Winchester Ammunition Launches Copper Impact Line

Winchester Copper Impact
The new Winchester Copper Impact ammunition line. IMG Winchester Ammunition

U.S.A. -( Winchester launches its Copper Impact rifle and shotshell ammunition line in 2022, now offering even more popular calibers and heavy-hitting bullet weights for big-game hunting.

Copper Impact rifle bullets are engineered with longer ogives and boattails providing higher ballistic coefficients, which increases accuracy at longer distances. With Copper Impact, a hunter gets monolithic solid copper Extreme Point® hollow-point bullets with distinctive polymer tips that create both a large-impact diameter and immediate expansion upon contact.

As a solid bullet, the Extreme Point produces greater weight retention over standard jacketed bullets. Copper Impact bullets are permitted for use where lead-free ammunition is required, but regardless of location, this line of ammunition performs on big game from pronghorn to elk.

Copper Impact Rifle Ammunition Features:

  • Large-impact-diameter Copper Extreme Point expands immediately upon contact to deliver massive knockdown power
  • Solid copper bullet design offers improved weight retention over standard jacketed lead-core bullets
  • New 30 caliber, 180-grain loads for big game

Copper Impact rifle bullet offerings are expansive with more than a dozen options, from 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.8 Western, and 300 Win. Mag., to shotgun slugs in both 12 and 20 gauge.

About Winchester

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Nice to know their R&D is active.
Shame that the actual ammo is
a rarity these days.


Lemme guess… Being the PRICE is not shown.
$100.00 for 20 rounds ?????