N.M. State Senator Files Bill Requiring Safety Training for Movie Actors

New Mexico Reverting to Old Mexico?
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U.S.A.-(AmmoLand.com)- A Republican State Senator in New Mexico has introduced legislation to require all individuals employed in film productions in the state where firearms and/or ammunition are on the set to take firearms safety training, the latest fallout from the tragic fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins by actor/producer Alec Baldwin during the filming of the movie Rust last fall.

State Sen. Cliff Pirtle (R-32nd District), the ranking member on the Senate Judiciary Committee in Santa Fe, introduced Senate Bill 188. The headline is, “An act relating to public safety; requiring certain persons employed in filmmaking to complete Hunter Safety Training.”

Baldwin has denied actually pulling the trigger on a “prop” single-action firearm he was holding during the rehearsal of a scene last Oct. 21 on the film set southwest from Santa Fe. Hutchins was hit almost point-blank by a projectile fired from the gun. Nobody has been able to determine how live ammunition got on the film set and how a live round got into the revolver handed to Baldwin. The investigation is continuing.

According to Deadline, Santa Fe attorney Kristina Martinez has petitioned a New Mexico state court in Santa Fe County “solely for the purpose of investigating and pursuing a lawsuit under the New Mexico Wrongful Death Act in the courts of New Mexico.” The Hutchins family has also reportedly spoken with attorneys in California.

And the Hollywood Reporter has revealed Baldwin will make an appearance as a “Special Guest Programmer” at the Boulder, Colo. International Film Festival, scheduled March 3-6.

While the film production has been suspended, Sen. Pirtle’s legislation may add a bit more drama. Under the bill’s language, “All individuals employed in New Mexico by a film production company that has firearms or firearm ammunition physically located on the premises where filming is taking place shall have a valid certificate of competency in the safe handling of firearms pursuant to the Hunter Training Act.”

To add compliance incentive, the measure says this: “A film production company that employs individuals not in compliance with the provisions of Subsection A of this section shall not be eligible for tax credits pursuant to the Film Production Tax Credit Act, including film and television tax credits for the calendar year in which the violation occurs.”

Sen. Pirtle told The News International, “Unfortunately, to the Hollywood elite, the talk around guns is all too abstract. This is a simple bill to bring some gravity back to the use of firearms on film sets.”

Since the shooting, which also wounded director Joel Souza, reports have circulated alleging lax firearms handling on the film set.

The News International story noted that Pirtle “has handled firearms on film sets while acting in minor roles for Western movies, such as Deadman Standing in 2018 and Death Alley in 2021.” In real life, he’s a partner in a farming business, and he lives in Roswell. He is also an “ardent supporter of gun rights,” the newspaper said.

If SB 188 passes the New Mexico Legislature, it would become law on Jan. 1, 2023. The current legislative session is a short one, scheduled to wrap up Feb. 17, which does not give the bill much time to move, and since Democrats hold the majority, it would be speculation to suggest it may move at all.

Baldwin has handled firearms in previous films, including a remake of The Getaway, and The Hunt for Red October. So far, no criminal charges have been filed. The Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department is leading the investigation and a spokeswoman for Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham reportedly told The International News that safety regulators from the state Environmental Department are also investigating.

Following the shooting, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms issued a bristling statement declaring, “Baldwin bears responsibility as the film’s producer as well as its star, because he evidently did not personally check the gun he was handling to confirm there was not a live round in the cylinder. He did not follow the first rule of genuine gun safety, which is that all guns are always loaded.”

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb bluntly stated, “This horrible tragedy underscores the importance of genuine firearm safety as advocated and practiced by gun rights organizations, firearms instructors and responsible American gun owners for generations. We’ve noticed there has not been a peep from the gun control lobby, which portrays itself as the pillar of ‘gun safety,’ and with which Baldwin has previously aligned himself. It’s too bad those groups don’t teach actual gun safety instead of using the term ‘safety’ as a substitute for ‘ban.’”

NBC News recently reported that “Baldwin and his fellow “Rust” producers have asked a Los Angeles judge to dismiss a lawsuit by the movie’s script supervisor, who claims she was hurt in last year’s fatal on-set shooting.”

