Kyle Rittenhouse Rifle to be Destroyed; Dominick Black Rifle Returned ~ VIDEO

Judge Schroeder at Property Hearing in Kenosha

U.S.A.-(— The legal disposition of the rifle used by Kyle Rittenhouse in self-defense, during the riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, has been settled.

Kevin Matheson, of Kenosha County Eye, was in court when Judge Schroeder validated the agreement, by all parties.

The rifle Kyle Rittenhouse fired on August 25, 2020, would be destroyed by the Wisconsin Crime Lab.


Minutes: Case livestreamed. Clerk/T. Lema. ADA Thomas Binger appeared for the State. Atty Mark Richards appeared on behalf of deft. Atty Xavier Solis appeared on behalf of The Fightback Foundation. Atty Francine Felske appeared on behalf of Carriage Capital. ADA Binger reports the State has returned the the deft’s articles previously w/held to the deft except the firearm. Parties have reached a stipulation as to the firearm; firearm will be destroyed.

Rittenhouse is reported as saying all his property from that day would be thrown away, as the shootings should not be celebrated.

Kevin Matheson, from the Kenosha County Eye, communicated to this reporter:  Dominick Black’s rifle was said to have been returned to him.

Here are links to videos of what was going on in the courtroom when Judge Bruce Schroeder validated the arrangement.

Link to YouTube video on a stipulation to destroy the rifle

On the video of Rekieta Law, at about  1:24:00, the panel of lawyers discusses the disposition of the rifle Kyle used.

The rifle may not have been the focus of the lawyers’ attention. Instead, it appears most of the negotiation was centered on how to divvy up the two million in bond money to be returned.

From the

According to court records obtained today by the Kenosha County Eye, the $2,000,000 will be split three ways:

  • $150,000 Ricky Schroeder (Conservative Activist & Actor)
  • $925,000 Fight Back Foundation (Founded by Lyn Wood)
  • $925,000 Richards & Dimmer, S.C., IN TRUST (Rittenhouse’s Attorney’s trust account)

It is unsure how much of the almost $1M will be paid to Kyle’s defense team, and how much will go to 19-year old Rittenhouse, if any for personal use.

It appears Kyle is sincere in not wanting any of his possessions to be used to “celebrate” his use of the rifle. Kyle has always been clear he used the rifle in self-defense.

From an interview:

 “The jury reached the correct verdict. Self defense is not illegal.”

To most gun owners, this appears to be bizarre. If you do not want the rifle, why not sell it to someone who does? Why not allow the rifle to be a symbol of American exceptionalism? Why not allow it to be used to rally those who value freedom over oppression?

It is clear those close to Kyle, his lawyers Richardson and Chirafisi, are not gun enthusiasts or particularly interested in guns. His friend, Dominick Black, seems to have been interested in selling the rifle or rifles; but Black agreed to the disposition of the Rifle Kyle used. It may be Black was convinced this action would reduce his federal legal liability.

If Black had considered contesting the issue, he had no support to do so. He was not represented by counsel, as far as this reporter can tell; once the dismissal of his charges was completed.


DA Binger is able to claim a prize of a sort: he can claim he had a hand in ensuring the destruction of the hated rifle.

The Left can claim a moral victory: If only the rifle had never existed, none of the bad things would have happened, they will say. See, even Rittenhouse knows in his heart such rifles are inherently evil. That is why he had it destroyed.

The left is not going to treat Kyle Rittenhouse any different because he had the rifle destroyed.

If Americans do not celebrate self-defense, they give up the moral high ground. If self-defense is something to be ashamed of, why would anyone have the courage to defend themselves?

Celebration of the ability to do hard but necessary things used to be an important part of the American character.

To many people in America, the “wise” thing to do is to “let someone else do it.”

About Dean Weingarten:

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of Constitutional Carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.

