Colorado Hunter Education Law Hearing Today

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Later today, the House Agriculture, Livestock, and Water Committee is scheduled to consider Hunter Education Legislation, House Bill 22-1168. IMG NRA-ILA

U.S.A. -( Later today, the House Agriculture, Livestock, and Water Committee is scheduled to consider Hunter Education Legislation, House Bill 22-1168.  Please contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT HB22-1168.


House Bill 22-1168 allows local education providers, upon entering into an agreement with an individual or entity that offers hunter education courses certified by the division of parks and wildlife (division), to provide a hunter education course (course) to all seventh graders. The course must satisfy the requirements of a hunter education course certified by the division; except that hands-on activities are not required. The course must be taught by a division-certified instructor. A parent or legal guardian must provide permission for a student to participate in any hands-on activities that are offered as part of the course.

Again, please contact members of the House Agriculture, Livestock, and Water Committee, and ask them to SUPPORT House Bill 22-1168.

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6th grade Heath Jr High Greeley Colorado had an outdoor education class in 1967. we covered all outdoor sports, skiing, archery, trap/skeet, etc.
On the football field with Remington ultralight’s 20 gauges. we all took and passed the nra hunting safety course. the state of Colorado fish and game has a book of all hunter safety cards and it shows mine from 1967. We were well trained in gun safety, outdoors safety, first aid. I would hope this course would teach all that.

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Took the hunter education course at the age of 13 in commiefornia which wasn’t quite so commie back then. Pre Diane Finestien.

Always keep your old hunting license. States that require a course even if you are an adult will wave the requirement if you have an old license.


I took the coarse in TX’s several years ago although not needed because of my age, thought it could come in handy if hunting out of state. The course was very good, I wish TX would adopted a program to teach in schools. It is based around safety, it is like swimming lesson. Some folks are scared of the water they are the ones that need it worse. If your scared and fall into the water you panic drowned. Even if you don’t like guns its best to aware of what they really are not what you learn on TV… Read more »


Took the hunter education course in Colorado only because they required it to receive a hunting license class was mostly filled with children did have some good points especially for young and experienced hunters