Armed Citizens Aided Wounded Lawmen, As Lawmakers Push Gun Control

Armed private citizens came to the aid of two WA sheriffs’ deputies, while Democrats are pushing restrictive gun control legislation. (Dave Workman)

U.S.A.-( As the courageous actions of armed private citizens who came to the aid of two wounded Whatcom County Sheriff’s deputies are being praised by local lawmen, Democrat lawmakers in the state legislature are feverishly pushing gun control laws that could ultimately penalize those Samaritans.

Democrats have been pushing legislation (Senate Bill 5078), which would outlaw ammunition magazines for rifles and pistols containing more than 10 rounds. The measure already passed the Senate on a party-line vote and is now in the House, where a hearing is scheduled Wednesday before the House Committee on Civil Rights & Judiciary at 10 a.m.

Another measure, Senate Bill 5568, seeks to repeal Washington’s 38-year-old preemption law to give anti-gun mayors such as Seattle’s Bruce Harrell the ability to set their own gun control regulations.

Against this ironic backdrop, Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo and Undersheriff Doug Chadwick were publicly praising the actions of the armed citizens who came to the aid of wounded Deputies Ryan Rathbun and Jay Thompson.

“We are extraordinarily blessed that several armed citizens came to the deputies’ assistance at the critical moments when they were most vulnerable,” Sheriff Elfo said in a message posted on the department’s Facebook page. “I have contacted all three of the good Samaritans and expressed appreciation on behalf of myself and all members of law enforcement and their families. There will be a more formal recognition of these humble citizen heroes once more details of their actions can be released.”

“We’re thankful they were there and that they were willing to leave the protection of their own homes, put their own safety at risk to help see a fellow human being in need,” Chadwick added to Seattle’s KOMO News. “We’re thankful those citizens stepped up and helped fill that gap and that time until other deputies were able to arrive on scene.”

The Police Tribune noted in its report that the armed citizens—identified in some reports as Jesse Marshall and Cody Deeter—“stepped forward and fired multiple shots” at the suspect, Joel Berck Young, causing him to retreat. The citizens, apparently aided by a third person, pulled the wounded lawmen to safety and began administering first aid.

The confrontation erupted Feb. 10 when Young allegedly confronted a neighbor for burning brush in the community of Peaceful Valley east of Bellingham. The fire created smoke that reportedly drifted into Young’s house. After some apparently harsh words, Young—who had allegedly been drinking, according to one published report—came out with a shotgun and fired into the air, prompting neighbors to call the sheriff’s department.

Deputies Rathbun and Thompson arrived, and in short order, they were both allegedly shot by the 60-year-old Young, who now faces charges of first-degree attempted murder. That’s when Deeter and Marshall ushered their families inside their homes, retrieved their own guns and intervened, according to published reports.

Deeter told Seattle’s KING he came around the corner of a house, spotted Young in the doorway “and I unloaded, just to get him to go away so we can get these guys (the wounded deputies) back.”

It is not known how many shots were fired by the armed citizens, but the suspect retreated and after a couple of hours, was taken into custody.

And now, as lawmakers in Olympia—about 160 miles to the south—are gathered for their 60-day session, majority Democrats are determined to push through gun control legislation banning so-called “high capacity magazines,” and prohibiting open carry in many places, including government buildings or where public meetings are being held. And there’s the effort to eliminate state preemption, which Harrell has already said is on his wish list.

The irony of this scenario is not lost on Evergreen State gun rights activists. Thousands of gun owners have signed up to oppose SB 5078—the high-cap magazine ban bill—and the toll-free Legislative Hotline has been flooded.

While the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has blasted Harrell for falsely claiming Washington is only one of “a few” states with preemption statutes—at least 42 states have such laws—the Seattle-based and billionaire-backed Alliance for Gun Responsibility has been cheering the progress of SB 5078 and House Bill 1705 to close the so-called “ghost gun loophole.”

KOMO, the ABC News affiliate in Seattle, reported Monday that the gun prohibition movement has “high hopes” for passage of the magazine ban. For some reason, KOMO continues referring to anti-gunners as “gun safety advocates.” However, KOMO at least provided opponents of the measure equal space to explain why they think SB 5078 is wrong.

The Everett Herald is reporting that debate on House Bill 1630, making open carry illegal in a building where a “local governing body is meeting,” has also been contentious. According to the report, Democrat Rep. Tina Senn declared, “Guns have no place in our civil discourse…Nobody needs a gun to make their voice heard in our democracy, and nobody should face armed intimidation.”

In the midst of this gun debate, Seattle Police reported the arrest of a 17-year-old in the downtown area last Friday, carrying a Glock pistol with a 15-round magazine that was reported stolen in north Seattle. He faces charges of possession of a stolen handgun, illegal possession of a handgun and drug offenses.

About Dave Workman

Dave Workman is a senior editor at and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Dave Workman

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“came out with a shotgun and fired into the air”

So he was just taking Biden’s advice.


isn’t is just ludicrous???

what will they recommend next, wave a samurai sword in the air???

Last edited 1 year ago by Rodoeo
Deplorable Bill

“A well regulated militia, being necessary to a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The second amendment, THE law of the land. Any law that goes against the constitution is null and void per the scotus in reference to the case of Marberry vs Madison. This makes all firearm laws unconstitutional and criminal. The constitution refers to the free, American citizen as the militia and thus endows us with the right to own and carry anything a militia would, that includes high capacity magazines. Tyrannical government and gun control were… Read more »


oath breakers


After reading the Bellingham paper concerning this incident, the Sheriff and his department seem to be a bunch of “good guys”, not a bunch of fools following a lot of unconstitutional laws put in place by a bunch of communists.

Arizona Don

I agree! I have been saying this for decades now. Thank you!

uncle dudley

I wonder which causes more deaths in Seattle, guns or drugs.
I say it’s from drug overdoses not guns, time for politicians to work on actual problems that do the most harm.
Leave the guns alone.


Drugs, by several multiples. Directly by overdose, indirectly by people doing stupid stuff on drugs that cause innocent deaths. Over 100,000 deaths last year by drug overdose. 30,000 by firearm, twothirds by self-inflcted gunshot damage. That leaves 10.000 deliberate deaths by firarm, about two thirds involving self-dfense. SO.. somewhere around three or four thousand deliberatley killed by someone else with a gun, without legal justification. Nationwide. And of those 75% are in major Demrun citieslike CHicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and the REALLY insane ting is many major cities are establishing “shooting zones” where the riffraff can come round, get free drugs,… Read more »


There is money in drugs the war has been never ending those in washington continue to use taxpayer dollars to enhance programs that have not worked for years. Then allow sales of marijuana on the state level collecting federal income tax on those sales while dreaming it illegal.
Only in America


This country is being dismantled before our eyes from the Democrat Communist Party (DCP). What are the Repubs doing? Lip service. McConnell said he will not impeach Biden, even though he is not protecting the country.By allowing the southern border to be wide open he, and the VP, not to mention the rest of the Congress, and Senate are not living up to their oath to protect this nation.
Don’t put your faith in government, put your faith in God.

Last edited 1 year ago by hoss
Wild Bill


Rebel VA

Amen x2


Mayors are the hardest politicians to remove from power electing them should be done with a lot of thought beforehand . Changing how much power mayors have will need to be done prior to their elections. This is something our country need to address for look at what they have done!!!


Watching the police enforce the dictates of Trudum in Canada makes me have serious reservations about on which side our own police will come down on when the SHTF.


This whole thing is a test to see just how serious things will get to see if they can now install the NWO without a fight. Canada is the petri dish for the world. America is the country that the NWO hinges on. If we fold the NWO will be installed with the help of the United Nations and obiden.


Why do people keep voting for democrats as they spread day after day lying hate racism violence stupidity socialism progressivism investigation after investigation russia russia propaganda. Open borders mandates revolving door justice sanctuary cities cancel culture climate change inflation and their key word sustainability. The democrats are never going to stop going after our right to bear arms the only time they shut up was during Trump’s presidency. As they were so involved in his removal from office nothing else mattered. Every American is now under fire from one of the democratic party’s liberal progressive groups that now will do… Read more »


“Why do people keep voting for democrats”

Because, even more so than republicans, they promise to take from “the rich” and redistribute to the people who will vote for them. The transfers take place in many, many different ways.

Unfortunately, most Americans (Democrats and Republicans) see nothing wrong with this and it has been happening for over 100 years.

Blanc and Marx understood that many people want other people’s stuff:

“from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

Americans are blinded by deception we have become a lazy people and that is what politicians count on as with our government. The wealth is never taken from the rich it is taxed from the working class. Nothing more or less .


Your statement couldn’t be more wrong.

The top 10% of earners pay over 70% of federal income taxes.

You are listening to Biden and Sanders – that’s not a good idea.


Latest round takes from anyone with savings or no way to compensate for runaway inflation. Biden just wants to print and handout money to those he considers worthy, while putting up ever more impediments to production – resulting in more dollars chasing fewer goods. The ultra rich own means of production, therefore inflation does not impact them much. Poor own very little, they may get hurt a little by inflation – but since government is hell bent on cash transfers, they won’t be hurt much and government is raising minimum wage so they’ll end up earning about the same. Those… Read more »


Taxes I referred to the top 10% of earners and you started discussing the “ultra rich” owning the means to production. Were your views on sociology and economics shaped by a famous slovenly pig who was born in Germany? The top 10% of earners is mainly compromised of portions of the middle class, upper middle class, and the barely wealthy. The threshold of the top 10% is annual earnings of just over $200K (which is middle class for a family living in many parts of the U.S.). The “ultra rich” are a tiny portion of the upper 10%. As far… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by JSNMGC

The slovenly born pig in Germany is over the top and was totally unnecessary to get your point across.
We should all be civil with one another even if we disagree, don’t you agree?


Who do you think I was referencing?


Did you miss the memo? We can vote all we want, but the ones who COUNT those votes is who decide what goes down. Seen the recent proof of seriosu corruption in the voting rolls, and the voting process itself? Many of us had uor eyes ripped open back when Queen Christine “won” the throne. Been beyond skanky ever since, Voter rolls NEED to be cleaned, and most SecState wil not. Tried enacting a law a few elections back that would mandate that, and how it was to be doine, and how often and by when. Defeated. WHY? Uhm, oh… Read more »


Corruption has been a part of government since the beginning it is we the people that support that ideology and continue to let it happen. Voting now will be much like a third world event . Sad but true

Wild Bill

Yes, love of money, lust for power, parties and machine politics have subverted many, many elections.


Last year, Colorado DemocRATs killed our preemption law ! The Colorado legislature which is controlled by DemocRATs voted to do away with the preemption law that’s been on the books for a long time. This was one more attempt by anti-gun politicians to put into place, radical gun control laws. And, of course, Governor “Twinkie-Dink’ Polis was all too happy to sign the law. Now, liberal, progressive, Socialist Boulder has come up with some pretty radical gun control proposals, all made possible by preemption’s demise. Without a doubt, lawsuits are in the future.

Arizona Don

Democrats everywhere are out to confiscate guns that is how they think gun control should work. They have no intention of attempting to control crime which is what they should be focused on. That should be obvious to everyone, and I suspect is, with an IQ above single digits.

Mystic Wolf

Remember that the (DEMON)crats are the ones that just keep putting the criminals right back on the streets even if they commit extremely violent acts, it is the DEMONcrats that do not want us to fight back on the criminals.


And let’s not forget our vice president and BLM fund it.

Mystic Wolf

Well if you look at the monsters that are pushing and putting out millions for these things you just might understand, that mikey bloombug put out over 200 million last year to help squash the 2nd Amendment that georgy porgy soros put out another 500 million to squash not just the second but the whole of the Constitution. Most if not all the billionaire bankers want the people disarmed so that their master can come in and takeover the country without firing a shot. All those that want the 2nd Amendment gone are all doing the will of satan.


to give anti-gun mayors such as Seattle’s Bruce Harrell the ability to set their own gun control regulations. WHY is this sorry xcuse of a MAYOR trying to “set their own gun control regulations”? He is EXECUTIVE branch and ns sworn to simply execute, that is, enforce, laws enacted by a legisilative branch entity. He thinks he is some sort of tinpot dictator. He is operating outside of his lane. As to mag cap bans, WHY? Soneone using a firearm for illegal purposes will not let a silly little rule about how many rounds his gun can hold prevent himfrom… Read more »


Harrell is on top of the list.

Wild Bill

Seems like federal, state, county, and city governments are all going beyond their authority, and doing everything that they can get away with.

But now, help me out, what is “incredily baif”?


Man, this has been posted for 23 hours and I am the only up vote?


irony of this is, police they saved likely will enforce unconstitutional laws against them. no good deed goes unpunished. and the oath they took, oh yea oath keepers are white supremacists,even the oreos


Oh I dunno.. Whatcom county is pretty good that way, as are most of the “outside the Dem Zoo” areas like King, SNohomish, Clark, and parts of Pierce. Most of the rest of the sheriffs are great guys, and do a good job. They really ARE on our side. I know a few of them. Glad THEY are in charge of LE in my county and many others.


Ok, but unless you know them, how do you know which ones?