The Left is Loco Over the Rittenhouse Verdict

The Left is Loco Over the Rittenhouse Verdict
The Left is Loco Over the Rittenhouse Verdict

U.S.A.-( Just seconds after a Kenosha jury of five men and seven women found that Kyle Rittenhouse used his AR as it was intended, for self-defense, the anti-gun zealots went bonkers – crying, wailing and gnashing their teeth – nearly apoplectic with rage and disbelief.

When the other side is screaming, babbling incoherently and imploding on the national stage, it’s best to just leave them alone. Pop some corn, sit back and enjoy the show. Sun Tzu said that, probably.

No one in the entire country went more dinky-dau than Congressman Jerry Nadler, who represents Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Nadler wants to further weaponize and politicize the Justice Department by forcing them to investigate Rittenhouse for civil rights violations. There is, however, a major problem with Jer’s lawyering: Kyle didn’t violate anyone’s civil rights. Three convicted felons did, which is why they got shot. Besides, the FBI is far too busy wiretapping parents who disagree with their local school boards to get involved in a state case that’s already concluded, especially one without a clear federal predicate. The gavel has come down, Jerry. Time to move on.

Those of you familiar with the subtle musings of MSLSD’s Joy Reid will not be disappointed either. Reid wrote on her blog that the Rittenhouse Trial “was designed to protect white conservatives who kill.”

“Law enforcement – including a department known to cover up its own lawless acts of violence – seemed to give cover to Rittenhouse from the get-go,” Reid wrote.

Cover? They charged him with multiple felonies including several counts of murder – to give him cover? Okay, Joy, now I see why you’re paid $1.5 million and Maddow makes $35 million.

Cliff Schecter, whose day job is running a public relations and political strategy firm, wrote for the Daily Beast that Rittenhouse “just killed our right to peacefully protest.” How Schecter arrived at this political strategy I do not know.

“We’ve now lost our guaranteed First Amendment right to peacefully assemble to a half-cocked, cocaine-cowboy version of the Second Amendment,” Schecter wrote. “Mix that together with a witch’s brew of right-wing propaganda and white power, and the result is that any time you march for your rights you have to accept that any dime store Kyle Rittenhouse can point a weapon of war at you and pull the trigger.”

To be clear, Kyle Rittenhouse pointed his weapon at no one until they pointed a weapon at him. There is no evidence whatsoever that future protests will be impacted by the jury’s verdict unless of course, the peaceful protesters try to murder someone else.

On Sunday, CBS News’ senior national correspondent Mark Strassmann repeated the debunked lie that Rittenhouse “drove in from Illinois armed for battle.” The truth is, and it was confirmed during the trial, which somehow Strassman must have missed, that Rittenhouse’s AR was already in Kenosha. Any senior national correspondent should have known this. CBS declined to comment about or fix the error, which comes as no surprise, especially for this trial, especially for CBS.

There are dozens if not hundreds of other examples: NPR painted anyone who supported the verdict as a right-wing extremist, and CNN is still trying to come to grips with the 15 months’ worth of fiction they disguised as news before they’re hit by defamation lawsuits, but the most extreme silliness is coming from the usual we-need-another-law crowd.

To be clear, Kyle Rittenhouse exercised his right of self-defense. I believe self-defense is a God-given right, but feel free to insert the name of whatever deity you bend a knee to on Saturday or Sunday. (Atheists I know refer to self-defense as a natural or inherent right). The point is this, a divine right cannot be revoked by any new legislation, and it’s certainly immune from one of Joe Biden’s executive orders. Governments and authoritarian presidents come and go, but our right to defend ourselves and our loved ones remain, as long as we safeguard it more zealously than those who want to take it away.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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Joy Reid, a racist indeed!


Likewise for Madcow and many others in the “msm” that LIE, LIE, LIE or TWIST the truth by LEAVING OUT THE TRUE FACTS!


You got that right!


Madcow is a great name for her!

Mystic Wolf

All of them are liars, every person in the lame duck media and every person on the view those hags are the biggest liars of them all.


Mystic Wolf, all they know is to lie!


The looney left reminds me of a bunch of spoiled rich kids who don’t get their way…go cry somewhere else

Deplorable Bill

The “news” media is going nuts because they have been caught red handed in their lies about this case in particular. If there is something good that comes out of this it’s that people are seeing for themselves just how biased, untruthful and propaganda spewing the “news” media is. Evil is still evil. When the “trusted news media” or government lies to us, it’s not for our good, it is an attempt to enslave us. This is a basic ideal of communism. They can’t have a teenager go across state lines with a weapon that holds too many bullets, put… Read more »

Henry Bowman

Agree 100%, but most people don’t realize that Kyle’s rifle never crossed state lines. Kyle gave his friend in Wisconsin the money to buy the rifle, but it was Dominic’s rifle, kept in Wisconsin at all times. Dominic simply let Kyle use the rifle for self-defense in riot-ravaged Kenosha on the night in question. At least Kyle can have a new AR15.

Roland T. Gunner

Why all the hoopla about the rifle crossing state lines (or not)? It is legsl to carry a rifle across state lines, or even to purchase one in a state other than the buyers state of residence.


for the optics of it. if they actually did some research and investigative reporting this would have not been a thing. that is why i do not watch television anymore. watch, they say the same thing on every show, verbatim.

