Puppet Justin Trudeau Declared Martial Law In Canada; Can It Happen In The USA

While Trudeau has since rescinded his martial law order and the world has moved on, distracted by the shiny object of the Globalist’s darling, Ukraine, it is worth reviewing the threat this move poses for free countries.

Canada PM Justin Trudeau
Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pushing ever-increasing amounts of gun-control. IMG NRA-ILA

New York – -(AmmoLand.com)- Americans should not only be concerned with but greatly alarmed by Trudeau’s declaration of martial law in Canada. His actions over there have repercussions here, a Nation that resides next door.

A declaration of martial law could happen here, but the presence of tens of millions of armed citizens operates as an extraordinarily powerful deterrent against the imposition of it if the Government’s inducement for it were grounded on the notion the armed citizenry itself posed an imminent threat to it.

Yet, given the nature of events at home in the U.S. this past year, under a feckless, corrupt, inept, idiotic Administration and an equally feckless corrupt Democrat-Party controlled Congress, the Government could attempt it.

If the Biden Administration is that stupid, a rebellion would ensue—no doubt about that. But it will be the Government’s call. The Government will have to be the instigator of violence against the American people.

Americans will not suffer tyranny. That much is clear. The question is how far will this Government go in testing the citizenry’s patience? At what point would the Government feel brazen enough to take the risk by pushing the American people against a wall?

There are forces both here and abroad that would love to see the Biden Administration call for martial law, as the Trudeau Government did, notwithstanding here, as there, lack of sound reason—or even flimsy pretext—to do so.

Americans have certainly witnessed in the last few years a clear and callous constriction of their fundamental rights and liberties.

But the Federal Government hasn’t dared to strangle a person’s life by freezing his or her bank account—at least not yet. And, a truck strike, such as the one in Canada, is not likely to result in anything of the sort occurring here in the U.S. for the very reason that tens of millions of Americans possess firearms. The Canadian citizenry does not. Americans would not tolerate a massive attack on their ability to provide for themselves and their families as a means to subjugate them.

Recent events in Canada mark a major step forward in a massive, albeit secretive global enterprise that transects and transcends the needs, desires, and wishes of the commonality of all western first-world countries. The goals of that global enterprise are incompatible with the needs, desires, and wishes of the common people of those countries.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, declared martial law in Canada on February 15, 2022. He delivered the declaration of martial law coolly, caustically, perfunctorily, in monotone as if reading a script prepared for him by others, which it undoubtedly was.

This declaration of martial law could have been avoided if Trudeau had deigned to meet with spokespeople for the truckers, allowing them the courtesy of airing their justifiable grievances to which, as citizens, they were certainly entitled. That would have obviated the need for an irresponsible, horrific response to their strike—a peaceful act of civil disobedience.

But, then, the declaration of martial law wasn’t something to be avoided. It was precisely what Trudeau wanted—or rather, and more to the point, it was what those pulling Trudeau’s strings wanted.

It was what the Deep State Globalist ruling elite wanted—the imposition of totalitarianism on Canada. And the Truckers’ strike gave the Globalists the pretext they needed and wanted.

Still, the rationale for it from a legal sense, let alone ethical sense, is problematic and the implications of it for both Canada and other western nation-states, including, and especially ours, as Canada’s closest neighbor, is deeply troubling.

This is no small matter. It marks an unprecedented step backward—to outright barbarism—and it is a dire omen for Americans.

And, what was the rationale and motivation for Trudeau’s invocation of Canada’s “Emergencies Act?”

The Conservative Institute says this:

“Canada’s embattled tyrant Justin Trudeau declared martial law Monday in a desperate bid to crush the truckers who have been protesting his COVID mandates for more than two weeks.

Effectively labeling the protesters terrorists, Trudeau announced he would invoke a never-before-used law, the Emergencies Act, that would give him the power to ban public assembly and freeze the bank accounts of anyone helping the demonstrators.

The Emergencies Act can only be invoked in a dire emergency” that ‘seriously endangers the lives, health or safety of Canadians.’ It has never been used in Canada’s history.

By invoking it Monday, Trudeau was essentially declaring peaceful demonstrators who have blockaded the capital of Ottawa to demand an end to COVID restrictions an unprecedented threat to Canada’s security. He laid out a series of extreme measures to deal with the ‘threat.’

Trudeau warned that protesters who fail to obey his orders could lose their vehicle insurance and have their personal bank accounts frozen without a court order. Tow truck drivers could also be coerced to cooperate in breaking up the demonstrations. The authoritarian measures, Trudeau said, are ‘necessary and responsible,‘ and would be ‘time-limited.’”

See also the article in NY Post.

