservatives that the so-called “Convention of States” project is a honey trap. The promoters of COS are trying to bring an Article 5 convention into fruition. Those who support this have been lied to, thinking the COS is somehow NOT a Constitutional Convention (‘Con-Con’), but Article 5 is exactly that, and moreover the delegates would be state-level politicians; the very kind of people who have wrecked our Republic with party politics. But even if they don’t succeed in hijacking an Article 5 convention, these rogue politicians can and will continue ignoring the Constitution as… Read more »

Wild Bill

I like everything that you wrote, but what makes you think that the delegates would be state-level politicians?


What makes you think they wouldn’t be? The states choose their delegates. They don’t have to choose senators or congressmen. And it’s not like those are any less corrupt than state politicians. Just more visible.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
Wild Bill

Yes, neither set of politicians is trustworthy, so why even have a convention at which we could lose so much?


Agreed, and I think Henry would agree too.

Henry Bowman

Every state would necessarily need to select the delegates, and the way that is done is through state legislatures. It’s the way it has been done even before we declared independence. Logically, this is the way it would continue to be done. And state legislatures will likely be choosing fellow politicians rather than random citizens from off the street. This is the way of things.

If you believe that it would NOT be state-level politicians, including counties, explain how that would work.

Wild Bill

“The Congress … shall call a convention. Please see US Constitution at Article V The words that concern the legislatures of the several states are: ” … on the application of the Legislatures of two thirds of the several States … and “… when ratified by the Legislatures of three fourth of the several states …” Ibid. Thus the role of the Legislatures of the several states are confined to application (which is before a convention begins) and ratification (which is after all the changes have been made). Everything else in between is what Congress does as part of calling… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Wild Bill

I’m upvoting you in good faith truce mode. Let’s see how it goes. Henry was DV’d above for no good reason.

You’re right, it’s a huge trap. Still, IMO, that congress calls the convention does not imply congress picks the delegates & runs the convention and states have nothing else to do except ratify. Henry’s right, that would be a break from earlier practice, in which the states chose the delegates. I suspect congress (especially this one) would claim they run it, and it’d go the SupCt. Either way, huge trap.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
Wild Bill

There is something wrong. I up voted you three times, and the negative number would not move.


Oh well.


Exit, then reenter the conversation. This is what I must do, at times, to UP or DOWN vote a comment.


The COS is not a trap. The trap is a noose being used by our current federal regime that is regulating away freedoms, abdicate congressional control over taxes and fines, and attacking every Constitutional Right. While there is always risk at any level, I would put far more faith in state representatives than federal reps and the bureaucracies that serve or control them.    A convention of states is a convention called by the state legislatures for the purpose of proposing amendments to the Constitution. They are given power to do this under Article V of the Constitution. It is not a… Read more »

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Wild Bill

I think that we are all looking for answers to the issues that the elitists in government have caused over many decades, and I applaud you for reading up on Article V conventions.


You are right Henry, Congress seats the delegates to a Constitutional Convention and not the states. An Article V is ‘called’ by the states but Congress is in control from what I’ve read. Another point being ignored by COS is that the left wing billionaires WILL use their money to fashion the ‘new’ Constitution and the outcome to benefit them and their agenda! The Koch family is bankrolling COS and Soros supports a COS in the shadows. COS supporters can’t answer this question; IF Congress calls the Convention and IF they seat the delegates whose power is limitless and IF… Read more »

Wild Bill

Wow, that is well said, and I can neither add nor detract from it.