Ammo Deals: Igman .223Rem FMJ 55Grn, 500 Rnds Ammunition $319.19 FREES&H

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Igman Remington, .223 Remington, FMJ, 55 Grain, 500 Rounds nov2021

USA – -( Sportsman’s Guide has in stock and shipping 500 rounds of Igman Remington .223 Remington, FMJ, 55 Grain ammo for $319.19 with FREE shipping for club members. That is $0.639 each a round. Check the buy now button as they have 1000 round quantities order options also at the time of this post for less $. Check prices over here.

Here we have standard Remington® .223 Ball Ammo made under contract by Igman Ammunition of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Key Specifications

    • Item Number: 720536
  • Mfg. Number: LREM223
  • UPC Number: 885344981945
  • Caliber: .223 Remington
  • Bullet Weight: 55 grain
  • Bullet Style: Full Metal Jacket
  • Muzzle Velocity: 3,231 FPS
  • Muzzle Energy: NA
  • Case Type: Brass
  • Primer Type: Boxer, reloadable
  • Rounds: 500

So you get proven Remington quality at a terrific price.

Ammo Deals: Igman Remington .223Rem FMJ 55Grn, 500 Rnds Ammunition $319.19 FREE S&H

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Well that’s still double what it was Pre-Covid. I don’t know of anything else that has doubled in price, not even gasoline.


All please remember the original run on ammo, several years ago, when all of the stores advertised this ammo at 630/1000. Everyone said grab it quick the prices are here to stay. 6 months later it was some where in the range of 330 /1000. This one is lasting a little longer because of new gun owners that never say REAL prices, plus Biden’s false economy move of banning Russia ammo.

Stop buy at these prices and the world will level out.


There are cheaper options out there, Ammoshoponline. I hate to give it away. Because the next time I need ammo. I may not be able to get any. Beware though shipping has went up since this fake gas scare.

Ryben Flynn

I have bullets and brass and primers. I need rifle powder. 8 pounds of H335 would be nice.


Why whine about prices now? Y’all had 3 1/2 years to stock up AFTER the Obie fiasco. During that time I bought several AR in 5.56, 1 9MM, and 28,000 rounds. Only wish I bought more now. Not even another Republican will be able to bring prices to 2019 levels in the future! I hope Y’all that voted for these idiots are happy.

Dave in Fairfax


The problem with that is that Daily Deals run out very quickly. If we waited until a certain time to send out the alerts, the odds are that no one would ever get to buy anything. Then everybody would complain that the deals are never in stock.


Maybe you guys haven’t turned on the propaganda news ministry lately. The prices aren’t ever coming down again, in fact it’ll be a miracle if its legal to even buy in bulk by this time next year. What you have now is what you got. Best of luck.


I bought 2000 rounds of 9 mm at an advertised price that was in stock July 2020, now for the third time it’s been set on back order. It has a delivery date of feb. 8th we’ll see. Not betting the farm for sure.


Almost exactly twice the price this ammo went for six months ago


They delivered last week 2000 rounds at 462 dollars. Patients finally worn out


Is this a good price?

WI Patriot

Not necessarily, but it is what it is…when the price dbls or trpls, then it will have been a “good price”, IF available at all…


Demand sets prices. Stop buy at stupid prices. Or buy at stupid price and when they have your money, and everyone stops buying, the rest of us will pick it up at the right price a few months later.

The fact is they started come down.

Chose how you want to spend your money.


Of course this is price gouging. The only tool we have as shooters is to simply not pay those prices. We may not get to shoot like we want, but at least we won’t encourage the predatory pricing. I bought thousands of rounds when the going rate on 5.56mm was $135.99 per 500. I simply am not shooting anything except .22lr. Not a great solution to the ammo shortage, but a practical response to the gouging.


What do you want done differently?


If you need ammo and dont buy it then you are not going to be shooting in the future. Prices arent coming back. Yeah a split window vette was $3000 in 1963, so what? The new admin has the legislation already written on restricting ammo purchase. What are you going to do? Vote them out? ha ha


Well, you can always make a slingshot. And there is plenty of ammo just lying around on the ground that you walk on. So there is that.