Trudeau’s invocation of martial law in Canada does not, in his very utterance of it, speak of the need for it, but begs the question,

“ ‘Can it truly be said the security of Canada is threatened by largely non-violent protests? Certainly, our sovereignty and territorial integrity are not at risk.’” See article in the New York Post, citing, “Leah West, an assistant professor at Carleton University in Ottawa,” who pointed out that “‘The federal government [of Canada] must consult with provinces and Cabinet must believe the protests rise to the level of a national emergency.’”

And, there’s the rub. The territorial integrity of Canada was never at risk.

Trudeau apparently never did this. He never consulted with the Parliament and with the Canadian Provinces, as he is required to do. In fact, Parliament would not have granted authority in any case. See article in Lifesitenews. Many critical questions are raised that have gone unanswered.

“Conservative Party interim Leader Candice Bergen. . . suggested that Prime Minister’s antics were unneeded & making the situation worse, [asserting, on January 16, 2022] in the Canadian Parliament, ‘Yesterday, I noted that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would have to get approval from the Canadian Parliament to enact the odious ‘Emergencies Act.’ Given the fact he heads a minority government and that many Canadian citizens support the goals of the Freedom Convoy protest, Members of Parliament may not be too keen to grant it.

It appears I was right. Less than 24-hours after declaring wide-ranging powers, including terror finance laws to defund the trucker, Trudeau came to parliament to persuade them to support his move.’”

Trudeau responded with blather, completely dodging Bergen’s pointed queries. Bergen even noted that there were significant developments that negated the need to invoke the Act:

  • The Coutts border between the US and Alberta has been cleared.
  • The Ambassador Bridge is fully
  • Ontario is ending its vaccine mandate.

When Trudeau explained he was implementing the “Emergencies Act” for the safety of Canadians, he was booed loudly. When he said he was demonstrating exemplary leadership, there were laughter and jeers. The Speaker of Parliament had to step in to quiet the uproar several times.

Interim Conservative Party leader Bergen made one exceptional point: What if what Trudeau is doing makes things worse?

Indeed, the situation appears to be poised to be far more problematic as the truckers remain defiant.”

See article on the website, legal insurrection.

Indeed, the situation is problematic! Martial law shall exist in Canada indefinitely. The Globalist masters have tightened the noose around Canada, just as they have done so in Australia, New Zealand, and as they are doing so in the EU. Now enter stage left, Ukraine. Is Putin moving against the global cabal that controls Ukraine, the same cabal that gives Trudeau his marching orders?

Only the U.S. remains obstinately, indefatigably resistant and defiant to despotic rule. Shall it remain so?

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This is the first time in my life time that our nation’s capital has been surrounded by the military. The Democrats with this action show they now fear we the people which is unnecessary also calling on the National Police Force to be ready set go. .Just another propaganda stunt by the democrats as protester of the war in the Ukraine peacefully gather at the nation’s capital. I have wondered what heck has happened to the truckers on the way to Washington this week no Media coverage. The Ukraine is in the spotlight unfortunately the media is not telling the… Read more »

Wild Bill

This administration and leftists, in general, would have no ethical impediment to using our military against us.


Ethical a word that has lost its meaning to the left and the democrats and most in Washington and all government large local state. I remember a collage called Kent State and little problem with the National Guard and a boy Jeffrey Miller. Today we have some radicals in the armed services. Respectfully Bill

Wild Bill

Yes, ethics is a word that is empty to democrats.


In the words of Pappy, Oh Brother Where Art Thou. They are lacking moral fiber.


Ya but only a few nuclear bombs here and there on the red states only and the few F15 fighter jets will be needed to put the surfs in line with their new self-proclaimed government. (SARC)


there was a class in military school ethical use of power was required as i remember ( dont think I would have taken it otherwise) bet the class is no longer taught


No that is true look at washington DC around the capitol building they are in place to do what control traffic.

Henry Bowman

If you oppose globalism, you’re a “white supremacist”. If you love liberty, you’re a nazi. If you own guns and refuse to give them up, you’re a violent extremist. If you’re a POS communist rioter, then you’re brave & heroic. Personally IDGAF about their meaningless labels, either people are stupid and believe it or they’re wide awake and see the BS for what it is. If they wanna get froggy, I’m okay with that because SOMEone needs to stop them. Only 3% of the population actively fought the Brits in 1776; as it was then, so it will be again.… Read more »


These are labels you write about I am an American what happened in 1776 no longer works for the government. Our constitution has many holes for those to exploit through the courts. The founding fathers could have never envisioned the state of the our country this far into the future let alone the current events in the modern world. History our history is being canceled their in lies the danger.

Henry Bowman

Not just Orwellian re-writing of history, but cancel culture (what Orwell called ‘un-personing’). That novel (1984), our founders’ warnings about vigilance in preserving liberty and the antifederalists’ prescient arguments for the shortcomings of our Constitution have ALL been used as a roadmap to tyranny by the intergenerational enemies of our freedoms.

