Connecticut Citizens Oppose Governor Lamont’s Gun Control Initiative ~ VIDEO

SOUTHBURY, CT – -( Governor Lamont stated clearly that an administration is not tough on crime if it is weak on guns.

Yet, roughly 70% of gun offenses in Connecticut today are not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The overwhelming majority of all gun crimes in the state are committed by prohibited persons who are not lawfully permitted to possess a firearm.

However, the Governor spoke Monday not just about his abhorrence of illegal firearms in this state but legal as well, demonstrating his indifference between criminals and law-abiding gun owners.

Governor Lamont further returned to a defeated “stop and frisk” tactic allowing citizens to be questioned without suspicion of a crime. This unconstitutional requirement to show carry permits without cause would open the door for harassment and profiling. It is currently permissible for an officer to ask for a permit if there is reasonable suspicion of a crime. The Governor’s archaic plan is contradictory to the spirit of the very laws the Governor signed last year limiting police engagement, particularly in our urban communities. The legislature has already rejected this very notion out of concern for unjust profiling.

The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CDDL) has been on record for nearly a decade advocating for full restoration of the Statewide Firearms Trafficking Task Force since it was defunded shortly after Sandy Hook. The sitting majority party repeatedly defeated the proposal in committee year after year. Now the Governor’s office is turning to only a small facet of the very solution the CCDL has spent years supporting as a true common-sense solution to gun crimes.

In 2021 alone, tens of thousands of Connecticut residents became new permit holders. Background checks for firearm purchases soared to record-setting numbers. The Governor’s proposals demonstrate that he is out of touch with the people of Connecticut and woefully disconnected from his own failed policies which have resulted in the demand for more access to self-defense.

About Connecticut Citizens Defense League

Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc. is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization of more than 41,000 members, committed to protecting the unalienable constitutional right of all citizens to keep and bear arms through legislative and grassroots advocacy, education, research, publishing, legal action, and programs.

The federal civil rights lawsuit addressed above is officially known as Connecticut Citizens Defense League, Inc., et al. v. Jason Thody, et al. The Plaintiffs are represented by Attorney Doug Dubitsky and Attorney Craig Fishbein. Follow us at

Connecticut Citizens Defense League

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Bidens little Buddy


Has to lift Biden’s nutz to breathe…

Glypto Dropem

Dimmocrat LIBTURDS in Kommiecticut are and always have been, a one-note banjo in relations to gun control. PLINK!-PLINK!-PLINK!-PLINK!

The Second Amendment and Article The First Section 15 of the CT Constitution are infringed upon like they don’t even exist, and the unconstitutional/intolerable acts are upheld in court by rogue judges “in the interest of public safety.”

Too many necks, never enough rope.


Anyone else listen to James Rovello (sp?), speaking after the governor? He is public safety commissioner, presumably reporting to governor…

He used Kyle Rittenhouse as an example of why they need to bring back stop and frisk! He then went on to talk about how so many people are attending protests armed, in order to intimidate free speech and for other unlawful acts. This confuses me… Would anyone here have considered Kyle intimidating? Does anyone think that what was going on was “free speech?” Does this man have any grasp on reality or a moral compass?


James C. Rovella Rovella was sued a few years ago for violating a “civilian’s” rights protected by the first and fourteenth amendments. He wants to keep mostly violent rioters safe from “citizens” when police sit in armored vehicles wearing body armor watching the town burn and “citizens” being assaulted. Lamont: “You’re not tough on crime if you’re weak on guns.” “I wanna see 500 more cops on the street.” Regarding violent criminals: “A lot of these young kids don’t need jail cells.” He’s using violent crime as an excuse to further the extent of the police state, right in line… Read more »


Reply on hold – the guy’s name is James C. Rovella.

He was sued a few years ago for violating a “civilian’s” rights protected by the first and fourteenth amendments.

The guy with the hat (state police?) was excited the legislation would allow police to order “civilians” to show police their papers whenever demanded (apparently no cause required).

Last edited 11 months ago by JSNMGC

I gave a Thumbs Down on the information of what the little DemoKKKratic COMMUNIST wants to do!
I know I am preaching to the choir here BUT;
THERE IS NOT SUCH THING AS “GUN VIOLENCE”. Violence can only be done by a living being!

Glypto Dropem

JSNMGC only provided a link to what the commie gun-grabbers are proposing. Giving a “Thumbs Up” for providing the info is more appropriate. We can all agree that it is the proposals that need to be given negative reviews.