Henry Bowman

Just more leftist hypocrisy. They’re for closed borders when a firearm is involved, and open borders when it’s illegal aliens. There might be some Wisconsin law addressing this, but it’s moot because the judge tossed one of the charges.

Deplorable Bill

Absolutely true. The communist left has portrayed Rittenhouse as everything that is evil when the opposite is true, the news media is a big part of the evil we see, they are the propaganda wing of some very evil people in government.

Arm up and carry on

Mystic Wolf

Remember that the AR 15 is (NOT A TRUE ASSAULT) weapon, a true assualt weapon is a selectable type it can go from a single shot to a three round burst or full auto, the AR 15 does not have that ability it is only a semiautomatic.

Deplorable Bill

Yes Sir, you are correct. The AR-15, Armalite-15, is not an assault rifle it merely looks like one. It is not a select fire firearm.

Arm up and carry on


The loco left was loco before the Rittenhouse verdict. Crazy is as crazy does and they can’t be fixed by normal means . The ballot box has failed and the only cure for these unhinged nuts is the cartridge box . Kyle proved this to be a permanent cure for these violent idiots !

Henry Bowman

Conservative: ‘Peacefully protest’ = nonviolent.
Leftist: ‘Peacefully protest’ = riots, arson, assault, murder, looting, etc.

Cliff Schecter: “Rittenhouse just killed our right to peacefully protest.”
Translation: We are now too afraid to assault, riot, commit arson, loot, and murder.

Deplorable Bill


Arm up and carry on


the black guy that tried to punt kyles head through the up rights does not count????? you must be high I think he should be charged,not kyle

Henry Bowman

I agree, jump kick guy should’ve been charged. Grosskreuz should also have been charged on account of him being a felon carrying a gun. Huber and Rosenbaum got some instant justice. Reread what I posted; I’ve supported Kyle the whole time. He did literally NOTHING WRONG!


why would they charge Grosskreuz they let him off of two felonies to testify (three if you count gun charge)
four if you count arson model demoncrat

Last edited 1 year ago by swmft
Henry Bowman

I was specifically referring to the gun charge.


I don’t have to be as zealous as the antis, I just have to stand my ground. It takes a true fanatic to try to “come and take it” – only takes a good shot to to stop them.


Career criminals in Congress, State Government, Local City Government, along with the hypocrisy of the Fake NEWS channels supporting their narrative have endangered the American public. Anti-constitutionalist’s sense of morality is situational, based on incident and emotion, instead of rooted in God’s word and law. Anti-constitutionalist’s stand for nothing. The situation determines their support for an issue and their emotions rule, not reason and rationality. Moreover, they recognize the contradiction, but still cling to their situational justice. Situational justice is the tool of dictators, tyrants, despots, and unjust, unrighteous monarchs. It has no place in a Free Constitutional Republic. In… Read more »


.Kyle should be an example to all young men as to what it means to be MAN. The loony left and liberals call Kyle a killer, but what he is is a WARRIOR, doing what most so-called men in America are too “feminized” and weak to even consider. God Bless him and the example he has given us to follow.

Mystic Wolf

Well, if you look at the soy boys that are out there not oneof them is even willing to stand up and defend this nation, Kyle Rittenhouse did just that by defending himself he put his right foot forward and took that step. You can bet that not one soyboy has even the smallest amount of wherewithal to do what has to be done for this country.

Roland T. Gunner

God is very disappoimted in all the “good men” who do nothing.


This whole military weapons argument is ridiculous made by ppl who do zero research. The lever action was invented as a military weapon. Then when they realized how difficult it was to work the lever in a prone position in combat, they invented the bolt action rifle. Both weapons today are used in hunting and in the case of the bolt action, still see military action.


Well – everything that has been happening in this country is designed to enable, encourage, and legalize all the criminal violence committed by the MOBS-OF-THE-REVOLUTION that are the foot soldiers of the New Marxist Democrat Party. At the same time, everything is being done to OUTLAW ARMED SELF DEFENSE against the MOBS-OF-THE-REVOLUTION! For all the violence and burning cities with no charges filed – McCloskeys charged with felonies There was an armed journalist in Seattle or Portland who was charged when using a handgun to defend himself against “THE MOB”. And of course, how much time did NOT GUILTY Kyle… Read more »


I don’t know about anyone else, but I hear the Ka-Ching of a Cash Register everytime the Idiots of the Lame Stream Propaganda/Media continues with their Lies and Obfuscations about the Actual and Verifiable Facts of this case.

The Media, once again tried to intimidate the Jury into a Guilty Verdict, just like they did with Chauvin’s trial. This time, it blew up in their face, and they can’t understand why.
Rittenhouse’s settlement for their continuing Slander, Defamation and Libel, is going to make Sandman’s 250 million look like peanuts.

Sic em Kyle!

Roland T. Gunner

There was no civil rights violation involved in this incident, on either side.

AZ Lefty

Funny how the only place he is still being talked about is on “right Wing” sites


In the last week: MSNBC, CNN, Newsweek, NPR, The Hill, AP, TYT, Financial Times, Slate, Salon (check out today’s story, it’s a doozy), Democrat Underground, AlterNet, Time, Yahoo, The Sun, The Guardian, Politico, Daily Kos, The Daily Beast….. I got bored fact checking your comment, this will have to do, but there’s plenty more Rittenhouse hate coming from the Left.


HAH! Riiiiight!


Obviously you haven’t had your TV on much lately. The Left has their panties in a real twist over this.