The joke called public schools teach the opposite of what the history books used to say, re-wiring younger generations to hate America, hate patriots, and anything that made the USA the envy of the world. That there is the worst. It is sealing the coffin.


the number of lies they tell is beyond belief, they never talk about the black members of the militias, some of them got recognition from Continental congress for exceptional valor , “black history” ignores these people , why because they are not martyrs, they were heroes. Heroes are not victims, and will not be

Henry Bowman

LOL yeah! I remember J.J. Johnson, at that time of the Ohio Militia, standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, commenting on the commietards of that time (SPLC, ADL, ‘Militia Watchdog’, etc.) all calling him a “white supremacist”, sight unseen. He joked about it, pinching the skin of the back of his hand, saying; “This must be pretty good camoflauge!” No pandering here, but our brothers of African heritage have equal if not greater claim to the title of FREEDOM FIGHTER. The fact that the Left calls them “uncle toms” and “race traitors” (a term created by the Democrat… Read more »


leader of proud boys is a black cuban, guess they are double stuff oreos all the conservative independent people. look at MLK right to work not free stuff, or rob cheat steal,dignified WORK …oh I just used a four letter word

Henry Bowman

Wow, Ho Lee Phuc! 7 downvotes!! The communists must be TRIGGERED!!!!

Bite me, commieturds!


truth and facts being canceled, for propaganda and lies
and to henry 3% supported at first it was more like 1% that fought, more people moved to canada to not be called out and stay under the king, and they are still under the thumb of government

Last edited 11 months ago by swmft
Henry Bowman

Well, if people moved to Canada to stay under Brit rule, they got what they asked for and their descendants pay the price in the end!
What we need is a North American Compact… All who wish to live free get to live in the USA, and all those who are enemies of freedom will be made to live north of the 48th Parallel!

Since I now live just South of the 48th, I can be a guard against commietards trying to infiltrate our great united States! (But we need patriots to do the same with our Southern border!!!)

Wild Bill

That is the propaganda war. Memes like this one will help us win it.


I have many years on or over one battlefield after another during my career. I don’t think I’ve seen one bit of mental fortitude gained by a quick saying or meme(s). Once the lines are drawn, propaganda from either side just gets ignored and or a subject of amusement.

Besides, the kind of people who get their dopamine fix by “likes” and bouncing around searching for the next but of online amusement, is not the person I want by my side as we step onto the battlefield. In the end, propaganda doesn’t put ordinance on target.

Last edited 11 months ago by Tackleberry
Henry Bowman

Well, until things really go kinetic, memes are a useful white propaganda. It helps bring awareness, and awareness brings knowledge. At this point, people aren’t ready to fight, and it’s too late to fix what the tyrants have broken/weaponized. So until the fateful day arrives, it boosts morale.

Henry Bowman

There we go, more downvotes from the lurker enemies of liberty, yum yum. Delicious!

Wild Bill

Come on propaganda and combat are completely different. What theatre were you in. Maybe we were in the same place at the same time. I was at the DSC convention, last Jan, and ran into a guy that was in the Bn ahead of mine in Iraq. What was your MOS?


12Rx 82-12.

Last edited 11 months ago by Tackleberry

amen to that, a quiet high left for a quick follow up


John, I read the last paragraph you wrote to my wife as if it was something our current liar and thief proclaimed, and she gasped for air put her hand up over her mouth and I could see the fear and shock in her eyes. The fact that she thinks obiden could do such a thing tells you that America is in dire straits at this time. The problem with me is after the stolen election I wouldn’t doubt that he would pull exactly what they accused President Trump of possibly doing. We all know that the left accuses the… Read more »


people who have done something wrong quickly blame someone else when they think it is found out, often their very action makes others aware of what did happen, they know and their fear of being caught is what makes them throw up smoke screen and blame others


someone would shoot him off the podium ,dont think even the leos would let that happen, that would take their power army would take their place


We could solve alot of the problems around the world by taking people like Joe Biden , Justin Trudeau and Vladimir Putin up in a helicopter and throwing them all out at the same exact time and see who hits the ground first. Then celebrate the winner with cocktails in all three countries !


i vote for c130 ,think it is called argentine mercy flight


I think that obiden would be stupid enough to declare martial law because he is full of his own power along with something else. However, I don’t think his handlers will allow it because they are concerned that the people will revolt or that we will as a nation ignore it which I think is the best way to start a change. If the government in their quest for control of the people fire the first shot that could be the spark that ignites a very troubled volatile nation. I don’t think they want that. They need to slowly control… Read more »


would love to see the conservative half (only half by land mass ) of canada join the us


I agree that would be excellent. Unfortunately, the war with Ukraine is the only thing you see on the news. Fox is not reporting on the convoy and MSNBC reported that the convoy was only 11 trucks and disbanded. In the meantime, I am looking into it on other sites like Youtube and see that the convoy is miles long. Too bad the news is not news anymore. At one time they had some integrity, now days it’s all propaganda and lies.