Introducing The Black Collar Arms MBA Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle

Black Collar Arms MDA Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle
Black Collar Arms MBA Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle

Austin, TX –  -( The Black Collar Arms MBA redefines the Modern Bolt Action firearm. This revolutionary straight pull design is incredibly lightweight, fast, and accurate. MBA’s extreme modularity and elegant simplicity represent a significant leap forward in bolt action design.

Black Collar Arms MBA Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle

A few key features of this sub-6-pound rifle…

Straight Pull: significantly faster and smoother than a traditional, turn-bolt firearm, the linear motion of a straight pull also keeps you dead on target. Eliminating the sideways rotational force required to unlock and lock a turn bolt means no fighting your gun to keep it level. No unnecessary hand movement, no unnecessary gun movement. Just fast, smooth precision.

Black Collar Arms MDA Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle Right
Black Collar Arms MBA Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle Right

Purpose-Built Action: MBA is not a manually-operated AR-10. We have engineered an entirely new operating system that provides a powerful mechanical advantage for primary extraction and in-battery locking mechanisms with an ideally-placed bolt handle for the fastest possible cycling. MBA combines proven, readily-available components and mechanisms with simple, elegant designs engineered to put them to use in the fastest, slickest Modern Bolt Action ever made.

AR Modularity: The Modern Bolt Action is the most modular bolt action ever made. MBA’s upper and lower receivers plus the bolt carrier and associated straight-pull action mechanisms are proprietary. The rest of the key components – AR-10 handguards, AR-10 barrels (with no gas port, or block the gas port), AR-10 bolt heads, AR-10 magazines, AR-15 triggers, AR-15 grips, AR-15 magazine releases, etc. – are readily available. Right out of the gate, literally, thousands of MBA configuration options are waiting.

Two-Piece Receiver System: bedding blocks and recoil lug integral to upper and lower ensures rock-solid, flawless repeatability. The easily swappable upper assembly allows for rapid caliber changes with a sighted-in optic.

At launch, the Black Collar Arms MBA is available in three variations: MBA Rifle, MBA Pistol, and MBA Build Kit.

Black Collar Arms MDA Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle Lifestyle
Black Collar Arms MBA Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle Lifestyle
Black Collar Arms MDA Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle Range
Black Collar Arms MBA Straight Pull Bolt Action Rifle Range

A complete MBA from Black Collar Arms is built with a matched bolt head and barrel extension mated to a match-grade barrel. Combined with our straight pull mechanism, repeatability and precision are par for the course. MBA delivers modern accuracy.

Or, go the Build Kit route, which includes only the required, proprietary components including the receivers, to use the barrel, trigger, and other components of your choice. The AR standard makes it easy and options are nearly limitless. Building an MBA is even easier than building an AR!

MBA is late in its prototyping and development phase. For more information and to place a reservation, please visit

MSRP target is $2,499

About Black Collar Arms

Based in Austin, TX, Black Collar is dedicated to creating innovative and functional firearms and components. The Pork Sword Chassis forged the market for minimalist, modular firearm chassis and the integrally suppressed SBD line sets a new standard for compact, insanely quiet guns. There’s much more to come from Black Collar, so stay tuned!

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Sooo, it’s an A/R 10 without the gas system, charging handle or buffer tube (none are actually required when manually working the bolt) and added a bolt handle added to the very back of the A/R bolt to cycle the stock A/R rotating head bolt. They do add a skeletonized buttstock, but an empty buffer tube will also work with the bolt handle moved forward. You could dogleg the bolt to have the knob access point above the trigger but attached (welded) more forward on the bolt. Going with the buffer tube also allows damn near any standard A/R buttstock… Read more »

Black Collar Arms

No sir, the upper and lower receivers are completely unique as is the bolt carrier and the mechanisms that provide primary extraction and lock the carrier into the upper when in battery. When the bolt handle rocks rearward, it cams out of the upper and gives you a huge mechanical advantage for primary extraction (popping the case out of the chamber). When you return the bolt to battery and the bolt handle rocks forward, it locks the carrier into the upper. No other straight pulls provide primary extraction other than the force that you exert on the carrier. Our system… Read more »