Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Creating the State’s Own Well-Regulated Militia

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Offical Photo
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Offical Photo

Florida – -(AmmoLand.com)- Florida’s Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that he wants to create the Florida State Guard – a 200-member volunteer paramilitary force that he would control – not Joe Biden – which would assist the Florida National Guard in state-specific emergencies.

According to a press release, DeSantis wants to spend more than $100 million to beef up the Florida National Guard, and $3.5 million to create the new Florida State Guard.

“The establishment of the Florida State Guard will further support those emergency response efforts in the event of a hurricane, natural disasters and other state emergencies. The $3.5 million to establish the Florida State Guard will enable civilians to be trained in the best emergency response techniques. By establishing the Florida State Guard, Florida will become the 23rd state with a state guard recognized by the federal government,” the press release states.

More than 20 states already have similar state paramilitary forces, many of which were formed as state militias during the 18th Century.

The move comes as tension is brewing between DeSantis and Biden.

During a press conference, DeSantis noted that the Florida State Guard would “not be encumbered by the federal government,” and that the unit would give him “the flexibility and the ability needed to respond to events in our state in the most effective way possible.”

Florida, he pointed out, has always been one of the most military-friendly and veteran-friendly states.

“We are proud of our veterans and active-duty military members and proud of what our communities do to support them,” DeSantis said in the press release. “Florida is one of the most veteran friendly states and I think there are very few places that you would rather be on duty than in the state of Florida. As a veteran, I really appreciate what everyone who wears the uniform does in our state and am excited about these proposals – they will go a long way and have a meaningful impact. In Florida, we are going to continue our momentum of supporting our military, supporting our veterans and being good stewards of our military installations.”

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, a Democrat who is running for governor in 2022 and may face DeSantis, tweeted, “No Governor should have his own handpicked secret police.” [you mean like the DC Capitol Police?]

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, another Democrat running to replace DeSantis, tweeted similar concerns.

“Can’t believe I have to say this, but Florida doesn’t need a paramilitary force that only answers to @RonDeSantisFL. Millions of Floridians know what it’s like to live under regimes like this — and came to our state to escape them. This must be stopped,” Fried tweeted.


In my humble opinion, the Florida State Guard is exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment.

The only problem I foresee is the unit’s 200-member limit. I predict DeSantis will receive 1,000-times that many applications and letters of interest.

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About Lee Williams

Lee Williams, who is also known as “The Gun Writer,” is the chief editor of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project. Until recently, he was also an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida. Before becoming an editor, Lee was an investigative reporter at newspapers in three states and a U.S. Territory. Before becoming a journalist, he worked as a police officer. Before becoming a cop, Lee served in the Army. He’s earned more than a dozen national journalism awards as a reporter, and three medals of valor as a cop. Lee is an avid tactical shooter.

Lee Williams

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He needs more than 200 to defend Florida from tyranny.


Who would they guard against if there were 100,000 of them?


TEX (“Will”) – 12/3/21

“This FL militia start up would/will be a perfect fit for ex-military/LE. I will keep an eye on the progress of this too. Will”

Reply to TEX (“Will”):

Yes, maybe the ones who get fired for flipping over cars being driven by pregnant women or stealing money from “civilians” to pay for hookers can all move to Florida and start-up a 100,000 organization to guard against . . . other government employees.



need 200 full time officers and paper pushers and 1,000,000 auxiliary ,have all the gun clubs with their own banners. , little Nazi sheriffs get out of line pick them up take to state house read them the riot act send them home on a bus. no riots local commies want to let something bad go down take them into custody send progressives to comifornia


Charlie Crist

“No Governor should have his own handpicked secret police”

Oh….ok…..But Pelosi can have her Capitol Stormtroopers???


Start with 200 train the officers and use them set up and organization for the regular state militia


It’s a nice idea, but what happens when he leaves office and you get some radical lefty?

Wild Bill

Where is that guy that told us to butt out, he and Floridians would take care of Florida?


By the way, at the time the 2nd Amendment was written, “well regulated” did not mean that there were lots of rules and regulations and supervised. It meant “well equipped,” thus the need for private citizens to be able to keep and bear arms so there would be a sufficient force at a moment’s notice in a time of need.


It meant ‘running properly’, it had nothing to do with being equipped. If a watch keeps time well it is well regulated. What does that have to do with being equipped?

Wild Bill

Without equipage, well regulated is an impossible goal.


watches of high precision were called regulators,in the case of a militia would be practiced. there are federalist papers that talk about requiring every able body fit (fit was nod to mental condition) male to have a gun and powder and shot to cover a volley of 20


Yes, high end watches were called regulators. Yes, the Federalist papers talk about requiring a citizens to have certain arms and equipment. What does one have to do with the other?


the idea of a return to local control is a step in the right direction , the reply to TStheDeplorable is correction of his idea of meaning and to give him context to look it up. many people will take short cut rather than fully understand what is behind meaning..So many words have changed meaning in 250 years that old texts are often misunderstood. have an awful day would have meant a day full of wonder ,not bad yes I left a lot out, but many here wont read the long version,so you get the abridged version

Wild Bill

I think that he is just giving an example of how a living language changes meanings. Just listen to young people talk, a guy can hardly understand what they are saying. Dot instead of period. Click or click on rather than select. Privilege instead of indulgence, permission, license, or exemption from something required of others.