Dean Weingarten

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Arizona Don

The Kyle Rittenhouse saga is over let it drop out of sight. Having been in the military I understand why he may not want the weapon. However that is something that should be up to him and only him.  I do not understand why it is news. It is no ones business but his! 


I hope they will let him be ,but they wont,they harassed soldiers returning from SE Asia many ditched uniforms crawled into bottles or drugs spit on and Hanoi jane gets rich so no bet


A friend taught me how to dig ditch;as. He perfected his skill in 1917 France.
He kept H his M1917 Enfield ready to go until the day he died.


They couldn’t get their blood price from the young man so they’re going to settle for punishing his rifle, for now.

I guess that makes sense to somebody but it seems kinda medieval to me.


betting you have never shot anyone, kyles choice ,many police departments will let an officer involved in a shooting get a new gun so it is personal kind of zen thing maybe the karma goes with it


True the odds would be in your favor, as most people have never been placed in that situation. However, in my case, it is a bet you would lose.


Kyle’s heart seems to be that the killings were a tregdey, thoughunavoidable as the dirtbags PUSHED to the point of fire or die.He had made ever effort to leave,flee, avoid, not confront, but his assailants decided both for themsevles and him. He simply does not want the rifle to exist lest anyone elevate it to some sort of relic or talisman, or profit heavily from a life-shattering event he’d far rather have avoided.

Deplorable Bill

The simple fact is this gun is historical and if for no other reason than that it should not be destroyed. History. You can find Wyatt Earp’s SMITH AND WESSON, the one that Mayor Clum gave him a month before he used it in the tombstone fight at the OK coral, in a museum. No, Earp did not use a Colt in this fight. He used a nickel plated, engraved Smith and Wesson 44 American model. There are famous firearms museums lots of places in America and I think this particular gun deserves it’s place in one of them. Buffalo… Read more »


Not your choice or the court’s but his; he wanted it destroyed. You’re pretty limited if you can’t figure out how to explain what happened without a physical object…if you can’t do that, you probably can’t effectively debate on 2A rights and should just stay off the channel.

Big George

I support Kyle’s decision. He is truly an exceptional young man, wise beyond his years. Obviously this has defined his life, and he’ll never be able to put it behind him. With support from friends and family though hopefully he’ll have a good life.


I would not be surprised if he started going by his middle name or even changed his name to loose the notoriety

Big George

You know, I had the same thought but it would never work these days, mayhaps years ago before the advent of the Internet and especially ‘social media’. I think he addressed that in his interview with Tucker Carlson on FOX Nation.


there are still ways not as easy as in the past, his best path would be move to gun friendly state


Celebration of the ability to do hard but necessary things used to be an important part of the American character.


shooting someone up close and personal changes a person, some get a rush out of the power, others a sickness that eventually leads to suicide. in the military many soldiers shoot wild with no aim to avoid guilt, if the hit someone it is gods will, and others one shot one kill… takes a special makeup to not take it home with you faces in a scope or blood spattering you. When I go hunting it is as much a commune with my god as a need for the meat. maybe a little atonement ..Kyle will go through the anger… Read more »


That’s rather simplistic. It’s his choice; why should it bother you?


This is like the system in place from the middle ages into the 1700s. The court used to put the weapon on trial. A sword would be found guilty of murder, then burned to destroy the evil object. It is a primitive method, that seems to have carried forward to today.


If we believe in Liberty, then we’ll leave Kyle alone to do what he needs to do to move on. That young man has had to grow up a lot in the last year.


When a criminal commits a crime with a gun, it’s the criminal’s fault. The gun is just a tool. When a private citizen defends himself with a gun, the citizen made good use of that tool. It’s about the person; not the tool.

If me, I’d build a new one and move on.


Killing is easy, living with it is the hard part.

Mystic Wolf

Have you ever had to take a life, that is never easy as you said,.
I gave been involved in self defense shootings, and it was one of the hardest things to do. Killing is only easy for those that are easy with taking a life.


not so easy that is why many hesitate and die


How about saying it this way. Killing is not easy just like living with the consequences.


you served


You reap what you sow. Get used to it.


