Ruger Announces New Birdshead-Style Wrangler Revolvers

Ruger Announces New Birdshead-Style Wrangler Revolvers
Ruger Announces New Birdshead-Style Wrangler Revolvers

U.S.A.-( Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to introduce three new models to the Wrangler line of single-action revolvers. These new models feature a 3.75” cold hammer-forged barrel and Ruger Birdshead-pattern grip frame, creating a compact and affordable firearm. Chambered in .22 LR and offered in three attractive Cerakote colors – black, silver and burnt bronze – these Wrangler revolvers complement Ruger’s rich history of producing quality, rugged, reliable single-action revolvers.

Each Wrangler features a blade front and integral notch rear sight, with standard black grip panels that can be swapped for aftermarket Ruger Birdshead-pattern grips. The revolver will fit in Single-Six® style holsters that accommodate a 3.75″ barrel. All Wranglers feature a transfer bar mechanism and loading gate interlock that provide an unparalleled measure of security against accidental discharge. The attractive price, combined with the affordability of rimfire ammunition, make this revolver ideal for learning to shoot, introducing friends or family to the sport, or just experiencing the fun of single-action shooting.

With the introduction of the Single-Six in 1953, Bill Ruger pioneered the use of modern investment casting in firearms manufacturing to usher in a new level of affordability in single-action revolvers. Through the use of modern CNC-machining methods, lean manufacturing techniques and a new aluminum alloy cylinder frame, the Wrangler continues this tradition and sets a new bar for affordability while maintaining the rugged reliability that is the hallmark of Ruger firearms.

Single-action revolvers in .22 LR offer a safe and fun way to introduce new shooters to the sport, and can serve as a reminder to even the most experienced shooters that range time can be just plain fun. Whether it’s your first gun or your next, time at the range with the Wrangler promises to be well spent.

For more information on these new Wrangler models, or to learn more about the extensive line of award-winning Ruger firearms, visit, or To find accessories for the Wrangler and other Ruger firearms, visit or your local independent retailer of Ruger firearms.

About Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc. is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of rugged, reliable firearms for the commercial sporting market. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost 800 variations of more than 40 product lines. For more than 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Our motto, “Arms Makers for Responsible Citizens®,” echoes our commitment to these principles as we work hard to deliver quality and innovative firearms.Ruger Firearms

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When the Wrangler comes with the 22 mag cylinder like the Single six . I would consider buying one .


My thoughts as well.


I have the Single Six’s and I also have the Heritage Rough Rider and the Bar Keep, love my Ruger’s but the Heritage fills the bill about the 22 mag application. The only thing about the wait if you want Fiber-optics and adjustable rear sights.

Matt in Oklahoma

I love my Wrangler but it needs a mag cylinder. That’s where Ruger needs to take the next step


affordability of rimfire ammo ? where ? I paid $3.00 for 500 rd brick in 66, $7.00 for same brick in 74. Now $49.99 for same brick. Buy it when you can,cause it ain`t gonna get no cheaper.

Wild Bill

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Last edited 11 months ago by Wild Bill
Wild Bill

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And Ruger will put them only from exclusive dealers like they did with the bearcat birdshead and you won’t find one anywhere.