The plaintiff, in that case, is script supervisor Mamie Mitchell, who reportedly contends she suffered “serious physical trauma and shock and injury to her nervous system” because she was standing next to Hutchins when the fatal shot was fired. Baldwin’s attorneys argued Mitchell should file a workers’ compensation claim in New Mexico, rather than Los Angeles, NBC News reported.

And the Los Angeles Times reported that Hanna Gutierrez Reed, the armorer for the Rust film and daughter of legendary Hollywood armorer and gun expert Thell Reed, filed a lawsuit against the weapons provider for the film, “alleging he supplied a mismarked box of ammunition containing live rounds to the set.”

It is not clear, still, how the live round actually got into Baldwin’s gun, since it should be relatively easy to tell the difference between a blank cartridge with a crimped mouth and a live round containing a bullet.

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Dave Workman is a senior editor at TheGunMag.com and Liberty Park Press, author of multiple books on the Right to Keep & Bear Arms, and formerly an NRA-certified firearms instructor.

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Just another busybody politician, and this one is supposed to be a Republican. One more step on the road to mandate training for everyone, and I know where that will end- increasing training requirements to an impossible level.

Wild Bill

It is funny, though, that Hollywood hates guns so much, when their misuse of guns is what they use to attract viewers’ dollars.


Just one more item never point a gun at something you do not intend to shoot Mr Baldwin. Guns are not toys they need to be respected the fact that there were live rounds on the property and Baldwin practiced with them his own admission he wanted to know what it felt like to shoot the real gun. He alone is responsible for the death of that young women while wounding another. Lets see how he gets out of this in a court of law, Watching him dressed upped trick or treating with his family that same weekend shows no… Read more »


I grew up watching John Wayne movies. Did you ever hear of anyone injured by a bullet in one of his movies? Watch Iwo Gima try and count the number of gunshots.


More BS over reach while Baldwin still walks free for his irresponsible behavior.


Not until film and drama producers learn the distinction between “prop guns”, (guns that are identical in appearance to real guns, fire only specialized blank cartridges, but cannot fire actual ammo) and actual firearms, will they get control of this important issue. If Hollywood doesn’t set down strict rules regarding this, it might require federal legislation. By the way, it should be an easy matter, ATF&E doesn’t define prop guns as firearms. Real guns and ammo need never be on a film or drama set.


There is a company in NYC and in Vegas that does prop guns no real guns all look real but none fire real bullets. I would think that the egotistical Alec Baldwin requested working firearms on the set as the producer. His claims are he did not pull the trigger. Okay a single action revolver hammer back touch the trigger and the gun goes off. Wait till a firearms expert takes the stand and explains the workings of the gun he was holding in his hand. If you handle a firearm any firearm from a daisy air gun to a… Read more »


You are correct. There are a number of firms supplying prop guns. One that comes to mind, is in Coconut Creek, Florida, and advertises in back of firearms publications.


But……actors are above the law! They are superior to the unwashed masses. <sarc


Hollywood Definition Actor: Pretends to be some other than they are! Thinks their opinions matter Gets paid more for playing a detective than a real detective. Most Anti gun make a living pretending with guns Let’s put 20 secounds on the clock, If a republican conservative did what Alec Baldwin did he would become a skit on saturday night live played by Alec Baldwin. Robert de niro would want to punch them in the face.Neil Young would want them banned on spoofy while Kathy Griffin would photoshop images of that persons head on a platter Cher will move to another… Read more »


I smell a rat and I think I see the writing on the wall. Introduction and requirement of this training will be baldwins out. In other words, it will be filed under an accidental shooting and stated that had he been given this course that he would not have made the fatal mistake and he will get off very lightly and after given this training there will no longer be an excuse for anyone that makes the same mistake. No jail time, no community service, maybe pay a fine to the hunter safety program to help pay for more training… Read more »


Thanks Dave for the response. Like me, please keep this in the back of your mind and if something does happen to him lets both make note of it. I hope I am wrong, but I feel he will not be held accountable like he should be because he is of the privileged left. We will see and time will tell. I already feel like this is being delayed in hopes we will forget and it will die out and be forgotten or such a long time will have passed that it will be “at this point what difference does… Read more »


He WILL get off lightly, if he gets anything at all. He hates Trump, along with the rest of the Left. That’s how they all roll.