WI Patriot

You can either pay the price, or sit around and bitch about pricing and availability…personally, I’d rather pay the price, and have it in my inventory rather than being a martyr…


I know that most of us are limited to the amount of income we have and that the middleman is the one that supports this country. The fact that we pay the highest percentage in taxes proves that but here is my answer. Rather than that extra beer, or the most expensive tires, or that new 50,000 dollar truck or the new 150.00 bowling ball or the 1,500.00 rifle rather than the 450 one that will do the same damage in 500 yards, which in my opinion is a reasonable distance, BUY GOLD. Ya that’s right, buy projectiles, primers, powder,… Read more »


The top 10% of earners pay 70% of all federal income taxes.

The problem is a massive government, far too much forced wealth redistribution, and too many foreign adventures. However, given the current cost of government, people making less than $150K/year are getting an unbelievable deal with respect to their share of the burden.

Yet Biden says “it’s about time the ‘rich’ pay their fair share.”

He also says “no one said you can have a magazine with 100 clip in it!”

He says a lot of things.


Agree. The best thing I ever did was invest in several .22 conversions then bought lots of bulk .22. On special occasions I shoot the full size stuff to check zero or to familiarize new shooters but that is it. Buy Silver and Gold now, they are still being held artificially low by the controllers so they can enrich themselves before the ship sinks. Take advantage of that now.


The last 223 ammo I bought was last December. I paid $157 for 500 rounds of Norma Tactical with free shipping. I want to know why the ridiculous prices being charged over the last year aren’t considered price gouging. If it were any other products it would be consider illegal and prosecuted.


We had this conversation already.

Your assertion about the pricing of other products is untrue.

Why do you hate free markets and why do you want Communism?


Copper prices nor powder went up this %. So what is your reasoning. You say you are at max production. So you are selling more than double your product. Dahhhhhhhh


The increase in the cost of copper, powder, lead, etc. contributed very little to the increase in the retail price of ammunition.

So what is my reasoning for what? The increase in the retail price of ammunition? The price has increased because demand has increased dramatically and production has only been able to be increased moderately in the short term.

I never said I’m at max production. I’m not in the business of manufacturing or selling ammunition.

I don’t understand the rest of your post.


That’s correct all of these ammo prices should be considered gouging


In one thread you indicated you supported rationing and, presumably, price control.

In another thread you indicated that is not your opinion.

What exactly is your view?


How much power should government have?

Who is going to decide what is price gouging?

Do you want a “Czar of Pricing Morality?”

How do you suggest prices be controlled?

At lower prices there will be massive demand right now. How do you suggest product be rationed? Who gets to buy – the local Sheriff’s kid?

If government is big enough and powerful enough to control the price charged and the quantity sold by a little gun shop, what else will they be able to do?


Its not gouging when a commodity is going to be severely restricted and/or banned in many cases. If you dont understand whats just around the corner then you will be very very surprised. Most are paying attention and a dollar a round IS A DEAL when its not ever going to be available again. What are you going to do? Vote to change it??? hilarious


Yeah…no..I know I’m gonna get screwed when I buy ammo now days but when John Holmes shows up, I’m out. .75 cents per?


Not buying is a logical decision.


I agree. After all, if we can’t afford it neither can our enemy. We will have to make every squeeze of the trigger count.


Higher pricing not only attracts capacity expansion, but it also improves the chance for that guy who has been busy with other aspects of his life the last three and a half years to go buy a box of ammo (the high price improves availability). The cost difference on one box of ammo is the same as the cost for lunch. Not a high cost to pay for someone to defend their family. For all the other people, ammo was readily available and very inexpensive for three and a half years. Of course ammo is expensive right now, why would… Read more »


Capacity expansion and prices stabilize in free markets. You think that the controllers are not going to restrict ammo? What business is going to invest in expansion when their product becomes illegal? Do you think Budweiser expanded production in the months before prohibition went into effect? The controllers have been talking about going after the ammo for decades but never had complete control, now they do and you aren’t able to ever change things by your vote again. Do you really think they were lying?


I have previously indicated that one of the factors being considered prior to making the decision to expand capacity is the risk of future government regulations.

That same risk is one of the reasons more people are not starting new ammunition manufacturing businesses.

Regarding your question about my beliefs about future ammunition regulation, I believe the Democrats/Totalitarians will come hard and fast with new regulations related to the production, sale, and possession of ammunition. Did you get the impression I had some other belief?


JSNMGC, no, I understood your beliefs as similar to mine. My response was a blanket to the many comments of ‘gouging’ and ‘when prices get back to normal’ which is pure fantasy.


Totalitarians just can’t leave other people alone.