Law Prohibiting Trails Cams in Arizona Effective January 1st

Trail Camera iStock-622002392
Arizona will restrict hunters’ use of trail cameras starting January 1st, 2022. IMG iStock 622002392

U.S.A. -( Arizona hunters are reminded of the new Arizona Game and Fish Commission rule R12-4-303.A.5, which states that a person shall not use a trail camera for the purposes of taking or locating, or aiding in the take of wildlife, becomes effective Jan. 1, 2022.

The commission unanimously approved the rule at its June 2021 meeting in Payson after an extensive public input process.

A prohibition on the use of “live-action” trail cameras for taking or locating or aiding in the take of wildlife had already been in effect since 2018.

The new prohibition does not apply to other uses of a trail camera such as research, general photography, and security. However, any photograph or data captured by a trail camera after Jan. 1, 2022, and used for the taking or aiding in the take of wildlife will be unlawful, even if that was not the initial intended use of the trail camera.

For more information, click HERE.

Did you know?

The Arizona Game and Fish Department conserves and protects Arizona’s 800+ wildlife species but receives NO Arizona general fund tax dollars. Contribute to our on-the-ground conservation efforts at

Arizona Game and Fish Department

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Matt in Oklahoma

What’s the matter they catching too many pics of illegal aliens?


You nailed it.


Another unenforceable law.


Bigfoot can finally have a bit of privacy. The public has been stepping all over his rights since he was first sighted. I mean, it’s nobody’s business but his own whether he carries a firearm or not.


well unless someone is actually hunting BigFoot, this law does not apply. Anyone trying to pry into BF’s private business would be working on security or research, thus exempt.

Read much?


Useless liberals…


WTH?! “extensive public input process”- crock of s#!^. Were licensed hunters invited to this one sided pow wow?


Yes, we were. We got tired of watching well-heeled out of state “hunters” pay guides exorbitant amounts to locate and track trophy animals so they can fly in, spend a few days in “camp” sipping whiskey and being catered to, then taken to a spot on a four-wheeler, shooting a trophy animal, then writing about how “tough” the hunt was. If you’re not from Arizona, you have now idea of the magnitude of the problem.


Meanwhile, all of my neighbors can track my movements with their doorbell cams


WOW!!!! Talk about FUDDS!!!.Glad I don’t plan on hunting in AZ.


Stop with the “FUDD” insult. The last ones to propose or support these rules are old hunters.

Red Falcon 1325

So if you have a couple of cameras on your property for security purposes, and you happen to catch a random pic of a possible state record Mule deer, do you have to let that animal pass during hunting season? Idiotic law.


Why don ‘t you go donate to PETA? Do you live in AZ? Do you know that big game in AZ is suffering from the drought and continued urban encroachment? Do you know that, in some areas guides, are running literally hundreds of trail cameras? Do you know that we are literally seeing trophy genetics wiped out because of trail camera use? No, you’re just another witless fool who thinks that the rules in one state would work everwhere.


I see a lot of typical knee jerk a**hole reactions to this action from out of staters who have no idea what Arizona is like. Trail cameras got to be a major problem. It was so bad that wildlife and cattle were blocked from the few available water sources because of “hunters” (and I use the term very loosely) were constantly going in and out checking their cameras. I saw one waterhole in Unit 6A with 40, yes FORTY cameras on it. “Guides” were hiring people to monitor cameras placed on every water source in trophy areas. Some guides and… Read more »


Actually a good thing! Let’s make it fair to all life involved. Plus it helps with keeping an abundance of wildlife. I have hunted for years without all that technical “stuff” and I’ll say technology has ruined many things in today’s culture. Back to the simple life. Actually quite refreshing:)


What if a hunter uses cams in research, general photography & security? How do you establish intent? Stupid, overreaching, unenforceable rule.

Last edited 1 year ago by Russn8r
AZ Lefty

Nice to know you support Poachers!

Wild Bill

Apparently, this poor fellow does not know that without licensed hunters, who pay for habitat and professional conservation, most wild life species would be gone.
He holds another unresearched and superficial opinion.


It’s a lot more than the millions of dollars hunters contribute to maintaining wildlife. Without hunters, many animal species would over-populate to the point their environment wouldn’t support them. This results in starvation and disease.  This happened in a local private Nature Reserve that banned deer hunting. Seven years later they had to bring in commercial hunters to kill off the large herd of sick, emaciated, dying deer. Hunting was reinstated.   The only alternative to hunters controlling animal populations is to bring back their natural enemies – wolves, mountain lions, bears, coyotes, etc. If you want bears and wolves roaming your neighborhood, raise… Read more »


I need all the support I can get. lol


Its a stupid and unenforceable law, but that doesn’t mean its not being used by poachers. Lefty sees a negative side of trail cams, but that doesn’t mutually exclude their use by licensed hunters as well. …and the beat goes on…..


re-read the article. It clearely says that if yuo USE the trail cam as a tool to help you locate game then take that game, THEN your are being naughty. It plainsly states the mere use of the devices is not prohibited,only using ot to locate game you then harvest. Watcing BigFoot, wildlife wardens, otherhunters, non-game species, out of season for fun and research, etc are all OK. SO what’s the big deal? Go out and pre-hunt yuor area, get to know the critters there, their habits, etc, then once the season opens, you are better prepared to bag yuor… Read more »


Lefty is Probably helping illegals in the US.
He does not want us to see the atrocity’s he’s committing.