Last edited 3 months ago by Oldman

Baldwin WAS offered training. He ghosted his own armorer’s training sessions on handling the exact gun he use during to kill. Unfortunate that laws are required to enforce common sense, and that they are never enough. Better to offer education turn failure to train into an additional negligence charge.


What we learn from this case is a simple lesson: confusion from delusion. All concerned seem to be pointing fingers at each other and denying a simple fact. A finger pressed a trigger. Acknowledge that simple fact and things will clarify but confused minds refuse to acknowledge that simple truth. In every theory presented any NRA, CMP or Hunter Education instructor can dismantle the lawyers in one sentence. The case of the mismarked ammunition box can be dismantled by applying the three stop rule in confirming the appropriateness of ammunition for a particular firearm. I see 10 year old kids… Read more »


Blame Reagan and the Governator. Once people saw how actors appearing at least semi-competent – they (collectively) decided actors make great government.



“It is not clear, still, how the live round actually got into Baldwin’s gun, since it should be relatively easy to tell the difference between a blank cartridge with a crimped mouth and a live round containing a bullet.” But to see that, one has to take the trouble to look. Baldwin, and to be fair, a whole list of others, didn’t. All of the experts on the set, all of the safety training possible, could not make Baldwin et al check whether the gun was loaded and with what. That was the fatal flaw. If you pick up a… Read more »


Lol. They don’t follow the rules, they break them and are never responsible for anything they do, it is always someone else’s fault.
I know what you said is true and I agree but that would take a mindset of using logic and the ability to use common sense of which they have neither.


Has anyone ever contemplated the idea that it was NOT an accident? After all, it is reported that Baldwin, at one time, said, ” Maybe I should just f++k++g shoot the both of you?”
Which he ended up doing…..

Last edited 3 months ago by Oldman
Wild Bill

Whoa! I did not know that.


That was posted as the investigation just started!!!!!!!!!!


Internet lore or reality? Any primary sources still available?


Might was well just ban movie actors…


True. How would it look if someone proposed a bill to preempt the free speech of actors?


preempt free speech of politicians


cgi is doing just that replace them , will come a time soon where working actors will make the same as everyone else and cost of a movie will be more dependent on time to make it


I have banned him and others in this household. I don’t watch them or spend money on DVD’s with them in it or watch programs with them on it. When they come on, I change the channel hoping that industry sees the drop in people watching the program at that time.


From what I’ve heard he was a SOB to work with!!!!!!!!!! Never was a fan of his or De Niro!!!!!!!!


A useless idea for a law.

AZ Lefty

So the GOP is all about restrictions, what’s next? A Republcxian will ban bumpstcks- of never mind

Wild Bill

What is a bumpstick?


It’s what a dipstick calls a bumpstock!


Dave, Progressives hate to live under the consequences of their own public policy prescriptions. They love to dictate to others but when the chickens come home to roost…………..Not In My Back Yard.


that with low cost section 8 housing,put in someone elses neighborhood, they are buying up land in over town and along the intercostal to build expensive housing and moving those people to farm country where there are few jobs for them crime in the conservative area goes up car thefts vandalism, they have even pushed the homeless out too all in the name of a quick buck. florida gained lots of homeless from lock down states


Absolutely. Have you noticed now that whoopie stepped into the realm that republicans have been in of making a mistake regarding CRT or prejudice or race and now it’s all about understanding, forgiveness and that since she has apologized that we should give her another chance for the same type of action that they have demanded republicans be fired for or ostracized from the community and boycotted? Hannity pissed me off last night. I am tired of the republican moral high ground. She should be fired just like any republican would be and have been for the same actions. After… Read more »


Another possibility albeit a long stretch, if these actors actually learned something, or even anything about firearms, their opposition to firearms and the 2A for anyone else but them, might temper a bit.