Kyle made the right decision, no reason to keep the rifle and any apparel he had that night. Kyle did not take a life, the individuals forfeited their lives by their own actions.


WHY do you prattle on about zionsists here? I see no evidence of them showing up.


if he had not been charged he may have kept it in the back of his safe,my bet is he wants this to go away; it will not they will hound him and he may have to kill others to protect himself, ask george zimmerman . This is more like hatfields and mccoys than right and wrong


Only a million + rifles left. Of course guns are inamenate and thus cannot be evil.


It seems to me that Kyle may have wanted to ‘punish’ that POS Black who threw him under the bus. As I remember Black bought the rifle so legally it is his and he could have made big money from selling it. Yes, Kyle may have given Black the money but it was Blacks’ name on the 4473 so it was his gun. It might have ended up in a court fight about who was the owner but that would be a pain in the ass for Kyle and as the charges against Black had already been dropped who knows… Read more »

Last edited 11 months ago by Hazcat

just becuse Mr. Black’s name is on the 4473 means nothing. It was HIS to dispose of lawfully as HE saw fir. He chose to GIVE it to Kyle, who was lawfully able to possess it, per court vercdict and both Fed and state law. Kyle could lawfully possess that rifle, which also means he can OWN it. s the jury proved, Kyle was able to lawfully possess it, therefore he was also lawfully able to OWN it. There was no “straw purchase” as yle was never a “prohibited person”. THAT is the sine qua non of a stras purchse,… Read more »


I believe young Mr. Rittenhouse took a very mature position.
Initially, my focus was on the violation of property rights.
I see now that a potential symbolic image dedicated to the
macabre night, might pollute perceptions of that night.


The Left can claim a moral victory: If only the rifle had never existed, none of the bad things would have happened, they will say. See, even Rittenhouse knows in his heart such rifles are inherently evil. That is why he had it destroyed.
Yep! If “the rifle had never existed, Mr. Rittenhouse would have been ASSASSINATED by the CRIMINAL(who was never arrested) who had a handgun(which by FEDERAL LAW he was holding and in possession of ILLEGALLY!!


Didn’t he borrow the riffle? I thought it was someone else’s property, am I wrong here?
Cause if it’s someone else’s property I don’t understand why Kyle gets to decide it’s fate.


It’s 5/24/2022, To date there have been no charges filed against Grosskruetz for attempted murder. Can a DA simply ignore video evidence of this type of crime? Is Grosskruetz’s involvement in antifa, somehow influencing a Soros supported bureaucrat’s ability to perform his responsibilities?


Folks I will let you in on a little secret our government is trying to divide us because they know that if we all join together and fight their evil ways they don’t have a chance… the guns magic must be very powerful or our politician’s would not want to take them so badly ….. they know the deal and they are trying to play mind games with us all


It’s his choice, and it has no bearing on you or yours. Find something else to complain about, you sound like a Leftist.


“To many people in America, the “wise” thing to do is to ‘let someone else do it.’”

Kyle and the other “civilians” certainly couldn’t wait for the peace officers, who are paid to arrest violent rioters, to do it. Those enforcers were wearing body armor and sitting in armored vehicles while the “civilians” ended the arson, vandalism, theft, and intimidation.

It’s a clown world.

Last edited 11 months ago by JSNMGC

The enforcers/ex-enforcers/unconditional enforcer-supporters were standing post all day waiting to defend the honor of enforcers. What’s funny is, they can’t imagine anyone else actually going outside and doing things. The last two years have been tough on the public image of enforcers since they made the decision to protect violent rioters, arrest people defending themselves, and enforce mask mandates. The Canadian truckers are the tip of the iceberg. I realize most enforcers don’t have much in the way of critical thinking skills, but here’s a tip: you don’t understand what will happen when the people who have traditionally supported you… Read more »