Federal Ammunition Turns 100 Years Old!

Federal 100th Anniversary
Federal Ammunition turns 100 years old! IMG Federal Ammunition

U.S.A. -(AmmoLand.com)- Estimates show less than one percent of all companies make it to their 100th year in business. Federal Ammunition joins this extraordinary group in 2022 and has plans to celebrate all year long. Its official date of incorporation was April 27, 1922, but the festivities will start now.

Jason Vanderbrink, Federal’s President offered his thoughts: “The entire staff of 1,500 hard-working Americans in Anoka, Minnesota is extremely proud to celebrate a full century of continuous and successful operation. We appreciate those who came before us to make this possible and look forward to taking Federal into its next century.”

Federal kicks off the year by lighting up a 100th Anniversary sign on top of one of its silos in Anoka and will continue to tout its accomplishment with limited availability throwback packaging, special merchandise available on its website, an exhibit at the Anoka County Historical Society Museum and much more.

“Our workforce and business have never been stronger than they are today, and we owe it to a century of continuous innovation across every department in the company. Many people and partners have contributed to our success and I’m proud to join the current team in making sure that tradition of excellence continues.”

A special edition magazine, on your favorite newsstand right now, and coffee table book are also planned, along with many recollections online and via social media of the fun and interesting facts from throughout Federal’s history.

For more information on all products and online services from Federal or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com.

About Federal

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Federal ammunition can be found at dealers nationwide or purchased online direct from Federal. For more information on all products from Federal or to shop online, visit www.federalpremium.com

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have to say it m geee i think I have some of their first batch in my sw pre model 10 police revolver dade county castoff

Wild Bill

Photographers that take pictures for the gun writers pay handsomely for old ammo with the box. You might have something there.


Back in the 50s and 60s Federal Ammo was a joke. I was kid at the time, but remember on rare occasion when we bought a box of Federal ammo, hearing the .22 ammo make a hissing sound or semi-loud “pop” when it did manage to fire and actually seeing the bullet exit the barrel and fall to the ground a few yards in front of the barrel on several occasions with different boxes of ammo. NO ONE would buy Federal shotgun shells as the paper hulls would consistently swell and not chamber, where Peters and Remington UMC shells always… Read more »


I used to buy Remington 22lr shells and 303 British, 1972. They always worked and were dependable. A friend turned me on to CCI 22lr and I changed and never went back. When I purchased my LE 6920 my first case was Federal because it had Lake City brass and from what I read it was the best brass to get for 5.56 so that was my introduction to Federal in 2008. Since then I have always bought Federal Lake City because I can reload them 7 times without a problem. I have never had one not fire in my… Read more »


I do agree with the cci as the olin does not cycle the 10/22 it is bolt action or revolver stuff, only federal I ever bought was tickled brass for reloading 38 s&w hard to find short shells and I was running out of surplus from England (vintage 1933 ball) for an Enfield mk1 break action gun that was a gift from raf group commander, working as a liaison to norad 1965 -66 a life time away eley automatic also works well in the 10/22

Last edited 18 days ago by swmft

I had no idea 38 was so hard to get. You could take used 357 brass and turn it down! The RCBS lathe is fair priced and you can use a drill to turn it rather than your hand on the crank. I actually built a lathe for it using a steel plate, and drawer slides for the base that I connect the drill to. Has a handle to move the drill back and forth too hooked up to a foot switch to power it and turn it off. You have to be coordinated and careful to use it because… Read more »


5 projectiles loaded backwards in commercial ammo! Wow!

You might reread @swmft’s post above. He was talking about 38 s&w, not 38 spl (special). They are different beasts. I do not know how different, but would not assume you can convert brass.

Far as I’m concerned, only reason to load 38 spl is for reduced kick or reduced overall length in a tube magazine such as typical in a lever action. For a revolver, I’d just download 357 (with a filler to prevent flash ignition). Keep the brass and can load to 357 next time if you like.


lots of old revolvers were 38 special only wont hold extra length of a 357 , but you can cut a 357 or 38 special to 38 s&w they are 357 but short ,about half the size loaded with bullseye the ww2 stuff is not re loadable brass is to thin have a lee classic for it and a four die set with a micrometer to set the bullet depth yea I know that is like a micrometer for a 380 it was more for over all length so action did not jam.


Oh wow, my bad, I didn’t catch that. See what happens when I don’t pay attention to detail? You are right, they are different. Well, I learned something new today. I’m not brain dead yet.


38 s&w is not common starline has it now but in the 70s federal was one of few sources of brass you can cut down 357, or 38 special but when you can buy new without killing hours of prep why?. i load 357 and 38 and have a jewelers lathe but not cost effective if you can buy it


both my parents were military so we had lots of range surplus hunted with a 1903 ,1917 or garand , took an m14 once ranger sent us home after a long talk about fairness in the hunt we always drilled a 1/8 th hole in the ball ammo so it would expand had a rig just for that with short jobber bits .my grandfather showed us why in a dramatic way with a pumpkin and a birch tree. olin was what we bought if we had to buy anything , i think the 22 training rounds for the 1922 were… Read more »


Is 100 years the time frame it will take for Federal ammo to return to the shelves in stores accross America ? “Let’s go Brandon” #FJB


obummer helped by stopping copper smelting and lead in us now import restrictions on pollutants control importation epa used to control ammo production

Wild Bill

And those same libtards want to dig up many of the remaining pristine places on earth to mine rare earth minerals. Which would require 200 times more mining operations to provide batteries for electric cars.


Those mines would be in China for the most part so uncle joe and Nancy can get kickbacks and maybe Nevada if the protesters loose.

Wild Bill

That brings up an excellent point: America has 200 years of oil at the present rate of use. China has none. China has most of the known reserves of rare earth minerals, but America has little. So the socialists tell us that it is imperative that America switch to electric cars.


I believe I figured out the answer to that. Republicans supposedly are the rich ones from the oil industry, if that is true or not I am not sure but that is what the dems used to say back in the 70s. So with that in mind, dems invented a global warming scam after they had invested into wind turbines, solar cells, and batteries. Now the scam is electric vehicles. I figured it out when Pelosi invested in electric vehicles and then next day our liar and thief announced the change to government vehicles using batteries and not fossil fuels.… Read more »


but… but… but… Strip mining is OK if it’s for the greater good – as defined by me! City dwellers only care to save bears, wolves, mountain lions and other cute and cuddly critters – they may pay lip service to environmental concerns, but only as far as it directly impacts them (and even then only if they know). Far as I’m concerned they are welcome to snuggle with all the predators they want. Would certainly be a relatively easy way to reduce city voters – and all the free food might distract predators from livestock for a while 🙂… Read more »

Wild Bill

Well, at least you have come up with a good use for libtards.


city dwellers are mostly not white, but it would be nice if the predators would go after the wild pigs and the imported snakes give the deer population a chance to rebound


and china is testing lunar rocks for same minerals


swmft…Thats why all the mining on mars and the moon, and no environmental controls out there .

Matt in Oklahoma

Most of their ammo performs like a 100yr old. Slow and weak
10mm is 180 at 1200 not 900fps hydrasickly

Knute Knute

Who in this page mentioned the ballistics of the 10mm, besides you? Are you certain that you’re on the right page. Perhaps some other article has people that care about the 10mm’s ballistics. Perhaps there they might even know what “hydrasickly” means.
Is it a guy who gets ill from drinking water? 🙂