Ammo Instock: CCI Blazer 9mm 115 Grain FMJ Ammunition 1000 Rnds $328.70 FREE S&H

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CCI Blazer 9mm 115 Grain FMJ Ammunition Sale trueshot Feb2022

USA – -( has a decent price on CCI Blazer 9mm 115 Grain FMJ Ammunition, 500 Rounds for $166.93. That is $0.33 each a round. TrueShotGunClub A-Zone members get FREE shipping on all orders. Not a member yet? Get $20.00 off membership with code “SAVE20AMMOLAND”.

TrueShot also has 1000 round cases for $328.70 and 50 rounds for $16.95 online here.

CCI Blazer 9mm 115 Grain FMJ Ammunition

Over the last 25 years, CCI Blazer has developed a reputation around the world as a reliable training and practice ammunition. For the shooter who wants to combine the economical pricing with the freedom to reload his spent cases, these Blazer loads are made with conventional, Boxer-primed brass cases ideal for reloading. These cases combined with high-quality Speer bullets deliver economy, accuracy, and performance. Available many common centerfire handgun calibers.

Ammo Instock: CCI Blazer 9mm 115 Grain FMJ Ammunition, 1000 Rnds $328.70

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Still almost double regular price, aren’t we lucky???


You and Dogma Factor will be able to buy brass-cased 9mm for $0.08 a round soon – just hang on a little longer. The industry feels sorry for your . . . situation . . . and will sell you the ammuntion at that price as an act of charity.

Dogma Factor

Happy to see I made an impression with you JSNMGC, the only good thing about this so called deal is the ammo is not imported from some far off land where it’s own citizens can’t possess ammo let alone guns. You know places where there’s no ammo shortages so it’s shipped over here to partake in the gouging.

Oh by the way. Just in case you don’t know this ammo is manufactured in Idaho.


Good for Blazer. I hope they are wildly successful. Not sure why you pointed out their manufacturing location.

You complain a lot about ammo prices and you complain about PMC exports from South Korea to the U.S.

Do you know what would happen to the price of ammo being sold in the U.S. if PMC no longer exported ammo to the U.S.?

Dogma Factor

I point out the manufacturers origin only because this one of the very few times that a domestic ammo company has received a post on Ammoland. Posts in Ammoland are usually for foreign sources of ammo where there citizens normally can’t possess ammunition and have no 2A rights at all. If the Poongsan Manufacturing Corporation (PMC) were to stop importing it would create a vacuum ever so small that would be filled another manufacturer hopefully of domestic origin. Wherever there’s a void or an opportunity in a market segment it will be filled by others in a true capitalist Marketplace.… Read more »


Do you think ammo from South Korea should be banned? If PMC were to stop exporting ammo to the US today, the price of other ammo being sold in US the would increase. US companies could not fill the void because they are already making everything they can. It’s interesting that you are now talking about a “true capitalist” marketplace. Attributes of a capitalist free market include international trade and products priced to market – both attributes you complain about non-stop. I’m well aware of the US manufacturing entities and their brands – I’ve posted analysis of their financial statements… Read more »

Dogma Factor

Sounds like a socialist in camo? That’s one thing they suggest first, next recommend then try to implement is banning. Sorry I’m not for banning anything including ATF items. You just don’t get the irony that Russia, South Korea,, Czechoslovakia, Romania and many more are importing ammo at a terrific profit margin at this time. All are states that ban private ownership of the product being exported and most of it produced at state owned facilities. Seems like your just worried about those clicks on affiliated links? In the end we all truly all want to be capitalistic and make… Read more »


With all due respect, where have you been for the last 28 years? There has not been a country or nation called “Czechoslovakia” since 1993. The Czech Republic (Czechia) is presently the only European nation that supports a right to self-defense, and a right to keep and bear arms in support of that.

Dogma Factor

Sorry with all due respect but if your a Czech living in your home land you don’t have 2A rights. Under Czech firearm act of 2002 a citizen wishing to possess a firearm will need to pass stringent investigation and testing. If lucky enough pass and obtain a firearm license choices of firearms are very limited. So it’s basically symbolic, sort of like someone getting a CCW in Hawaii if that helps you picture odds. Now the amended 1992 Czech Constitutional Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms states that “the right to defend own life or life of another person… Read more »

Last edited 1 year ago by Dogma Factor

You see here a perfect example of why they shouldn’t be called “Second Amendment rights”. The right to keep and bear arms does not come from the Second Amendment. Whether you believe in a “creator” as Jefferson did or not, there are certain rights that go along with just being alive. They’re sometimes referred to as “natural rights.” They are not bestowed by government or mere documents. And they apply to all men and all women regardless of where thy might live. Whether those rights are honored and protected or denied by a particular government is irrelevant to their existence.

Dogma Factor

The right to self defense is a natural right, but if not for our founding fathers foresight to include the second amendment America would be just like any other country. Globalist are just waiting for the day when America signs the UN arms treaty to nullify many rights granted by our constitution, for America is unique with it’s 2A rights.


Yes, but it IS coming down, slowly but surely. It is heading in the proper direction.


I dont think it will come back to 9.27 a box at wally world i think it will normalize at closer to 12 a box inflation is in office. last jump from 4and change a box was jimmy do little carter it took rr 5 years to get that under control I dont thing there is any polutition who would put an economist in charge of economy to smart


It will go down when the supply is greater than the demand.


I tend to stay away from Blazer ammo in general. I am a reloader, and separating their .45ACP with small primers pockets from every one else’s .45ACP with large primer pockets is IMHO an unnecessary PITA. Otherwise you have to prime one batch of brass then swap out your entire priming setup and prime another batch. PITA.

Anything with a Blazer headstamp goes in the scrap bucket.

Last edited 1 year ago by DDS

I haven’t reloaded in decades. As such, I was not aware of this issue. Thank you for sharing as it is good to know!


Not much of a deal. By the time I included shipping and they taxed it, it was $375.00 a thousand. I’ll pass. There are much better deals out there, including sources that do not impose sales tax on out of state buyers.


Yes 0.379 cents a round + Hazard fee + shipping +Tax.


no hazmat fee on ammo

hazmat on primers & powder, not complete ammo

shipping added $0.0437 / rd, so $0.42334 / rd or $21.17 / box

you’re gonna pay tax almost everywhere now, so that’s a wash

still above my buy point (because I’m not hurting)

and yeah, twice 2019 prices for the same thing

shoulda bought more then