This Week on Shooting USA – Zombies in the Heartland

Zombies in the Heartland
Zombies in the Heartland

Nashville, TN -( Hornady’s annual Three Gun Match in Nebraska has become a Zombie killing tradition, long after the TV Zombie craze has worn off. It is a match focused on fun far more than winning, with the creative stages of fire attracting hundreds of shooters of all skill levels for a fine time in a weekend of neutralizing the undead.

Plus, the 2,000 members of the top teams in the USA High School Clay Target League meet on the Trap ranges in Michigan to shoot for the national titles, with each team officially representing their local High School. It’s the championship of the best teams from 1,300 High Schools in 32 states.

Then, John has new products that were to be seen at the NRA Annual Meeting. And Julie Golob has a Pro Tip on how the target presentation will determine your speed in competition. More Info…

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Will Steve Hornady be there to personally vaccinate attendees against their will as he wanted to have done to his employees?

Green Mtn. Boy

As a result of his actions I No Longer do anything Hornandy,I also don’t vote Marxist.



Henry Bowman

I used to be a big fan of Hornady’s because of their Critical Duty and TAP police ammo, but them caving to the Cult Covidians just made me 7 shades of red. Get woke, go broke! I’ll buy Fenix or Underwood from now on.


@hbhtex54 I agree. Use that exclusively in my precision rifle. I was able to get my last case at less than a dollar a round on sale. Gonna be a while before I get that deal again…


“Plus,it has also improved the accuracy in my AR10 to the point that its almost like a precious rifle.”

All my rifles are precious Tex!


Pun intended!


Fortunately, my FALs prefer Federal GMM 175. I’ve got plenty stocked up.

Wild Bill

Good foresight. “Every good commander keeps a reserve.” Napoleon.


Thanx, WB. I’ve got plenty of reserves. I’ll run out of food long before I run out of ammo.


“certain rifles like this ammo or that ammo”

You got that right – I’ve got an RPR in 6.5 that loves the cheap American gunner best. You can have 2 of the exact same rifles and they may not like the same thing.


how stupid do you have to be to not get freedom of choice? steve has done more to harm the company than telling government lets go Brandon , underwood may take their place as they loose market share. we may be an independent bunch, but we band together when someone steps on one of us ,waco WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN .

Last edited 1 month ago by swmft

IIRC, after we emailed steve he changed course and said employees did NOT have to get the jab. Did that change again?


Hi Arizona! When bunches of customers called Hornady on this, they backed off. Lied and said it was never their intent to force employees to take the clot shot when the original memo released to the public indeed gave employees the choice of taking it or losing their jobs. I seem to recall verbiage about their Government contracts which may have been used to “justify” this travesty. The last thing I heard was that there was a witch hunt going on at Hornady to identify the employee(s) who leaked the original memo to the public. That right there sealed it… Read more »

Wild Bill

How did you find Steve’s email address? MC