Country Boy

” Look that up in your Funk and Wagnell”
it a phrase used on the TV show “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In”. Which I find “Velly Intelesting”

Wild Bill

Yep, winning is based upon logistics!


That and making sure everybody is shooting in the same direction.


The True Meaning & Purpose of the 2nd Amendment: “Since it is true that a well-armed, full functional and effective distributed fighting force , comprised of the whole populace, is absolutely necessary and required for the preservation of a free way of life, the inherent and unalienable Right of all individuals to possess and carry Arms and ammunition of any kind shall never be removed or incrementally encroached upon by anyone.” ~Mark Passio


Virginia already has this militia:
“The Virginia Defense Force is authorized by the Code of the Virginia as the all-volunteer reserve of the Virginia National Guard and serves as a force multiplier integrated into all Guard domestic operations. Members of the VDF volunteer their time for training and community support and are only paid when called to state active duty by an authorization from the Governor of Virginia.”
Virginia Defense Force – Virginians Helping Virginians


Yeah, and as a Virginian I can say we should be happy and relieved that we have Younkin coming into the Governor’s office and not McAuliffe or some other Democrat. I shudder to think what they would do with our militia, probably send it out round up parents at a school board meeting.


Too bad Winsome Sears isn’t gov instead of Youngkin. She’s proud of gun rights. Youngkin was evasive and weaselly. Hope he doesn’t turn out to be another RINO POS.


So what? He STILL has not done a damn thing for the 2A community.

Country Boy

Sounds like Nikki Fried thinks it should be her militia?


“By establishing the Florida State Guard, Florida will become the 23rd state with a state guard recognized by the federal government,” the press release states.” First off, who cares if the federal “government’ recognizes them or not. As to 23 states? WHICH ONES? And are they really 2nd amendment “militias”? We need those as they are NECESSARY for the security of a free state of existence. What they need to do is get rid of the “national guard” as it is part of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL standing army. There should be no standing army except in times of war as declared… Read more »


I believe all enlistees should have to understand the Constitution. Possibly take a class from Kriss Anne Haul or like before enlisting. She & her husband interpret the Constitution quite well. As written. At least then enlisted people would have a better understanding of their purpose & mission. We don’t need another Katrina. Disarming citizens.

Roland T. Gunner

Tamp down your enthusiasm for our governor; we have to light a fire under his ass and hold his feet to it to get him off the fence.


DeSantis is running away from 2A voters. He thinks because Freid is so openly hostile to the 2A that he doesn’t need to do anything to get our vote. It’s pure calculating cowardice on his part. Screw him, he’s just like Scott and Rubio.


Do you want him to come and sit beside you and hold your hand? Or do ya think perhaps he already has CONFIDENCE in the 2A voters so he’s going to wisely use his time and resources to garner votes from those that are sitting on the fence?

Big PP

Agreed, as a Floridian this is CLEAR to ANYONE paying attention and using their brain. All he cares about is the next vote, NOT what is right and what the founders fought and died for. But with all the people not paying attention, this is what we get.


DeSantis bashers have no specifics, just smear. He’s nothing like Scott & Rubio. Thank Hammer’s NRA-USF if Florida’s not advancing. It’s unrealistic to expect pols to push 2A against anti-2A policies of NRA-USF.

“DeSantis is a rock solid 100% supporter of ALL our rights including 2A” said GOA. “…the kind of public servant we need…decorated Navy…Iraq…fights anti-gunners bent on destroying the Constitution.”

DeSantis: “I’ll insist SupCt nominees uphold 2A & oppose those willing to erase it by judicial fiat. I’m proud to stand with gun owners & will continue to defend their freedom”

…A+ by NRA…”

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r

Maybe the Florida State Guard will be like the Texas State Guard and provide

the President with ready forces in support of state and federal authorities at home”

They can guard the SE Internment Camps:


Don’t give the guards “any lip.”

Lee is right, there will be thousands of government employees scrambling for these jobs.


TEX (“Will”) – 12/3/21 “It looks like DeSantis might finally be coming around. He really needs to stop advocating for ERPO’s,maybe he already has.. The Fl.militia is a great idea and he needs to move on that right now! Looks like he might be trying to play catch up with TEXAS Gov.Greg Abbott and all that he’s accomplished recently for the great state of TEXAS.” Reply to TEX (“Will”) The Texas guard doesn’t seem to have been effective at stopping Texas from being invaded. What do they guard against? Texas Guard Vision: America’s premier state military organization comprised of professional mission-ready… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

More armed government employees.

Glad we don’t have a “state guard.” The state police are bad enough.


The three authoritarians are quick on the trigger. What we need is a parallel economy with businesses run by “civilians” who are not paid with tax dollars and whose motivation is profit (not doing what an authoritarian like DeSantis tells them to do so they can keep their job and pension). A taxpayer-funded “state guard” is not what the founding fathers had in mind. The founding fathers would be aghast and profoundly disappointed at how vast government has become. Why do people who worked for the government want to continually grow government? More agencies, more government employees for the taxpayers… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC