Armed Defenders Save Family, Save Strangers, and Save Themselves

Parents, Children, and Grandchildren - More Self Defense Gun Stories
Armed Defenders Save Family, Save Strangers, and Save Themselves

U.S.A. -( You probably didn’t see these stories covered by the mainstream news media, but again last week, responsible gun owners defended themselves and the people they love. Self-defense instructor Robyn Sandoval joins the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast to look at four new examples. Were these gun owners lucky, or did they have a plan?

First story- Are you armed as you drive?

It is dark and you’re making a pizza delivery in an area with small shops and homes. You pull down a street and a car is blocking the center of the road. You stop a distance away. A man runs from the sidewalk to your driver’s side door. He has a gun in his hand and the gun is pointed at you. He tells you to get out of your car and hand over your car keys.

You are one of the 1.5 million residents who have your Pennsylvania license to carry a concealed firearm. You’re armed tonight. You turn in the seat and present your gun. Your attacker shoots at you, and you shoot back.. six times. Now your attacker runs to the car blocking the street. You back up the street and go back to the pizza shop to call the police.

You agree to meet the police back at the scene of the attack. You give the police a brief statement and show them your carry permit.

Police arrest your attacker when his two accomplices bring him to a local hospital. Police arrest his accomplices for questioning while your attacker remains under guard and in critical condition. You’re not charged with a crime. You’re 39 years old and your wounded attacker is 35. This makes the hundredth carjacking or attempted carjacking in Philadelphia this month.

Second Story- Are you armed when you go out on the town with friends.

You, a friend, and your fiance are at a bar. This young drunk man keeps hitting on your fiance. You and your friends decide to leave and the drunk follows you into the parking lot. He grabs your fiance and asks her for sex again. You tell him to stop and he hits you. You present your firearm and tell him to stop. Now, the drunk hits your friend. Your friend pushes him away when the drunk squares up and raises his fist at you for the second time. You shoot him. Now he stops. You call 911.

You give a statement to the police. Your attacker died at the hospital. You’re arrested and charged. There are three videos of your defense. Protesters say you shot your attacker because he was black and that you used racial slurs. You have witnesses and videos that prove otherwise. Your attacker’s blood alcohol level was .195%, or almost two and a half times the legal limit for intoxication.

You have a lawyer who knows about self-defense cases. He releases the videos.

Third story- Do you have a gun nearby as you sleep in your bed?

It is well before dawn on a weekday morning. You’re jolted from sleep by the sound of breaking wood. You hear someone moving through your house. Your ex-boyfriend comes into your bedroom and tries to take off your night clothes. You fight him off. Your child hears the yelling and comes into your room. Then, your ex leads the child back to the child’s bedroom. You grab your handgun and wait. When your ex comes back, you tell him to leave. He moves toward you and you shoot him. He reaches for your gun and you shoot him again. Now your ex-boyfriend grabs your gun and runs away. You drive to the police station and talk to the officers at the desk. You give them a description of your attacker.

The police find your attacker at the hospital with a gunshot wound in each leg. He is arrested for theft of a firearm, home invasion, false imprisonment, violation of protective orders, attempted 2nd-degree rape, criminal damage to property, and battery of a dating partner with child endangerment.

You’re not charged, but the police are holding your gun as evidence.

Fourth story- Are you armed when you stop for gas?

You’re stopped at a convenience store a few hours after dark. You hear a woman scream for help and you see her run into the store. You see a man with a knife chasing her. You see him stab her. You move toward them and shout for him to stop. The attacker stabs his victims again when they are inside the store. You present your firearm and shoot the attacker twice. Now he drops his knife so you stop shooting. Both the victim and the attacker are bleeding. You shout for the store clerk to call 911.

Emergency Medical Services take the victim and the attacker to the hospital with serious injuries. You stay at the scene and give a statement to the police. Other witnesses tell the police what they saw. The store has surveillance video that matches your story. It takes a while, but the police send you home.

A discussion of each story is at the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast webpage.


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There needs to be a national repository of 2A defensive actions that could be referenced when anti-gunners spout crap like “gun owners are far more likely to be shot by their own gun.”


The NRA could not be reached for comment, The democrats want to free convicted felons The NRA approved

Deplorable Bill

Yup, Having your firearm present, loaded and ready to go is something that increases your and other people’s odds in survival. Situational awareness is also primo. Consider your firearm like the ole American express card —–Don’t leave home without it.

Arm up and carry on


the world is getting worse, car jacking seems to be the new cow tipping ,beat stab kick take what you want, and if the agressor is black why did you shoot my baby he was such a good boy……good for what? and like in the second story charged ???? da should be horse whipped


Speaking of leaving home without it, perhaps you should consider leaving your racist screed home.


you have not been there to see it in person, the mother crying over dead son who shot and killed a bank guard while robbing armored car. four section 8 inhabitants robbing a bank three males 1 female (driver) three dead including driver four with the guard in the appartment police find a baby and toddler….. mother and father left them alone to rob bank, father is the one survivor he dropped his gun and ran into a field when shooting started, he is on death row 4 deaths on his head ,the victims are his children and how he… Read more »


Sounds most unfortunate and tragic for those involved. Still doesn’t change my mind that racist sentiments are inappropriate. Sure, you and the others that can’t see beyond a person’s skin color, i.e. the down votes, are plumb welcome to your opinion. But I’m not about to let that change my mind on what is righteous, true, and on the right side of history. 😉